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Summary: At a visit to the circus, the Jokers decide they want Alice to take a trip back into her childhood. The ending result happens to throw the role holders in a dangerous game with the Ringmaster controlling all the pieces and rules. Joker/Alice. Alternate timeline to Alice in the Country of Kids.

Basically it's a 'What if' situation where Blood didn't save Alice from getting hit with Joker's whip at the beginning of Alice in the Country of Kids bwahaha.

Reading Childhood Wonder and Alice in the Country of Kids before this isn't really necessary because this can work as its own entity in a way?

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A Darker Wonder

"It seems as though I missed out on the fun Alice." Joker said with a hand on his chin. "Fun Alice… What are you talking about?" She questioned.

Her question went ignored as he hummed to himself, "The Alice that was far cuter than this one, perhaps I can get her back somehow." He inquired.

"How do you plan on doing that? Smashing her skull with hammer? Squishing her head with the elephants? How about pushing her off the highest tower we have!" Black Joker asked excitedly making the color wash away from Alice's face. "What!?"

"Though those sound like fun, it'd be far too troublesome. Doing this would be far easier." He smirked deviously as he pushed Alice to the ground. He unclipped the whip that was stuck to his hip and struck it to the ground to test it out,

Alice flinched as the wounds on her back grinded into the dirt. She had gotten it a couple months ago after she awoke from her 'coma', but the deep cuts didn't fully heal.

"I always wondered how Ali would be to me…" Joker grinned as he flung the whip at her head.

The sound of the impact echoed through the area as Alice's head fell back hitting the hard ground below her. Joker took back his whip and put it back in place while gently humming to himself before he sauntered his way over to the unconscious girl with a smile, it seemed as though luck was on his side.


"So what are we going to do when the brat wakes up?" The darker Joker questioned as he leaned over to look at Alice's face while she lay unceremoniously dropped on the floor of the prison.

It was eerily silent as the two had chosen a more barren area of the place to settle her down at. Many toys were scattered throughout the floor and the Ringmaster gave one of the stuffed rabbits by his feet a small kick as he put a hand to his chin with a thoughtful expression on his features, "Hm… What do you suggest?"

Instantly, the prison warden allowed a sadistic smirk to play out on his lips, "For one, I'd love to see how a five year old handles being dismembered slowly and painfully by poison coated knives."

The whiter Joker lowly chuckled at his predictable response, "Keep that up, and she won't take a liking to you."

A snort filled the air as the prison warden rolled his visible red eye, "Like I give a shit about what a five year old thinks about me. This is only for the sake of my entertainment after all, Joker." He tilted his head down to view Alice's sleeping face a bit more with his proud air still around him. "I doubt I'll even like her, but she may be easier to shit bricks when she's five." He continued plainly and right at that moment Alice moaned in her sleep as creases of confusion piled to her forehead and she slowly opened her eyes.

The warden blinked down at the girl who was now staring back at him with wide innocent eyes, "Eh?" She questioned sitting up colliding foreheads with the darker Ringmaster.

The redhead let a series of profanities escape his mouth as he moved away from her while rubbing at his forehead tenderly, "Damn! You stupid brat! Didn't you see me right there in front of your face!?"

Alice ignored both him and her throbbing forehead and instead took her time to glance around at her current surroundings, curiosity imbedded in her irises as she did so, "Ah… Ali was just with her sister… How'd she get here?" She wondered aloud with a hand moving to one of her cheeks.

Of the two Jokers, the one that had been standing now sauntered over to the little girl and offered his hand out to her in order to help her up from the floor, "That's the thing Ali. Your Mama agreed to let you stay with us for a bit!" He informed her with a charming smile.

Captivated by his sudden appearance, the brunette's eyes widened in wonder, "Really?"

He nodded in response, "Yup! We're really close with your parents! They said you could end up staying here for a while!"

"But where exactly is here, big brother…?" She questioned looking around the cold and silent prison. Her lips frowned when she came to notice that it was only them around and she took a step around to get a whole view of where she stood,

"Don't call me big brother… My name is Joker and so is his." Joker pointed to his counterpart who was still actively leering at Alice with a hand still at his temple, muttering, the warden gave her and his other half one final dirty look, before he turned his head aside stubbornly. Chuckling, the Ringmaster's hands went behind his back while he leaned down to the brunette's level slightly, "So you won't get confused, just call me White and you can call him Black."

When she appeared to be taking in his words with slow nods he then perked up as he remembered, "Oh! I forgot to mention, we also run a circus and this little prison too, hah." He laughed out with a small scratch to his cheek.

One side of him worried over sharing the second part with her. He supposed sharing the prison part was a bit of a stretch for a five year old and he was at risk of scaring her off, but inside the cold walls of the jail was the best place to keep her even in comparison to the circus' tents.

