Chapter 4

Sorry, it took a lot longer to post this then I wanted. I never had written a lemon scene before so it's probably not so good. This is the last chapter, so I tried to spice it up a little. It was actually meant to be 5 chapters not 4 but the chapter that was before this one wasn't working out so that set me back some, along with starting "Cali SunShine" that will be updated Sunday, the 28th.


"Yes! Yes! Yes!"


"Yes really!"

Sasuke looked up at his boyfriend. He couldn't believe that Naruto had said yes. Yes!

Before another coherent thought could pass Sasuke's mind, the small box that he had in his hands was snatched away by Naruto.

Yes, you guessed correctly. Sasuke had just proposed to Naruto, and in that box was a small silver band with the Uchiha crest engraved in it. He hadn't gotten down on one knee, or make a speech about how much he loved Naruto. He didn't have to since Naruto already knew that Sasuke loved him more then life it self. So all Sasuke did was sit next to Naruto on the couch, turned to look at Naruto, took the box out of his pocket, and simply asked Naruto to marry him. He didn't expect Naruto to say yes though.

Naruto was slipping the ring on to his finger, not yelling about how it would make him a look like girl like Sasuke had expected. He looked happy, with that stupid grin on his face and his eyes lit up. He really did look truly happy.

"To be honest," Sasuke murmured and chuckled a bit when Naruto turned to face him. "I thought you would say no."

"What!" Naruto yelled; he had a glare on his face, it was obvious that his good mood was gone. "What the hell does that mean? Why the hell would you propose unless you wanted me to say yes? Do you not want to marry me or something?"

"Shut up Naruto." Sasuke said with a sigh. He rubbed his temples at the glare Naruto was sending him. He really had to think before he spoke some time. "Of course I want to marry you."

"Then why-"

"But I thought you would yell at me about 'not being a girl' and that you wouldn't need a ring to know we are together."

"Ha! Well Teme, usually I would get mad, but with this ring, it means you can never get so annoyed with me that you'd try to get rid of me. Besides," Naruto leaned over the couch and placed the smallest of a kiss on Sasuke's lips. "Who said I don't want people to know we're together?"

Sasuke smirk slightly into the pouty lips the never fully retreated from his. He couldn't help it; he let his lips reattach to the others and kissed. Naruto kissed back.

Before Sasuke even knew it, his shirt was off and he was unbuttoning Naruto's. Naruto was forced to lie flat on the couch but brought Sasuke with him with his hands in Sasuke's hair. The kisses were getting shorter and faster and breathing was becoming a nuisance.

They both had an idea of where this was going to lead and didn't care. Neither did they care that this wasn't their bed; the couch would do just fine.

Sasuke had helped Naruto out of his jeans and simply unbuckled his.

The raven stared at the beautiful almost naked body of Naruto below him. Cotton boxers hiding the little innocent he had left. They were quickly removed.

Soft, feathery kisses caressed Naruto's chest and abdomen. Sasuke just wasn't able to get enough of the man. He tasted sweet with desire and love. But, he paced himself, and proceeded with the task at hand.

Sasuke spent time preparing Naruto fully, loving the little mules that Naruto would make as his slick fingers moved in and out. He wanted to make sure Naruto wouldn't be hurt. It wasn't their first time together, but some certain circumstances they haven't been able to have time like this together.

"Sas'ke!" Naruto cried when that little nerve inside of him was hit. Sasuke loved that sound and aimed for the same spot a few more times before pulling out. Naruto had let out a small whine when those fingers were removed.

"You ready Naruto?" Sasuke asked in a whisper. Naruto was panting for breath to much to give a spoken respond so nodded eagerly instead. Sasuke carefully positioned himself at Naruto's entrance and worked his way in slowly as to not hurt his lover. He stilled, gripping Naruto's hips and waiting for the signal to move.


And he did. Sasuke slowly pulled out, leaving only the head within Naruto before pushing back in. he kept this up until he came to a fast but steady past, watching how Naruto would move under him while breathing heavily. Sasuke was breathing just as hard as he moved with in the beautiful body he was attached with. The living room was filled with loud pants and grunts but nothing more. Naruto wasn't known to be loud in sex, no matter what others wished to believe. From how many times his friends had ruined the moment; he had become quieter so the moment could last longer. Gaara used to break down his old bedroom door if he thought things were getting too hot.

Sasuke's body was on fire. His stomach tickled with pure bliss. The knot in his stomach let him know that he wouldn't be able to last much longer. It was the same way for Naruto.

"Ahh, Sau'ke!" Naruto cried while griping to his new fiancé tightly; warning Sasuke that he was close to his limit. Sasuke paced up, wanting to come in time with his lover. He gripped Naruto's neglected member and pumped, forcing Naruto to let out a silent scream as he was coaxed into orgasm. Naruto's night walls clenched around Sasuke, forcing him to climax.

They laid there tired and satisfied with their sexual highs. Sasuke panted into the junction of Naruto's neck and shoulder, smelling sweat and sex on bronze skin.

This was a perfect moment- The front door was thrown opened and banged loudly against the apartment wall.

"Hey Naruto! I found that extra house key y'all gave me…" Kiba stopped at the living room entrance. He froze, stared, and blinked before screaming, throwing the house key on the floor, and running away, not even bothering to close the front door.

"Dobe, I hate your damn friends."

"So do I."

The End