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Chapter Eighteen

I sat in the office for a little bit, gathering my thoughts. I was really glad that Nayeli was okay, it didn't seem fair to me that another vampire in a position like Occella should have the right to command his offspring to do his bidding without question. I wondered why they were bound so tightly, but then I guess you would have to be a vampire in order to completely understand what the hell the deal was there. I considered what it would be like to be a vampire, to be able to run like the wind and be beautiful and young always. But to have to drink blood to live, well that's just gross. I didn't want to look at my friends and picture eating them. Ew. On the other hand, I was going to grow older, and my hair was going to go gray, and my body would sag and this was inevitable. My gran was a real looker in her day, and still the inevitability of aging faded her looks as it would mine. My Viking would always be beautiful and youthful. I would die, from natural or unnatural causes and at some point he would lose me. It was enough to make me ponder on whether the whole vampire thing was a better route than the slow steady decay of life. I could be with Eric forever.

I decided that I'd go out in the bar; I wanted to sit with Eric. I'd missed him so much. The music was thumping when I exited his office, and I saw that Fangtasia was absolutely packed. There were a lot of vamps there tonight, and the dance floor was full of humans and vampires gyrating to the music. I saw Eric and Pam up at Eric's table. Marcel was also there, with his entourage. They looked to be enjoying their bloods and I saw that at least four humans seemed to be standing by waiting for Marcel's group. I assumed that Eric had arranged for a fresher buffet for the adjudicator. Eric motioned me over, but sent me a thought, 'be careful, he watches everything.' He raised his glass to me, and patted the chair next to him.

Marcel saw me coming and smiled widely. "Miss Stackhouse, gracing us with your presence, an honour of course."

I couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or not, so I just let it pass. Eric gave me a light kiss on the cheek and picked up my hand. He stroked the inside of my palm lightly with the tip of his thumb, and my heart gave a brief thump. He and Marcel continued their conversation, while I put out casual feelers across the dance floor and towards the bar. I was bored, but content to sit with the vampires as they talked about times gone by and political things that held little meaning for me. The waitress brought me a ginger ale, and the vampires another blood. After quite some time, the bar began to empty and soon it became apparent that the bar was closing. Those who were getting lucky left with their species of choice, abiding by the "No feeding on the premises" rule. Marcel and his backup took their leave alongside several young men and women, who when I sent my gift towards them I was glad to find that they were not being glamoured, and were there of their own free will.

Eric told Chow to lock up and have the bar cleaned, and he took my hand and led me outside to his car. He pushed me up against the side of his Corvette, and grabbed the sides of my head in his hands, wrapping my hair in his fists and lowering his lips to mine. He kissed me leisurely, taking his time, as if savouring the taste of me, which I certainly was doing with him. It was like I was waking up from a dream. He had allowed for the bond to open up and the desire was coursing through him. He continued to ravage my lips and then looked down at me hotly.

"I'll take you back to Bon Temps if you want. But is it okay if I spend the day at your house? I can bring you back to your car tomorrow night, if that's okay." He said this softly and I nodded in agreement. I wanted him in the worst way, and I knew he could read my desire easily.

He picked me up lightly and had me buckled in to the passenger seat of the Corvette quickly, and we were whisking down the highway back home. His right hand massaged my thigh as he drove quickly towards my house. His hand travelled north and I knew he could feel my arousal. I compensated him by rubbing his thigh and felt his erection through his jeans. We were behaving like a couple of horny teenagers, and I figured if we didn't cool it, we were going to have to pull over and complete the act before we reached Hummingbird Road. I didn't relish the idea of have sex in a Corvette, two seater and all, and I really wanted to make sure that I extended this session as long as possible, so I pushed his fingers back from where they were just beginning to slip under the edging of my panties. He grinned over at me.

"Too hot for you Sookie? I can put down the window." He grinned evilly at me, and I laughed. Soon enough we were pulling into the driveway of my house. I caught a glimpse of movement at the side yard, but when the security lights came on, there was nothing there. Eric had been looking down at the controls on the car, and he didn't see. Come to think of it, I didn't really know what I saw, so I didn't mention it.

