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"Can we start?" Healer Morrovitz looked at G. and Severus. Tony was still absent.

Severus nodded curtly.

"I think so." G. said.

Healer Morrovitz pulled out a vial of light blue potion, which Severus immediately recognized as Energy Enhancing Elixir, or 3E, as all the potionmakers called it. She downed it quickly and noticed Severus' raised eyebrow.

This man can definitely ask questions without even speaking, she thought.

"The blocks are still pretty strong and since I'm gonna be taking them all down in one go…" She paused.

Severus merely smirked and waved his wand in her general direction. Seeing her suspicious look he explained. "A floor-softening spell, if you were to faint."

She looked at him thoughtfully and smiled.

"I hope I won't need it."


Harry was floating in the darkness.

He quite liked it there. It was so peaceful. Warm arms of nothingness embraced him and he realized that he felt safe. There were no beasts to slay, no infatuated fans or infuriating reporters, only silence and Harry decided he liked it that way.

Suddenly, something tugged at his hazy mind, bringing about a gust of cold air, and he jerked violently. He wanted to stay. The pull on his mind lessened and he calmed down a bit, but was still tense, awaiting the second strike.

It came not a second later and he struggled against it, winning almost instantly. He felt the warmth return and he relaxed again.


"He pushed me out!" Healer Morrovitz shrieked from her position on the softened floor.

"Weren't you expecting that?" G. asked helping her up.

"I was expecting to pass out, not to be pushed out." She explained patiently. "I have no idea how is he doing that, that's never happened before."

"Oh, trust me," Severus smirked. "When he wakes up he will be thrilled to hear that. Are you prepared to try again?"


The stairs which Tony was occupying were chilly and dirty but he seemed not to notice that.

Tony's mind was a whirlwind of contradictory emotions and memories. He wanted to believe in Harry and his affections but on the other hand life always put as many obstacles in his way as possible. Why would it change now?

He took one calming breath and started putting all his thoughts in order. His occlumency was not particularly strong but in order to keep his barriers intact he had to rearrange all the new data. He carefully started to go through all his memories of Harry and their time together trying to find some clues as to what to do now. All he got was Harry's smile and his sparkling green eyes.

Fuck it! Tony thought. I'm not going to give him up! He quickly got up and brushing the dirt off his trousers made his way inside.


Severus looked at Healer Morrovitz calculatingly.

What are the chances of her succeeding? He wondered. Harry's mind is an utter mystery, a maze or an intricate mechanism without the instruction manual. In one bizarre moment he recalled their occlumency lessons and winced. Deciding that one of the greatest wizarding writers, Antoine de Saint-Exupery was right saying "As for the future you task is not to foresee it, but to enable it", Severus looked at Harry's vulnerable form and hoped for the best.

The best was yet unaccounted for, but suddenly the door burst open and a breathless Tony rushed inside, nearly knocking Severus over and elbowing his way to Harry's side. He grabbed his hand and clasped it tightly, murmuring something quietly in a soothing voice.

G. observed him through narrowed eyelids. When the realization dawned on him, he gasped and whispered accusingly: "You? And Harry?"

Tony glanced at him uninterestedly.

G. wanted to say something more, but Severus placed a hand on his shoulder, effectively stopping the upcoming words.

"Now is not the time." He stated seriously. Finally finding something they all could agree upon, they watched Healer Morrovitz for the smallest signs of change.


Harry smiled feeling the chilly breeze recede. There was no telling whether it would return again, but he decided to appreciate even the small victories. He pulled the warm blanket of nothingness tighter against him and waited.

The cold wind attacked again, but this time it felt different. Harry felt something else – this nagging feeling that he was somewhere he wasn't supposed to be. He focused on this feeling and then he heard it.

A voice.

Or rather, Tony's voice murmuring Harry's name directly into his ear, his breath sending shivers down Harry's spine.

"Tony." He murmured quietly and struggled against the blanket that now felt like a binding rope.

"I'm here." He heard, felt a violent tug at his conscience and his eyes snapped open.


Severus and G. watched mesmerized as Healer Morrovitz concentrated on bringing Harry back. She was leaning heavily on Harry's bed, sweat drops falling down her face and yet her eyes held a spark of determination. She was grasping the bedpost so hard that her knuckles turned white.

Tony was at Harry's side muttering quietly into his ear, his tone desperate but still hopeful.

And then something happened. With a breathless cry of Tony's name, suddenly, Harry's eyes snapped open.

Severus was instantly at Harry's side, having pushed both G. and Tony aside.

"You two," Severus turned to them. "Make sure that Healer Morrovitz is all right. And for Merlin's sake stay away. I will explain everything to Harry and let you know when he wants to talk to you."

Tony made a move as if to protest but the dark look on Severus' face kept him at bay. He brought Harry's hand to his lips and kissed his knuckles lightly before letting Harry's hand rest on the sheets and storming out of the room.


"What the fuck happened?" Harry murmured quietly, squeezing his head tightly. He had one hell of a headache.

"As tempted as I am to say that you wouldn't believe me, I have to accept that you have the most unnatural talent to attract the most uncommon kinds of trouble."

"Would you stop talking in riddles, Sev?" He complained. "Riddle is gone and I'd like to keep it that way."

"You have a warped sense of humor." Severus admonished. "What happened… is that Albus-bloody-Dumbledore interfered with your mind."


"He obliviated you. Repeatedly." The potions master said with as much calm as he could muster and waited for the inevitable to happen.

"HE DID WHAT?" Harry's scream was worthy Molly Weasley on her bad day which spoke volumes to those who knew the Weasley matron.

But then Harry felt his headache getting worse, really, really worse. He squeezed his temples and felt hot tears streaming down his cheeks. His heart was beating wildly in his chest as a scream ripped out of his throat.

Fluorescent blue eyes.


Warm mouth on his chest, hot breath on his neck, panting and muffled laughter.

Bodies colliding heavily,

Tongue sneaking into his navel,

Fingers slipping inside him

and then


Harry gasped for breath as his eyes cleared for a moment, before he once again got sucked into the whirlwind of his memories.


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