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The day that she came into my homeroom class definitely made my Top Five Best Days of School list. Along with my Top Five Worst Days of School list.

When it happened, it was just like any other day at our high school here in New York. No one paying attention the moment the teacher opened his mouth, girls giggling, whispering and passing notes, guys slouching into their chairs, trying to act cool. As I said before, a typical day at school. I myself was being passed a triangle shaped note by my girlfriend who sat in the seat to my left and up one. I turned away from my best friend, Nico di Angelo who sat next to me, to look at her before picking it up. Her smile was as cute as always, her long curly hair bouncing around her shoulders as she turned to face the front. Her cheeks were tinged red, so I knew it would be full of smiley faces and hearts.

I slowly opened the note as our math teacher continued to drone on about finding the parabola in a mathematical equation using the zeros. The first thing I saw was my name in her bubbly handwriting.

Percy, 3

Isn't math just exciting? =] I can tell how intently you're listening by the way you're practically snoring. I can't blame you though. I'm more than ready for this class to end... I really want to go my next class!

Anyway, I know this note is totally random but I was bored and so why not just scribble a little note to my wonderful boyfriend? =] The bell's going to ring in like, 10 minutes. Thank God. In two periods, I'll see you at our regular spot with the usual suspects. =]


Before I got to read her name, I saw the teacher start down my aisle, making sure everyone was doing the example on the board. I folded it up, knowing that it would be my nickname for her, and I smiled. My cheeks began to burn. Honestly, I'm a really lucky guy. Captain of the swim team, boyfriend of one of the hottest girls in school, big group of close friends, good social life... what more could I ask for? I started to lean over and put the note in my bag.

Just then, my teacher, Mr. Miller said, "Ah, here she is!" he bustled over to the front door, opening the door to allow a girl to step into the classroom. "Class, we have a new student in our midst." Silence greeted him. "Be polite!" he scolded, causing the girl to be buffeted by a chorus of 'hey', 'hello' 'what's up' and 'how you doin?'s.

She smiled shyly, shifting her red binder to her other arm at the same time that she switched her weight to her other leg. Legs. I couldn't help it; I stared. She had two long legs, not freakishly long, but model long, a lean body and long curly hair that fell past her shoulders. She was wearing a pair of dark wash American Eagle shorts (I could see the label on the back when she turned to talk to the teacher: don't judge me.) and a white wife beater with small black dots on it. On her neck was a black necklace with a shape of a silver heart on the end. She had on smoky eye makeup, but it wasn't put on heavily.


She nodded and sat in the empty seat by a guy name Tyler Stevens, a total greaseball. I watched in disgust as he smiled and started chatting her up.


I continued to observe as the teacher came by, handed her a small pile of notes/worksheets and gestured for Tyler to help her with something. He happily scooted his desk next to hers, blocking my view.

"Percy! You're totally staring and it's on the verge of stalker."

I snapped out of my daze and looked around, blinking. Nico widened his dark eyes and gave me a look, shaking his head, his dark hair brushing his face.

"You better turn around and look at your girlfriend, man. You're in for it." He shook his head again and leaned back. "I don't envy you."

I looked down sheepishly and noticed I had dropped her note. I quickly grabbed it and then shoved it in my bag. I slowly sat up and slid my eyes over to my girlfriend of two and a half months.

Her eyes were first trained on the girl whose name we didn't know yet, and her gaze wasn't friendly. She harshly raked her eyes over the oblivious teen, her mouth pursing in distaste. Then she looked at me. She took in a deep, shaky breath and let it out through her nose before turning away angrily.

Shit. I thought. Nice job, Jackson. You're a retard. Just as I was leaning forward to try and grab her shoulder, Mr. Miller decided to make an announcement.

"I'm sorry; I forgot to introduce our new little lady over here!" Everyone turned to stare as Mr. Miller walked to the new girl. "Everyone, this is Annabeth Chase and she just transferred here from California."

Annabeth. I committed her name to memory before being jolted back to the fact that because of this mysterious girl, my relationship is almost ruined. I turned back to my girlfriend to see her slamming things into her bag. I glanced at the clock. Maybe 30 seconds before the bell rang. I sat back and bit my lip. I'd have to try at lunch.

The bell rang, a loud clanging noise. I slowly gathered my things, but watched the whole time as Rachel Elizabeth Dare threw her bag over her shoulder, her red hair flaming behind her as she stormed out of the room, throwing one last nasty look at Annabeth and the same one at me.

Shit, shit, double shit. I tossed everything into my bag and threw it over my shoulder with a sigh.

"Dude. Really." Nico laughed. "You're stupid. You weren't even subtle."

"Shut up." I snapped, ramming my hip into the corner of a desk on my way out of my aisle. This just wasn't turning out to be my day. Nico elbowed me in the side, causing me more pain. I responded by punching him in the shoulder.

"Get out of here," I said, shoving him out the door. I walked past Annabeth and Tyler, who was too happy to help her get her things together. I caught a snippet of their conversation as I left.