He had me at the door before I could say boo, and I fumbled in my purse for the keys to the front door. I turned my back to him, to unlock it, and he continued to kiss the back of my neck and reach around caressing my breasts with his hands. "Oh, will you fucking open," I moaned. The key finally turned in the lock, and Eric pressed me through the doorway. He kicked the door shut behind him, and we began tearing at each other's clothes.

My shoes were kicked off one by one, and I busied my hands with the belt on Eric's jeans while he pulled my sweater over my head. He bent down and tongued my nipples through the lace of my bra, while threw my head back and dug my fingers through his hair. His jeans fell to the floor with a jingle as his belt hit the tile and then mine joined his. He stood back and looked at me, in my bra and underwear. We just stood there for a moment, my chest heaving and his eyes fairly throwing fire from them. I couldn't take it anymore, and I took one giant stride towards him and pushed him against the wall. I pulled his hands up from his sides and pinned them against the wall, while my mouth sought his. I moved between his legs and rubbed myself against his erection. I nipped at his neck, and moved down towards his nipples, paying special attention to each one. My hands had slipped from his wrists at this point, and he was rubbing my shoulders aimlessly. He let out a low growl and pulled me up to his face.

"Now." He had never looked more animalistic than he did at that moment, and he lifted me up, until I was at his level. I wrapped my legs around his waist and continued kissing him, while he carried me and walked with purpose towards my bedroom.

He laid me on the bed and I reached for him. He kissed me thoroughly on my mouth, and moved his lips in a fiery trail down my neck to my breasts. He gave each their due, while he ran his tongue down the curve of my belly and the hollow of my waist. He went lower and lower, and paused when he reached my crescent.

"Look at me lover." He sounded husky, and his blue eyes were bright with lust.

I met his gaze, and he began to work me with his tongue. I moaned his name, and he continued to lick my pleasure core until I began to feel myself begin to ride a wave of pleasure. I grabbed the sides of the sheets and arched my back as I came so hard. He licked me clean as I crested the wave, and then he rose up to meet me. He kissed me on the mouth, long, hot and slow and I tasted myself on him.

He held himself up on his hands and entered me slowly, just allowing the tip to pierce me before he just held himself in check. I writhed underneath him struggling to make him enter me further, but he wouldn't give. He just held himself there, driving me crazy with desire.

"Do you love me Sookie?" His voice was husky.

"Eric, please love me, please be with me, I need you inside of me."

"Do you love me Sookie?"

"Oh God yes, I do – I love you so much darling – please darling, you have to keep going." I almost screamed in frustration.

Eric murmured to me, "my lover, my love, my life," and shoved forward into me.

"Ohmygod", and I was taken away into bliss.

We rocked together in unison and we met each other's driving thrusts. I clawed his back and drew blood as he lifted my hips to meet him each time he drove himself into me. He hissed and the fire in his eyes grew more intense. He continued to tell me to look at him, to meet his gaze during, and I could tell by the number of times that Eric had asked me to do this, that this certainly turned his crank. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and locked my ankles at the hips. He continued to push himself into me, beginning to move faster and faster until finally I could barely hear the difference in the pounding slap of flesh against flesh. My body was coated in sweat, and I was keening a low moan constantly as my pleasure increased. I could feel myself peaking again, and I stiffened and threw my head back. I began to come, and he stood up with me still in his arms and guided me to meet each of his thrusts. He was moving in a blur, and I felt the change of pace which meant he was getting ready to come as well. I held on to his neck and he lowered his face to my neck. I moved my hair to the side, and began to ride the wave of white lightning that was an orgasm with Eric. I screamed with the searing pleasure that ripped through me, and he roared and said something in his ancient language. He bit me on the neck, and drew blood from my heat and I gave up and drowned in an intense swell of ecstasy. I might have screamed again. I wasn't sure. But the next thing I knew, I was a puddle of relaxation in the middle of my bed, panting heavily, while Eric moved his tongue over the puncture marks on my neck.

"Eric, that was fantastic." I rolled over to look at him.

