Lucky in Love, a Takumi fic

Summary: After four years of waiting, who would've thought they'd get together on Friday 13th? Takumi fluff. Two-shot

Note: Another Takumi. And, not to toot my own horn, but I say it's a pretty darn good one. Reviews are greatly appreciated, as are constructive criticisms. I don't like flames, but sometimes, you just gotta live with 'em. And, by the way, I'd rather make this a two-shot, cause, for once, I'm not too bothered to do a one-shot. Oh well. Also, that note about Yasmin, my OC, in the story? Yeah, that is a spoiler for Yasmin Hachi, the Warrior of Protection. If you don't like spoilers, just skip that part. Even though the story isn't even finished...

Plus...I hate the title. But it just screamed at me, 'Use me'.

And, before I actually start the story, I'm going to give you all a list of Takumi authors that are waaay better than me:

Kaito Lune, very good, very good. And, one of my first friends on here. :)

blackandblood, also very good, and another good friend of mine. Although, do be warned, some of her stories are lemons and pretty graphic...not that I've read them, I just take her word. She's still very good though.

don'tchaknowme4life, don't know them very well, but they are still very good at Takumi. Plus, they've commented on my two Takumi stories, The Way You Make Me Feel and its sequel, Returning Your Feelings.


Zoe sighed. 'Takuya, you idiot. When will you learn?' The goggled boy was trying to shake a bucket full of speed dry cement off his foot. Their other friends, Koji, Koichi, JP, Tommy and Yasmin, all stood around him, JP and Tommy silently chuckling, Koji, Koichi and Yasmin scratching their heads, confused.

"How'd you manage to get a bucket of cement on your foot?" Koji asked. Takuya chuckled.

"Well, today is Friday the 13th." Koji shook his head at the brunette's lame joke and motioned to his brother and the girl to help him. He three grabbed the bucket while Takuya grabbed a nearby fence for support.

"Ready?" Yasmin asked. He boy nodded, and tightened his grip on the fence. The three shared a glance and nodded.

"1..." Yasmin started.

"2..." continued Koichi.

"3!" And at Koji's command, the three pulled at the bucket until they fell on their butts...with only the bucket. The four kids sweatdropped as they all looked at the bucket shaped lump that should have been Takuya's right foot. Zoe hit her forehead with her palm. Meanwhile, JP and Tommy couldn't hold in their laughter anymore. They burst out into fits of contagious laughter, JP literally falling on the floor. The three started chuckling while Takuya smiled. Soon, all but Zoe were on the floor laughing. She could feel her frustration beginning to overflow. But, before she got a chance to shout out her frustration, her friends calmed down, and stood up, sometimes giving a small chuckle or giggle as they helped everyone up. All of them were needed to get the fat JP off his ass, but eventually, they were all standing, and were now trying to catch their breaths.

"Ok, ok, guys. We've had our fun now. Let keep going." Yasmin panted. The group muttered a few 'Yeah's while they picked themselves up and continued on, the block of cement on Takuya's foot clunking along with them. JP looked down at the group, being the taller, 17 year old he was, and asked, "Where were we going anyway? I forgot when we had to get that bucket off Takky's foot." Zoe sighed again.

"We were going to my grandma's to help calm her down. We all know her superstitious she is, and today, like Takuya said, is Friday the 13th. We gotta go show her that there is nothing superstitious about Friday the 13th." As they clunked along, literally in Takuya's case, Zoe cast a sidelong glance at the brunette's direction. He was having a quite chat with Yasmin, about what, she didn't know. The girl's pink eyes were bright with amusement, and her burgundy red hair swished in the breeze, brushing her shoulders. Zoe sighed. She'd had a huge crush on the clumsy gogglehead since that time in the Digital World. Sure, they'd all become close, but she felt that she and the boy had grown closer. But, apparently, he saw more in Yasmin.

'Besides,' Zoe thought, 'why would Takuya like me when he can always go out with someone prettier like Yasmin?' The thought brought a tear to her eye, but the blonde quickly brushed it away before the others could see it. They were all 16, sans JP and Tommy, who was turning 13 in a week, and it had been 4 years since their adventures in the Digital World. And in that time, many changes had happened. Koji and Koichi were getting to know each other better, and had, amazingly, brought their parents back together. Their father was still married to Satomi, but agreed to remain close friends with the boys' mother. Mostly for the boys' sake, but also, because he found himself becoming friends with her all on his own.

JP had finally gotten a girlfriend, meaning that he had ditched his long time crush on Zoe. They were still pretty close though. He just didn't try so hard to get her attention any more. Yasmin had gotten to know Koichi, seeing as how she was interrupted by Ophanimon because she had to leave the Digital World. But now, they were pretty close as well. And Tommy was growing up to be a nice young gentleman. Which is expected, when he had so many role models. He had learned a trait from everyone.

He learned from Zoe and Yasmin how to treat women properly, earning him several girlfriends, which he lost, not to anything about him, but to the fact the girls he picked up were all talented and went overseas for competitions. And he and the girls agreed that they couldn't do long distance relationships. He learned how to be brave from Takuya, but he learned that in the Digital World. He learned how to be kinder from Koichi, and how to kick ass with kendo from Koji. And that came in hand against several bullies. And JP had taught him the difference between certain foreign chocolates.

...Well, 4 out of 5 traits were useful to him. They continued on down the road until they stopped outside a gate. Behind the gate was a long stone path, with two, bright green patches of grass on either side of it. At the end of the path, was a small, two storey, cream brick cottage, with a straw roof and tinted windows. Zoe sighed.

"Why couldn't my grandma be normal?" Koichi cast her a side glance.

"Didn't you say your grandma used to be a fortune teller?" The blonde rolled her eyes.

"Exactly, that's why she so superstitious. Look, let's just get this over with." she growled impatiently. She pushed open the gate, and she and her friends filed down the path to the door. Zoe knocked three times and after shouting, "Zoe" the door creaked open...