"What's your schedule?" he asked. Creep.

"I have... uh... Science, then English and History." She told him, glancing at her paper. His face fell.

"Man, we don't have anything else together."

"Shame." She didn't sound like she was too upset. I continued out the door, feeling more like a stalker than I ever have in my life.

Nico and I walked to our next class together. Nico and I have been friends for a long time. I can't remember when we met, but our parents were good friends and thus Nico, Bianca, his sister, and I were immediately put together. We've been tight ever since.

"Percy, you were so out of it, I was surprised you walked out of there alive. The way that Rachel was looking at you... oh man." He shoved his hands in his jean pockets and lazily padded beside me, ignoring my downer mood. "I mean, if you gotta look at another chick, then at least be a bit less obvious."

"I get it, Nico. I was stupid. You can stop bashing my idiocy now." I grumbled.

"You're right. You were stupid." He jumped out of the way of my punch. "Chill, dude. It's my job to rub your nose in your flaws. Why do you think I'm still here?"

"I don't know, to actually be a friend?" I rolled my eyes as I pushed open the door to our Civics class.

"Pfft," he shook his head, following me inside. "That takes work."

"Oh, right. Sorry." I sat down near the back right corner of the room. Nico sat next to me. "Why are you sitting here? Isn't that too much work?"

"Of course not. I have to be near you to laugh at your failures." He smiled at me before rummaging through his bag to get out his pencil case and binder. I did the same, except I leaned over and snatched his case, stole a pen, and then chucked the container at Nico's head.

"Asswipe." He complained, picking it up from the floor while rubbing his head.

"Douche." I responded, containing a laugh. He made my day a little bit better. I flipped open my binder and scribbled randomly until Mrs. Walker came in.

"Hi everybody!" she said brightly. "How are we today?"

"Hi, Mrs. Walker," everyone responded. She was the kind of teacher that we all like.

"So, we get to learn about the different types of government today!" she chirped as she wheeled in a projector.

Groans filled the air.

"Just give me a minute to set this up... is anyone good with electronics here?" Some student went up to help her out and I just slouched, mentally kicking myself for being so thick.

What was I thinking? I have a girlfriend for God's sake. And to boot, she's one of the prettiest girls in school. There are plenty of guys out there that would be happy to go out with her the moment she was single. But there was just something about Annabeth. (Since I'm a guy), I was looking more at her body, but she has a pretty face too. Her hair was blonde with natural looking highlights and stormy gray eyes. That was the most intriguing physical part of her for me.

The next 75 minutes flew by. That was especially unusual because Civics seems like the slowest, by far, of all my classes. Probably because it's so freakin' boring.

"Well that was a total waste of my time." Nico remarked as he packed up. But, of course, not before he threw his pencil case at me before swiftly picking it up. I just ignored it, though the back of my head smarted.

"You're a total waste of time." I got up, waited for my best friend, and walked with him to our lockers.

"And yet you put up with me." He pointed out, twirling his lock.

"Only so that you can smash my mistakes back into my face. Where would I be without you?" I sighed dramatically and opened my locker. Though I was joking, my mind was racing. What am I supposed to say to Rachel? Oh, why was I staring at her? Well you see, I really want a pair of shorts just like hers, and I was trying to figure out where she got them. Don't short shorts look great on me? That's really smooth. Great explanation. Totally legit. She'd probably slap me across the face.

I ran a hand through my hair, moving my bangs out of my eyes. I needed a haircut. It was getting too long. Then again, Red was always telling me that she likes it long. I sighed, for real this time. I grabbed a bottle of water, one of the many, from the top shelf in my locker and my now empty bag.

"Let's go to the caf." I said to Nico, who nodded. We started down the hall and went to the basement. We waited in line, got our food (I got two pieces of pizza while Nico got a chocolate milk, a sandwich and some fries) and went out into the mass of students trying to find a seat. I spotted the back of Bianca's head and jerked my head in her direction. Nico nodded and we plowed our way through the crowd.

"Hey, sista." Nico said as he sat by Bianca.

"Ew." She replied before stealing a fry from her brother.

"That's all I get? Honestly, and to think we're related." He shook his head.

"What can I say? It's not my fault we're stuck together. Anyway, guys, we have a new addition! I met her in my Science class."

I was just about to place my pizza on the table when I looked up and saw Annabeth on the other side of Bianca. I bumped my shin against my chair before fumbling to pull it out. I finally managed to sit down.

"Bubble Boy alert. Seriously, Percy, you're a hazard to yourself." Bianca was looking at me sceptically, her eyebrow raised. "Anyway, Annabeth, excuse him." She waved a hand dismissively at me. "He's a bit retarded."

"Shut up, Bianca." I felt my cheeks flush.

"So the retard's name is Percy Jackson, and this is my brother, Nico. Nico, Percy, this is Annabeth."

"Hey," she said with a small wave.

"Hey," Nico said before looking at me and smiling. "I think you're in Math with Percy and I. With Mr. Miller?"

I hate you. I thought venomously towards my friend.

