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Epilogue: 2 months later

It had been two months since our daughter was born, and InuYasha and I have been busy. After taking so many parenting classes and with much grateful help from our mothers, we have been hanging on. InuMika has such a powerful voice, and she's already like her father. By that I mean demanding attention, and of course he totally denies it like any man would. But I see both of us in her, even if she's only two months old.

It was still in the dead of night, with both Kagome and InuYasha exhausted, having passed out since they put Mika in her crib after being fed. It was tougher then they both thought. Lacking a good night's sleep and InuMika needing constant care, the teen parents were stressed and often snapping at each other. Of course, at night when they were alone, apologies were made and affection was shown until they fell asleep.

Both roused when they heard Mika's familiar crying from across the hall. Kagome slowly opened her eyes and saw that it was only 1:34 in the morning. She slowly blinked her eyes and felt a shift in the bed. The teen mother usually woke up and went to calm her baby, breastfeed her, then put her back to sleep. Kagome then felt her boyfriend's presence over her, his breath brushing her face.

"I'll go." He kissed her cheek. "You go back to sleep." With another soft kiss and nuzzle to her face, Inuyasha slowly got up and made his way to his crying child. Kagome could only grin in appreciation and love as she felt his lips and saw him heading out before closing her eyes, her smile never leaving.

The teen father entered the colorful baby room and immediately went to the crib where InuMika was crying. His new fatherly instincts kicked in and slowly lifted her up. He supported her head as he held her to his bare chest, rocking and shushing her to calm her.

As he calmed little Mika, Inuyasha felt an unexplainable joy. Here he was, in his own house, with the mother of his daughter, who he was holding close to his heart. He was a father now, a role which was still foreign to him but as more time passed, Inuyasha knew he wouldn't trade this role for anything. He had another responsibility now, not just taking care of Kagome and loving her, but now InuMika. He had his girlfriend and his daughter with him and it was more than he could ever ask for.

Coming up with an idea, Inuyasha took his daughter, whose crying became less as she was now in her daddy's arms, and headed into the living room and headed for the stereo where a CD made especially for little Mika was.

Kagome woke up again, hearing not her daughter's crying but a familiar tune. Curious, she got up, her legs now a little cold due to her wearing only her boyfriend's red t-shirt which ended a little above her knees, and slowly walked out and through the hallway to stop at the sight in the living room.

What she saw made her smile. Her boyfriend had the CD of InuMika's Special lullabies playing and was currently rocking her in place, his lips on her tiny forehead, while the baby girl rested on her father's chest, her deep amber eyes halfway closed. Kagome loved seeing Inuyasha with his daughter. It meant something special to her in her heart. That no matter what, he would always be there and InuYasha never broke a promise. The love he showed not only to her, but to InuMika meant that he wouldn't leave them. She then saw said baby turn her head and looked straight at her. The mother could only smile with more peace and joy as she braced herself on the wall.

Looking up when he felt Mika's head move, Inuyasha saw his beloved girlfriend, eyes still droopy but still focused on them with a content smile on her face. "Oh, hey."


"Did I wake you up?" She shook her head. "Pup here was stressed so I thought listening to her lullabies might get her to sleep again." Inuyasha adjusted her a little so her head was resting higher near his shoulder.

Kagome nodded silently. Deciding that she wanted to be included in the family dance, she slowly walked over. When she was close enough, Inuyasha pulled her in by her shoulders to him so they were together. One of her hands went to caress her daughter's face while her opposite went around her boyfriend's waist.

They moved together for a while in silence. Mika was slowly fading off into dreamland; her eyes drooping but still open enough to see her mother. Kagome's hand now rested on Inuyasha's arm, to further support the sleepy baby.

"We're going to be okay. Don't you doubt it." Her voice whispered.

"I don't. I know we're going to make it." He tightened his grip on her shoulders. "We made it this far, and I know you're strong enough. Always have been."

Kagome grinned and softly kissed his chest. "You are too. Enough to put up with me this past year." Her eyes never left little Mika, noting how adorable she looked, much like her daddy when he was tired. "She's look so much like you."

"But she has your laugh and your smile. And I fear I'm going to have to lock her up once she's turns sixteen." Both chuckled softly. "No daughter of mine is going ever to get hurt."

Why did she fall in love with him again? Maybe it was his dedication to his family? Or his devotion and commitment? His strong will to conquer and win? Whatever is was, Kagome would forever love him. It brought a single happy tear to her eye. Happy beyond compare she lifted her head so she could kiss him. Getting the message, Inuyasha lowered his and gently engaged her into a passionate kiss.

The two were not sure what lay ahead. Now that InuMika was out after nine months, a whole new world was opened to them. Little InuMika watched her parents' lip-lock, not understanding anything, but soon her exhaustion caught up with her and she slowly closed her eyes, hearing her father's heartbeat and feeling both her parent's touches.

Rocking and kissing in the midnight hours with their 2 month old daughter wasn't what they pictured nearly a year ago. But Kagome and Inuyasha knew that they wouldn't change a thing about it. It all worked out. They were together, safe and happy with loving family and supportive friends. Pregnant at 16 wasn't an easy road for the new teenage mother, but as long as she had her man, her InuYasha by her side, Kagome felt that nothing could go wrong. Life was unpredictable yet exciting, and the new family was prepared for anything that might and will be thrown their way, because they had love, and love was their greatest strength.

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