He smiled at me, and I caressed his face with my hand.

"You know, I do right? I wasn't just saying that because I was looking for an orgasm?" I wanted Eric to know that the feelings of love I had said I had for him weren't hormone induced.

"You forget that I have had your blood lover, I can tell when you are lying. And when you are not." He was curling a lock of hair around his finger and looking at me tenderly. I loved Eric like this. He was so unassuming, his hair a mess, propped up on an elbow the edge of my plain percale sheet just barely covering him. I smiled at him.

"Well as long as we're clear on that." I didn't know what to say from here, he had called me his love while we were making love, but he hadn't said it. I wasn't going to be one of "those girls" and push it. I just wasn't. So I decided to be happy in the moment, and bask in the warm afterglow of our loving. He wrapped the blanket around me, and put his arm around my chest holding me to him. He buried his face in my hair and smelled me.

"You smell so good. I missed you so much, you know." He kissed me lightly on the neck and I murmured sweet nothings back at him. It felt so good to be cuddled in his arms, and I began to drift off to sleep. As I did, I heard him whisper.

"I really do Sookie... I love you so much." I smiled and then went back to sleep.

I woke late the next morning to sunlight streaming in my windows. The day was cold, and there was a brisk wind, but a fire in my fireplace took the chill out of the air and I made a pot of coffee to drink. I tidied up the kitchen and picked up the clothing that had been left in a trail from the front door to the bedroom. I took inventory of the fridge and realized that I had no True Blood. I hadn't had much cause to stock it with the recent absence of vampires in my home. I decided I would go and get some, so that Eric would have some when he awoke. I didn't have my car, so I decided to take Eric's Corvette over to the grocery store. I filched his keys out of his pocket, grabbed my purse and booked it down the stairs. The car was a lot fancier and faster than mine – and I must admit it was an absolute pleasure to drive, but at the end of the day – didn't it get me to exactly the same place as my yellow beater did?

I grabbed the True Blood at the store and returned home. I parked the car carefully, and when I did I recalled the figure I saw at the edge of my clearing when we had pulled in the previous night. I decided to take a quick walk about the property to inspect if anything was amiss. I left the True Blood in the car, and walked around the house. I didn't notice anything missing or broken, but it just felt like someone had been around. I shivered in the cool breeze and decided to go back in the house. By now it was late afternoon and it had become overcast. The temperature had dropped and it felt like rain. I grabbed the True Blood out of the car and skipped up the steps to the door of the house. I had just placed my hand on the door, when I was grabbed from behind.

A hand clamped over my mouth, and I tried to bite it, but all I got was a solid punch to the stomach which knocked the air out of me, and a cuff across the face which split my lip. The True Blood crashed to the floor of the porch, splashing up the side of my house and leaving carnage of glass on the floor. The man, for now I knew that he was that, dragged me backwards down the stairs, and I fought like a hellcat. He threw me on the ground and jumped on top of me. He landed a solid clip to my jaw that dazed me and before I knew it I was being dragged through Homewood Cemetery, his filthy hands under my armpits and my heels leaving twin tracks through the dirt. I began to gather my senses about me, when I was thrown to the wood floor of a living room. I rubbed my hand against my jaw, and evaluated myself. Then I stood up, just to be pushed back onto a couch in the living room. I looked up and was completely pissed off. I didn't recognise the guy that was there, but I did recognise where I was. I was sitting in the middle of Bill Compton's living room, and I was pissed.

The guy standing there just looked at me, and I recognized the vacant and terrible stare of a vee addict.

"What the hell are you doing? Do you have any idea what's going to happen to you when the vamp at my house wakes up?" I didn't think he'd know about Eric, but he surprised me.

"Oh you must mean the blonde vamp sleeping in the compartment hidden in the small bedroom's closet? Oh that's not an issue. While you were gone, I took the liberty of tossing a silver net on him. He's going nowhere fast." The vee addict's eyes were insane and I began to get scared.