"Oh really?" she seemed surprised. "I'm sorry, I didn't notice. I was kind of nervous, so I didn't look around. I don't like it when people stare at me. It makes me uncomfortable."

"No worries! And Mr. Miller's alright as a teacher. He normally isn't such a ball of sunshine, though." He leaned over his sister and stage-whispered, "It's an act."

Annabeth laughed and I smiled, liking the sound of it.

"Get off me, you loser." Bianca nudged Nico away.

"No more fries for you, then." He moved them on the side opposite of his sister. I reached over and grabbed a handful. "Percy!" he complained.

"What? Pizza is never enough." I shrugged.

"You tool."

"Coming from the sharpest one in the tool shed."

"Guys, act your age, not your shoe size." Bianca rolled her eyes. "I would tell you that they're just being weirder than normal, but this is basically every day with them."

"No worries. It's pretty funny to watch." Annabeth smiled at Bianca and then me. I felt my heart beat a bit faster and my stomach drop. To distract myself, I tried to eat my pizza, only getting down a few bites before feeling odd.

"What's pretty funny to watch? And no offense, but do I know you?" someone said. We all turned. Grover Underwood came around the side of our table and sat next to me, moving his floppy curly hair out of his eyes.

"Grover! You're so rude. Sorry, Annabeth. I hang out with animals. Grover, this is Annabeth Chase. Annabeth, Grover Underwood." Bianca sighed.

"Nice to meet you." Annabeth smiled.

"Hello!" Grover grinned. "So what's funny to watch?"

"Thing One and Thing Two." Bianca jerked her thumb at Nico and I.

"Oh, those guys. By the way, Perce, I heard Red is looking for you."

"Red?" Annabeth asked questioningly. She even tilted her head and looked at me.

"My girlfriend." I muttered, face burning. Bianca stared at me a little weirdly but answered Annabeth.

"Her name is Rachel Elizabeth Dare, and her initials are R.E.D, so Percy's little nickname for her is Red. Isn't that cute?" Bianca giggled.

Annabeth smiled as well. "Awe. That is cute."

"Where is she, Grover?" I asked, bracing myself.

"She was at her locker, last time I saw her. You better go find her. She's not the happiest bunny in the woods."

"And I know wh-hyyyy." Nico sang. I kicked him so hard under the table that he yelped and threw fries at me. "You dick! What the hell?"

"Later, guys." I quickly stood up and made my way to the staircase that was near Red's locker.

I saw her leaning on her locker, fiddling with her cell phone.

"Red!" I called, waving. When she looked up, I saw her lips press together. Her green eyes searched mine before dropping to the floor.

Maybe the nickname wasn't the best idea.

When I finally arrived, she was picking at her nails.

"Hey," I said awkwardly.

"Hi," she whispered. Rachel then fell silent, fiddling with her fingers instead.

"Look, Rachel, I'm sorry." I blurted.

She looked up in surprise. "What?"

"I'm sorry. I know that you're mad that I was looking," Staring. I corrected myself mentally. "At Annabeth. I don't even know why I did-" Because she's pretty and has a hot body. "But the point is that you're mad at me. And I want to say that I'm really sorry." And I hope that you don't slap me.

She scuffed her high-top Chuck Taylor purple Converse against the tiled floor. I noted that she had started folding the tops of them down. I looked back up at her.

"Percy," she took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I'm not going to lie, I thought that you were going to deny it, or act stupid and say that you don't know why I'm upset." She met my eyes, green meeting sea-green. "And I want to let you know that I appreciate you being forward and truthful with me. And apologizing." I just nodded. "I am upset right now, but it's not like I want to break up or anything, okay?"

"Got it." I said. "Neither do I."

"Good." Rachel smiled. "I'm over it now. Wanna go to lunch?" I laughed and nodded, but something told me that she was still mad but she wanted to try and move on. As we were walking down the stairs holding hands, I realized that Annabeth was at our table. With our friends. Right now. And the reason why Red had been made at me in the first place dealt with Annabeth. Eff my life.

Just before we walked through the double doors of the caf, Red stopped me and took both of my hands. I looked down at her, tilting my head questioningly.

"I love you, Percy." She stared up into my eyes.

"I love you too, Rachel." I replied with a smile before being caught off guard by her standing up on her tip-toes to press her lips to mine. She quickly pulled away, gave me a small smile and then tugged me into the bustling cafeteria.

We made our way to the table where Grover, Bianca, Annabeth and Nico had been joined by Thalia Grace and Luke Castellan.

"Hey guys!" Rachel grinned, coming around on Thalia's side.

"Hey, Rach!" Bianca and Thalia chorused.

"You look happy." Bianca commented, nodding towards our joined hands. I glanced at Annabeth. She was also looking at our hands. I flexed my hand.

"Obviously." Rachel gazed up at me, smiling.

"Rach, I want you to meet someone! I met her in my Science class. She just moved here from California." Bianca gushed. "This is A–"

"Annabeth." Rachel's grip on me tightened and her eyes narrowed. "I know."