No Good In Goodbyes

"You're just going to go?"

His dedication to the cause – to saving their world – was something she normally admired. But right now… why now?

"I have to, Trini. You know that. I can't just say no."

"Sure you can!"

She knew she was being unreasonable. But… didn't he understand? They were both friends with Kim and Tommy, and look at how they turned out! And that was with only a continent between them; this particular move would add an ocean to the distance.

Trini sighed and stared at her red-clad boyfriend. Usually when she stared, her focus was on his muscular arms or chest. Right now, though, she couldn't take her eyes off his shirt.

His red shirt.

Red, the color of leadership (well, until Tommy took over). Would Jason still be the same person, if he came back from this? Tommy had been such a loner, a brooder in green. His transition to white had brought on such a change in attitude – as a leader, Tommy had been forced to reach out to the group, to become a closer friend.

Would Jason still be Jason after being a follower?

She knew she was being unreasonable. But why didn't he understand?

"Trini, even if I didn't have to do this… I want to." She hadn't realized how close he'd gotten until he wrapped his arms around her. "You know how much I loved being a Ranger. This is a chance for me to make a difference again."

"You're making a difference here," she muttered petulantly, hugging him nonetheless. "You may not be punching and kicking, but you're still dealing with world-changing issues."

"I know," he agreed. "But… I need action. I need to see the difference." He looked down at her, trying to force a note of levity in his voice. "What's that you always told me and Zack? We're guys, and so we need immediate validation?"

She tried to bite back a small smile and failed. It figured those words – ironically used to soothe them as they got used to the power transfer – would come to bite her in the butt more than a year later.

A year. They'd been together just under a year – her first real, true, deep and physical relationship – and now he was just leaving

"We'd only be here another couple of months anyway, Trini. We've both been accepted into college and they're near each other. This isn't a forever thing; it's just to help the group."

Trini sighed and pulled away to sit on the edge of her bed. She needed to talk to Kim; was it supposed to be this hard to let go?

Kim… just thinking about her best friend made her want to cry. Kim had given up Tommy, believing he'd be happier with a girlfriend closer to home.

What if Jason wanted the same?

"Hey." Jason kneeled, putting himself at eye level. He kissed her lightly. "I don't want to leave with you mad at me."

She didn't want him to leave at all!

"Guys?" A knock at the door signaled Zack's arrival. "Jase, your taxi's here."

Jason let out a deep breath, tearing his eyes away from Trini's to look over his shoulder. "Thanks, buddy. I'll be down in a sec."


When he looked back, Trini was studying her fingernails.


She forced a smile. She didn't want him to leave thinking she was mad at him – even if, somewhere inside, she really, really was. It was hard, though… she was used to being the level-headed one.

Damn her emotions, anyway.

"It'll be fine. You're right; we'll see each other in college, right?"

Jason nodded enthusiastically, heartened. "Yeah! And Zack will be here, and you have so many friends in the group, and talks are just ramping up again. You won't even have time to miss me."

"I will, anyway."

He smiled sadly. "And I'll miss you. But I'll be making Angel Grove a safer place for you to come back to, right?"

Trini nodded and stood, pulling him down for a kiss that Zack interrupted with a more pounding on the door. Jason's cabbie was being impatient.

"Call me?"

"Constantly," he promised. With one more deep, lingering kiss – too short, in her mind – he snagged his bag. "I'll talk to you soon, okay?"

She nodded, refusing to break down until he'd left.

It wasn't like he was leaving her… even if he was. He was just leaving the country. The Conference.


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