"You are in a vamp's house right now, did you know that? I used to date him. He's going to wake up very soon, and he's not going to be pleased that you are here. He hates vee addicts worse than any vamp I've ever met." I glared at the vee addict, and suddenly I heard a noise behind me. I knew before he spoke exactly what he was going to say and I knew exactly who was behind me. I felt my heart drop into my throat, because in having opened my mind to read the vee addict's crazy thoughts, I had also made myself available to read the mind of a vampire.

Bill looked down at me, and I felt tears well up in my eyes. I could see it all, right from the beginning – he started this whole cycle of events. The red haired vampire, he had made him for the express purpose of turning me. A vampire has to obey their maker, and Bill's rationale was to have his progeny turn me, and have zero liability for creating me as a vampire, while being able to control me through his child, who would be my maker. He could make me stay away from Eric, and he could make me belong to him again.

"It's the only way Sookie. You can't see how much it tortures me to have you in his arms instead of mine. I have to be with you. I was first; I made you mine from the moment we first made love."

He kneeled down in front of me, and my tears were falling down my face in earnest. I was so hurt and betrayed, again by Bill, and now Eric was trapped at my house – in a place that was supposed to be safe – but Bill knew where the hidey hole was, he built it. Bill reached out to wipe the tears form my face and I recoiled. He looked at me coldly. If that's the way you'll have it then, that's the way it will be.

"Hold her down," he instructed the vee addict. He grabbed my arms and turned me towards Bill. "I'm going to turn you Sookie. It's the only way you'll stay with me and when I'm done, I'm going to go and end Eric Northman."

I screamed. "No Bill, you know that I don't want this. Please, don't – I'll hate you forever. I love Eric so much, you can't do this!"

Bill ignored my pleas and lowered his face to mine. He tried to kiss me, but I hauled back and spit at him and began to fight like a hellcat. His eyes turned cold, and he wiped the spittle off his face. "This is going to hurt."

He bit into my neck, not gently either, and I let out a high pitched scream. I could feel Eric awake through our bond, and I could feel he was in pain. He sucked at my neck, sapping my life force from me. My struggles grew weaker and weaker, and I began to feel very cold. It wasn't fair, I had just found love with Eric, and now I was going to lose it all. I vowed that I would find a way to end it, that I would meet the sun as soon as I could, as soon as I was turned as a matter of fact. I couldn't stand to be turned against my will, and to live a life without Eric, and he was going to die, because of me.

I felt my life's force draining out of me and I turned to meet Bill's gaze as I began to lose consciousness. All I saw was a wretched, selfish and pitiful creature who coveted that which he could not have. The darkness at the edges of my vision began to swim together and meet, and I sent a last wave of love towards Eric, and hoped that he felt it. Then I retreated into the dark.

Eric's POV

When the dark haired grease monkey opened Sookie's bedroom closet and tossed the net down on top of me, I came fully awake. I knew that I had to stay awake in order to be able to get a handle on whatever fucking situation was happening now. I felt Sookie in danger, and I tried to move the net, it was burning me too much, but luckily I had worn pants and a t-shirt to evade the dawn and it wasn't in direct contact with my skin. I began rocking back and forth as best as I could, and I felt the net slip to the side a bit.

I knew that Bill was behind this now. He was the only one that knew the location of this sleeping area during the day, I hadn't even told Pam about it. I continued to rock back and forth, and then pain flooded through the bond. I knew that it was getting dark, and that Pam would be rising. I sent a call of requirement to her through our maker/child bond and I felt her respond. She would be here shortly, but I could only pray that this was going to be soon enough. I felt that my time was short as well; it would only be a matter of time before Bill would visit me, now that he had risen and I would be vulnerable to him, if trapped in a hole, swathed in silver net.

I felt Sookie through the bond, her fear and anger, and then her pain. This made me double my efforts, and I felt the net slip yet again. A howl of frustration burst from my mouth, and then I felt Pam gaining ground and coming closer. Closer yet, and the house vibrated as she took the front door off the hinges. The closet door exploded inwards and suddenly Pam was there.

"What the hell is going on Eric," as she grabbed a blanket off the bed to shield her hands from the silver net and pulled it off of me. I shot out of the closet at once, and began running towards Bill's house.

