Me: Well well...look at this...another story, but it's Vampire Knight. This goes out to those who enjoyed "Zero is Mine" and those who wanted more VK from me so please enjoy this story that popped up into my head. Heh there will be pervertedness in this story as well as SLASH (Male on Male porn). So don't hate or bash as YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED I WILL NOT TAKE FLAMERS OR HATE MAIL!

Binding you to me: Prologue

Why did he do this to me? I just wanted to die...the ripping of my skin and shards of the glass from the holy mirror my father left behind should have let me die painlessly, just as my father said it would if the family was ever attacked by a pure-blood and either Ichiru, I or both of us were turned. I was close to being with them again, I could see mom's smile, dad's laughter rang in my ears and Ichiru's shining innocent face, all waiting for me to join them in internal rest. Then HE had to bring me back, make me drink his blood and bind our souls, meaning I couldn't die like I wanted to unless he dies and drags me with him.

Wait I'm rambling and you have no clue what's going on do you? Well I'll start with the basics such as my name and a little about me. My name is Kiryu Zero, I'm 18 years old. I go to Cross Academy, a private school ran by my foster father, Cross Kaien. I'm a perfect of the school, a school official if you will, I keep the two classes separated from each other, the Day and Night class, and I keep the school secret with Cross' adopted daughter, Yuuki. If you want to know some other things then here you go, I'm from a long line of vampire hunters, my brother and I were the last in our line besides our parents, now I'm the last of the family as my parents were killed by a rouge pure-blood vampire who attacked us. My younger brother, who is my twin as well, Ichiru was taken by the pure-blood and I was changed into the very being I was born to kill.

Ironic no? Well to make matters worse, Cross Academy's secret is that the night class is all vampires, yeah vampires at a school with more humans, who fawn over them, then themselves and they live off these horrible blood tablets, much like myself, then on real blood. Well I sigh at this as the main heartthrob of the school, Kuran Kaname, keeps appearing where ever I am no matter where I am, besides my room and Cross' personal area, unless it's to see Yuuki who sees him as an elder brother since he saved her when she was so small. At first when he started to appear where I was I thought it was because of Yuuki, but when he started to appear when I was alone on my rounds. I started to grow weary as he keeps staring at me in a way I've only seen lovers' and mates, from the night class mind you, do and it freaks me out.

Anyway I'm finished with my rambling of my life story and I'm gonna tell you what made me become connected to Kuran Kaname, what caused him to make me drink his blood and it all started with this one little detail that makes humans cringe and sad at the thought and vampires think your weak and stare down at you more. I wanted to die...I wanted to end my life as I didn't want to harm Yuuki again, I attacked he and harmed her, hell I nearly KILLED her! I harmed my best friend when I was at my lowest and I can't live with that, seeing the fear in her large brown eyes, seeing her clutching her neck as fresh blood spilled down her uniform from the vicious wound I inflicted upon her. I couldn't stand it, she'd be safer with me gone and have both Kuran and Cross looking after her.

Not me, I'm no better, I'm probably worse, the those filthy Level-E vampires running around. Hell I'm a Level-D and I could be a Level-E so easily as I feel the monster rip and claw at me, begging, screaming, gnawing and tearing at me to let go and let it take over, it's so tempting. Letting go and not caring what others think about me, just drinking the sweet nectar that others live on. NO! I can't think like that! See this is why I need to die. Hell no one would miss me if I was gone, I'm a loner of the day class and a low filthy Level-D to the night class, I guess Yuuki would, but she would move on, Cross would be as well, but he's got a school to worry about, Kuran..I'm not sure I think he would find something more interesting to follow. Heh I tired of fighting the monster, I miss my family, I don't belong here, not like Yuuki does, sure she can't remember her past, but she made a new life from what she has. I miss my family and my brother I know is still out there, spirit wise, and he hates me, his words of venoming hatred still burned deep inside my slowly beating heart. I just can't take it anymore and I want to sleep. So...why won't Kuran Kaname let me have my wish to die?

Me: Well? What do you think? A suicidal Zero and stalker-ish Kaname. Also I'm not gonna follow the manga all the way, just some of the story line will be in it, Zero won't have his master here, you'll find out what happened, Rido isn't a threat, Yuuki is human who's taken under Kaname's wing and a whole bunch of things will happen such as courting, slash (As usual with my stories), Drama, hurt/comfort and a whole load of action, romance and of course SMUT!