Chapter Five: Shopping…

"My dad was an amazing man. He thought the world of me and my mom, even before they were married. If he wanted to do something with her and I didn't have anyone to hang out with or anywhere to go instead of just leaving me on my own he'd adjust their plans so I could come along, and it never felt awkward with him like it does with Charlie." Bella said smiling.

"Why doesn't Charlie understand that you liked him so much? Whenever I've seen him he's seemed really reasonable." Edward asked confused looking away from the passing trees.

"He usually is, it's just when it comes to Phil that he isn't. He doesn't understand that he and my mom were never going to get back together. He thinks that if mom and me never would have met Phil we would have moved back to Forks and my mom would have realized that she was madly in love with him and we'd all live happily ever after. But since we moved to Arizona and mom got married Phil is now the most evil being alive and it's his fault that mom's dead and I went missing."

"That's gotta be tough on you, doesn't he understand that you really like Phil?" Jasper asked.

"No, he thinks Phil brainwashed me somehow. Charlie seems to think that since I stopped calling him after mom and Phil got together it means that he wouldn't let me call him. When actually I got tired of listening to him say that my mom was just going through a phase and pretty soon we'd be living at home and everything would be okay. When really I was hoping that mom never got tired of Phil and he'd become my father for real and I'd never have to spend time with Charlie again if I didn't want to.

"Didn't you ever tell Charlie that you really liked Phil and that he treated you and you're mom well?" Jasper asked unable to grasp that Charlie would be so hung up on his ex-almost fifteen years after they had split up.

"Yeah, but he didn't believe me he figured Phil was monitoring my phone calls or something. I got tired of explaining it so I cut off contact…I didn't even remember all of this stuff until he mentioned all of this crap being Phil's fault, it set me off and all of these memories came rushing back and I went off on him."

"Well now it's time to forget all about Charlie and get lost in the stores upon stores of clothes and shoes and accessories." Rosalie said brightly as she whipped into a parking space right near the entrance of the mall.

"Good, cause I am in desperate need of some major shopping." Bella said smiling at the girl putting her anger and bad day out of her mind.

"Dear god, what have we gotten ourselves into?" Emmett asked Jasper and Edward with a look of horror over taking his face.

"Carrying bags of course." Rosalie said smirking as she and Bella walked off ahead of them.

The boys groaned as they watched Rosalie and Bella walk into a Buckle and fallowed behind them only a few seconds later. They were not surprised to see the girls already absorbed in the layers upon layers of clothes surrounding them. It was amazing how they could just lose themselves in the clothes and not pay attention to anything else going on around them besides the others opinions or finds.

It didn't take long for the boys to be completely loaded with bags from various stores throughout the mall such as Buckle, Vanity, Aeropostale, American Eagle and others. The girls finally stopped when Emmett reminded them that they still needed to have room in the car to get back home and that it was getting late and Charlie would start to worry if Bella didn't get home soon.

"Remind me to never go shopping with you people again." Emmett moaned pathetically as they walked.

"Oh you know you had fun Emmett," Bella said sweetly winking at Rosalie.

"He did indeed didn't you Emmett?" Jasper said smirking at his brother.

"I know you enjoyed it more than me! I wasn't feeding off of everyone's emotions like you were," Emmett growled punching Jasper hard enough to make him stumble to the side a few steps.

"I'm not ashamed that I'm happy after shopping, I mean what do I have to complain about? Joking with my brothers? Hanging out with my sister? Or spending the afternoon with a beautiful girl?" Jasper asked winking at Bella as Emmett floundered for an answer.

"Aw you boys are too kind, but really now we must be going! My poor mortal father will have a fit if I disappear again." Bella said linking arms with Rosalie and sliding into the car with her.


"How was school Bella?" Charlie asked when he walked in after work shocked to see Bella laying on the living room floor with a coloring book.

"Fine, pretty boring had a run in with some jerks but it's all good." She said shrugging as she continued focusing on her coloring.

"Are you hungry?" Charlie asked standing awkwardly in the doorway of the living room.

"Nope, I'm good thanks." Bella said standing swiftly and heading upstairs.

"Alright if you're sure…are you headed to bed already?"

"Yeah it's been a long day see you tomorrow dad."