"It's Compton Pam, it's always been Compton." I couldn't fly yet, I was too weak from the silver, and I needed my strength.

"Fuck a zombie!" Pam was so succinct at times.

We flew up the stairs and were in the house within seconds. I entered first, and saw the greasy vee addict holding her up, as Compton was draining my beloved. Her arms hung limply at her side, and her head lolled off to the side. Her heartbeat was so faint, it was barely a flutter, and she was as white as a sheet. Blood of my blood, my treasured one's, pattered to the floor in crimson droplets and I felt fury take over at the edge of my reason.

Pam immediately attacked the vee addict, who dropped his hold on Sookie. Bill disengaged himself from her and she fell in a limp bundle on the floor, her blonde hair obscuring her face. He extended his fangs and hooked his hands into claws. We went at each other like two animals, and tore at each other with fang and hands. I was thrown against the wall, and shattered a large framed mirror. Bill was much stronger than I was, as I was still healing from the netting, and hadn't fed and he'd just finished draining my beloved. Pam hissed and I motioned that she wasn't to interfere. She looked displeased, but she had to know that it was down to Compton and I, it had always been he and I – with Sookie it was down to this. He made a move to spin past me, and get me at my back, and I feinted to the right, lowering my body as he attempted to go behind me. I raised my shoulder into his sternum, and lifted him off the floor straight into the wall he had thrown me into. He fell to the floor in a heap, and I pulled a piece of the broken frame off the floor.

"You are about to pay a great deal, for what was once given to you freely Compton. I send you to your final death, know this – you will never be able to touch her again." I plunged the broken frame into his heart, and as I did, I am sure that I saw a look of relief pass over his face. Then I watched him implode in a shower of ash and blood.

I looked over towards the couch and saw Pam sitting next to Sookie. She had sliced her wrist and was attempting to give some to Sookie to revive her. "This is not working Eric. I've been trying to give her some, but her heart is still beating like that, and her spark- I sense it getting weaker." I knew that humans, the fragile creatures they were, could only take so much trauma before their bodies just simply gave out. There had been instances of our blood not working to heal, something to do with electrolytes and the chemical balances that were required. Sookie had received a lot of our blood in recent months, I suppose I should have possibly forseen this.

I picked her up in my arms and held her to me, whispering to her, and telling her that I loved her. Her heart was faltering, and I bit into my own wrist, hoping against hope that my much older and stronger blood would have the power to vanquish death and return my lover to me. We had not had any time together yet, and I couldn't bear to lose her. My blood ran into her mouth, and I felt no change. Her pulse grew more thready and I began to panic. I had no plan for this; I wasn't prepared in the least. Pam looked up at me, with sad eyes and shook her head.

"I have no choice Pam, if I don't do it. I'll lose her. I have to turn her, you have to help." Between the two of us, we moved Sookie outside to Bill's garden. We clawed out a hole in the ground, while I continued to feed her my blood. I placed her in the hole, and got in beside her.

"Take care of this mess and come get us in 3 nights. Cover us up." The dirt began to pile in on top of us, and I pulled her limp form near to me. I kissed her face and held her close. "It will be okay lover, I swear it."

I entered into what Sookie called 'downtime' and waited for the process to begin. I would be here when she awoke.

Sookie's POV

I awoke in the dark, a muffled feeling clogging my head, and I attempted to move my arms, but I couldn't. I felt Eric's presence next to me, and I heard him murmur to me that it was going to be okay. He began to push at what I now knew was dirt on top of us, and I began to panic with a slight sense of disorientation, and alarm. Why was I down in the dirt, what had happened? Where was Bill?

"Oh my God Eric – why was I - down there. Oh please, tell me that you didn't – why was I in the dirt?" I fairly screeched the last question, and I began to lose self control. My throat began to heat with an ember that was being fed with scents of the night. I could smell the blood pulsing in the veins of small animals in the cemetery, and of the bats that swooped through the night catching bugs. The ember glowed orange and it became harder to focus. I covered my face in my filthy hands and began to cry. Looking at the blood that fell from my eyes, I knew the entire truth. The events of the previous night began to run through my head. I couldn't fathom why I was here with Eric. I had thought I would wake up with Bill. I said as much to Eric. "You, turned me?"

