I Can't Smell Her Anymore


Bella glared at Emmett as he made kissy faces at her as she walked to her seat beside him. She ignored him, keeping her face forward and forcing herself to listen to the teacher drone on. She continued to ignore him for the rest of the morning only for his antics to increase tenfold when they started for the cafeteria.

She stopped dead in her tracks when she entered the cafeteria however, gritting her teeth and snapping her head to the side, faster than any human would be able to, catching sight of Alice glaring at her from one of the other entrances into the building. Emmett's voice trailed off as he followed her line of sight frowning when he saw Alice, her eyes black as coal.

"Go sit down Bella, I'll talk to her." Emmett said calmly moving towards his sister only for her to spin on her heel and march out of the room before he could.

Bella frowned and followed her ignoring Emmett's protests. When she got outside Alice was gone but she followed the trail she had left, following it into the trees behind the school, only stopping when the trail did.

"Alice?" Bella called softly knowing the girl had to be around somewhere. "Alice, what's wrong?"

"You lied. You killed somebody last night. You promised that you wouldn't hunt humans in this area and you lied." Alice growled stepping out into the clearing.

"In case you didn't notice I saved somebody last night. I could smell the rancor flowing off of him before I even hit Port Angeles. He probably had plans to gang rape that girl and beat her with his buddies." Bella snarled taking a step towards Alice. "Besides I didn't leave behind any evidence so you don't have to worry. The only thing that might happen is somebody files a missing persons report and I won't be hunting there again in the near future."

"You say that now, but what about in a week when you're hungry again? We can't let you threaten our home, our way of life!"

"You don't understand do you? I don't feed as often as you. I don't have to go out every month or multiple times a month like you do. I might need to feed again around the time of graduation and even then I'll just do it to be safe."

"That's not even possible, you'll starve!" Alice snapped glaring at her, "I'm not stupid Isabella I know how vampires like you work. You say you won't hunt in the area and that you won't do it very often but you always do!"

"I'm not lying, but you aren't going to believe me any way so I don't see the point in arguing with you; you'll just have to see for yourself." Bella growled before taking off back to the school forgoing the cafeteria in favor of just going to her next class.

She sat in silence, giving a minute shake of her head when Emmett asked what had happened. She didn't want to talk about it, if she was honest with herself she didn't even want to be there. She could care less about anything that went on in Forks High School, perhaps it was a mistake to ever come here. She thought it would be a way to spend a little more time with her dad but now that she was actually there she was having trouble making herself respect him and things with Alice tried on her nerves and there wasn't even anything she could do about it.

She huffed in frustration shoving back from her desk and stalking out of class much to the surprise of everyone in the room, including Emmett.

"Ms. Swan," Their teacher called after her is shock, the only answer he received though was the door slamming shut. He frowned and continued to look after her for a moment. "Mr. Cullen, would you be so kind as to check on her?"

Emmett nodded in agreement and stood quickly, removing himself from the class. He looked around unsurprised that he couldn't see Bella anywhere, instead choosing to follow her scent. He groaned when the trail cut off suddenly, wondering how she had managed to do it since there was no water nearby for her to jump into and the scent would have carried if she had moved into the trees.

"Bella?" He called out without much hope that he had managed to catch up. After several long seconds without an answer he sighed and headed back to the school, unsurprised to see Jasper waiting outside he and Bella's class for the girl.

"She isn't in there Jasper," He said softly giving a slight smile when the blonde's head snapped up to face him.

"Where is she then?" He asked in confusion moving closer to Emmett so it wouldn't look so strange for them to be talking to each other.

"I don't know, she stormed out halfway through and her scent just stops." Emmett said shaking his head. "I assume she'll turn up once she's had a chance to cool down.

"What do you mean it just stops?" Jasper said frowning in confusion.

"Just that, I get to a point and I can't smell her any more. There's no way to follow her."

Jasper frowned in disapproval, not liking that she had disappeared without warning. He glared at Alice when he saw her skip out of her class knowing that Bella's disappearance probably had something to do with what the two girls had talked about.