'You nearly died today.'

'I nearly die every day. John said. 'Why is today so different?'

'You would have died.' The figure smiled. 'If it wasn't for me.'

'Ok! I've figured out that I shouldn't have listened to McKay already!' John snapped, as Steven Caldwell entered his quarters fully.

'I don't want you dead!' Caldwell snarled.

'I-' Words failed John as he sat back on his bed.

'I don't want to worry about you when I'm gone.' Steven said, as he sat behind John. 'But, knowing you, that will be impossible.'

John laughed. 'I don't so it on purpose!'

Steven looked him in the eye. 'And am I supposed to believe that?'

'Yes!' John protested, before being stopped as Steven kissed him.

'Let's stop talking now. What do you think?' Steven asked quietly.

The only reply he got was a hum.