Eric kneeled down. "It was the only way darling. We had only just begun to be together, I just couldn't bear to lose you. I'm sorry darling, I didn't know what to do, we had never really had the discussion about turning you or your feelings about it lover. I'm sorry, but if I had to it to do all over again, I would do it again. I couldn't bear to lose you." He lowered his mouth to mine and kissed me, despite all the grit and dirt on me - for an instant I felt the fiery ember subside and my libido take a leap. I held close to Eric trusting he would make this easier.

"You... made me? What will this do to our bond Eric? This is just... so much to handle at once." I took an experimental breath, my throat heating up and the need in my gut tightening again. It wasn't so much that I felt radically different, but rather that I was more. My throat burned with a fire, and I definately needed something - that something being blood... But I was still me. I never really had contemplated that I would still feel like me. I pressed my fingers against the side of my throat, and felt no pulse, then against my chest - and felt no beat. Bill was right when he described the process as simply 'magic'. I felt of another plane of existence. My senses thrummed and I turned this way and that, and began to feel a little anxious again. And thirsty.

I felt Eric's presence begin to calm me, and I took another deep breath even though it wasn't necessary. I could smell rain in the air, the faint scent of copper mingling in with the raw earth at my feet. I could hear all the sounds of the outside and then I realized that my vision was extraordinary – even though it was night time.

I looked up at Eric, and saw him looking down at me, the first glimmers of happiness spreading across his face. "Lover, do you see it? Can you feel it? The magic of the night?"

"I can Eric, and it's like magic. I feel like I'm in a fairy tale. But I really want to get this dirt off of me... And I am very thirsty. Do you think you could take me home?" I didn't think to ask about Bill, because I knew the answer to that already. His house was dark, and there was no sign of him. I really wanted to be inside my house, my home - the one place that provided me comfort. I wondered if the house would recognise me, or if I'd have to be invited in. But I just wanted to be home.

Eric led me down the worn path to my old homestead and we entered without incident. I gave a sigh of relief and felt immediately the comfort that always part of the family homestead. It embraced me, whether I was human or vampire. Pam was inside waiting for us and she smiled at me. "Well Sookie, aren't you just a dirty girl." She waggled her eyes at me, and I smiled briefly. She had a tray of True Bloods on the table, and she had a heated on ready for me, which she handed to me immediately. "Drink this, you'll feel better."

I lifted it to my lips and took a sip. It was not fantastic, but it definately cooled the ember that smouldered inside of me, so I knocked it back. Pam immediately handed me another, which I drank more slowly. I licked my lips slowly, and ran my tongue across my teeth, when it was empty. I felt the sharp clean edges of them and wondered if I would learn how to make them extend and retract quickly, or if it was involuntary. I looked down at my hands and saw how filthy they were, and felt embarassed.

"I'm going to go shower now. Can you guys give me a few minutes?" I walked into my old bedroom, and it felt different but somehow the same. I had no idea how the people I knew and loved were going to take it, but hopefully they would view the alternative as a negative. I turned on the shower, and began to wash myself down. The dirt swirled down the drain and I washed myself with body wash and conditioned my hair, until I was as clean as I could be. I considered my predicament, and the only thing I could come up with was that if I hated the life of a vampire, I could easily meet the sun. It wouldn't be difficult to do. But life with Eric was really something to consider...

I dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a white v-necked t-shirt. I brushed out my hair, which was luxurious and soft. My skin glowed as if lit from within, and my eyes were so strange. I looked ethereal and beautiful. My tan was gone, and I had skin like a porcelain doll. I felt a moment of sadness, as I realized that I would never be able to look at the sun again, or to see flowers bloom in the morning.

"Okay, okay," I muttered to myself. "Get a grip - one day at a time. Would you rather be dead or be bound to Bill for eternity?" I took another deep and unnecessary breath and walked into the living room.

Eric was sitting on the threadbare couch, reading a book, and it looked as though Pam had left. Eric looked stunned when I walked into the room. "You are breath-taking." I smiled and he handed me a True Blood that had been sitting on the table. I took a drink out of it, and felt it quench the thirst that had crept up on me, while I was getting ready. Eric smiled at me.

"It will get better. As you get older, you won't require as much." He had lit a fire, and he took my hand in his. He turned to look at me, and I to him.

"Darling, I cannot promise that this will be an easy transition. In my day it was not done in such a fashion. Since the great revelation, new vampires are living amongst their friends and family of their former lives." He paused and looked thoughtful. "You'll have to face the fact that you will outlive your friends and what's left of your family. But I will be by your side. I promise you that. I have never ever felt this way about anyone in the millennia that I've been alive. You are mine."

I leaned my head into the crook of his shoulder. It was funny how; while I was human I could feel the coldness that was vampire, but now he felt almost warm to me. I wondered if I would still retain any of the fairy abilities that had manifested themselves in recent months. I asked as much of Eric.

"It remains to be seen of course. You may retain them, they may be gone. They may be intensified. Most vampires have gifts, carried over from their human existence, and many of them can become extremely strong." He looked at me carefully. "I'll be with you during this, as long as you want me, that is."

I looked at him and felt his passion come through our bond, stronger now than ever. I leaned over and kissed him hard on the mouth. "Does that answer your question love of my love?" He smiled a megawatt smile at me, and reached over to the coffee table to the book he was reading when I walked in the room.

"Have you ever read this book darling? It was on your bookshelf, a collection of poems and letters." I shook my head and he put his finger in a marked section. "This one here, the book just fell open to it when I took the book down from the shelf. It's like it was meant for me to see it."

I took the book from him and looked at it. It had always been there, but I must admit, I had never opened it. I opened the front cover and saw the inscription. It was inscribed, To Adele – Love John, always yours in love. My grandfather Stackhouse had given this book to my grandmother. The date was the year before their marriage.

"What poem was it?" I was curious, and Eric met my gaze.

"It was actually a letter, but I thought it fitting, and thought you might like to hear it." Looking down at the book, he read it to me.

"My thoughts go out to you, my Immortal Beloved, now and then joyfully, then sadly, waiting to learn whether or not fate will hear us - I can live only wholly with you or not at all - Yes, I am resolved to wander so long away from you until I can fly to your arms and say that I am really at home with you, and can send my soul enwrapped in you into the land of spirits. No one else can ever possess my heart - never – ever. Be calm - love me - today - yesterday - what tearful longings for you - you - you - my life - my all - farewell. Oh continue to love me - never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved.
Ever thine
Ever mine
Ever ours"

He finished the letter, and I sat there absorbing it. It was like it had been written for us, Eric and I. My immortal beloved. I kissed him full on the lips and he returned it to me, with fervour and passion, and I smiled inside. I knew that irregardless of whether one was human, fairy, vampire, werewolf, shifter or witch – that love was born of the ages, and he and I were destined for each other from the moment I walked into his bar in Shreveport.

"Would you like to go experience the night Sookie?" Eric took my hand, and I stood up with him.

"Yes Eric, I would. I will go anywhere with you." We walked out onto the porch of my family home, and the darkness embraced us. "I love you Eric."

"And I you Sookie Stackhouse. You are my Freyja, my lover, my immortal beloved."

********************************The End*******************************

Immortal beloved is from a series of letters that Beethoven wrote to an unidentified woman, and they were discovered after his death. I've always thought it such romantic piece of work and thought it appropriate considering the fact that Sookie is now immortal. I may continue with a sequel to this story, because I can still come up with lots of ways to get Sookie in trouble, plus there are a lot of lemons left on the tree. Perhaps we should shake them out together you and I?

Has it been a ride? Of course. I tried very hard not to make any of you bleed in the course of my storytelling, but if I did, well you should probably keep better company. Vampires are dangerous... Thanks again, perhaps we'll see each other soon.

Tryllium... xo

Update - Oct. 27-2010 - Sequel is being created as we speak - "Blood is the New Black" Check it out.