To his relief, she seemed to disregard the darker location in his words and her eyes sparkled in evident amazement, "A circus!? Ali always wanted to go there!" She gleefully exclaimed, her feet bounced on the floor excitedly, "And White-kun runs it? That's amazing!"

"White-kun, huh…? I can get used to that…" White Joker murmured with a small laugh before he then put a hand on Alice shoulder, "So does the idea of staying with us sound good to you?"

Truthfully, the question didn't even need to be said. He knew the answer already.

"Why not? White-kun is nice! And my Mama said so!" Alice nodded her head jubilantly, the little aura of happiness she seemed to carry with each other seemingly hanging over her head while she smiled at him cutely.

Not a second longer did she suddenly look to the side and finally catch proper sight of some of the toys that were spread amongst the prison floor,

Eyes bright she flailed her hands slightly with a grin on her face, "I want to play with them!" She exclaimed before running to pick up one of the teddy bears.

White Joker looked at her in amusement before turning to his counterpart, "Someone just signed her soul off to the devil." His words came out in a song-like tune while the peaceful smile on his lips came to a rest.

Black Joker folded his arms over his chest, a glare now visible in his red eye while he stared at the short female in clear aversion, "Yeah and at this point I'm not sure if it's me or her." He returned his gaze to his counterpart and despite the glower he wore, the Ringmaster didn't allow his smile to falter, "I don't think this is a good idea anymore, Joker. When she's like this she's dead weight. She has no guilt or memories. She doesn't belong here like this."

Before the circus jester could respond, he found his words silenced the instant Alice began racing over to the two of them, "Black-chan! Black-chan!"

Unable to hide his laughter, White Joker's hand flew over his mouth to stifle his snicker while he watched the prison warden's face whirl in confusion right as Alice ran up to him and took one of his hands in hers, "Play with me, please?" The little girl inquired sweetly.

Black Joker widened his eye, clearly not prepared for the question and her sudden appearance. It took him a couple seconds to fully find himself back and he gave her a dull look and a scowl, "No. What the hell do I look like? A playmate? And don't call me Black-chan." He ordered sternly right before he snatched his hand out of her grip strongly.

Unsatisfied and slightly dejected, the five year old took his hand in hers again more firmly and this time let out a slight whimper as she pushed out her bottom lip with a quiver, "Please…?" She tried out slightly teary eyed, "I want you to play with me Black-chan…" She said sadly.

It was silent for a moment and with the intense look the two shared with one another, the Ringmaster honestly could say he already predicated how it'd all end up going.

"Whatever, fine. Just no dress up or anything."

Immediately Alice began to hop up and down while she clapped her hands, "Yay! Alice knew Black-chan wasn't a bully!"

As though taking offense to her conclusion, Black Joker grunted while he glared down at her in irritation. Grabbing a bit of her hair he gave it a couple of tugs firmly, "Don't start getting delusional. I'll bully you until you're crying for your Mama to save you."

Trying to get her hair out of his reach, Alice whined, "White-kun, Black-chan is bullying me!"

"You think he's going to save you? Tell on me, I don't care!"

"Bully, bully, bully, bully! Let me go, bully!"

"Make me."

"I can see you two will get along perfectly." White Joker laughed lowly as he watched the two begin to banter back and forth. "But, I need to go to the show now… So please reframe from killing her, Joker." He smirked at the red head who was forcibly being put to sit on the floor with the little girl.

"Oh! Alice just got the most perfect idea ever!" Alice said with a raised hand and a bright smile on her face.

"Enlighten me please." Black Joker deadpanned as he threw a teddy bear Alice had placed on him across the room.

"She wants to be in the show too!" Alice answered vibrantly, "It sounds like fun!"

White Joker's eye appeared thoughtful for a second as he thought over the matter for a brief moment.

It was a bargain, truthfully… But the more he thought about it, the more a new idea was beginning to formulate in his mind.

Already setting his sights on a new game that was to be played, he sent the young female a gentle smile before he nodded his head, "Sure."

His agreement instantly earned him a raised eyebrow from his counterpart.

"What about the role holders—"

"They won't be a problem." The Ringmaster cut him off as Alice hopped up from her seat in nothing but excitement radiating off of her being. "What can I do!?" She curiously asked as she bounded next to the redhead.

Joker took off his jester hat and placed it on Alice's head pleasantly, "You can be the temporary Ring Mistress. It's an easy job, Ali." He informed while taking her by the shoulder as he began walking out the prison with her,

Not stopping his steps, he glanced over his shoulder to his counterpart curiously, "Are you coming, Joker?"

"Not this time." With his words, the prison warden rose up from his spot on the ground and White Joker only nodded right before both he and Alice began to exit. "Just make sure none of them take her, Joker." The blunter of the two stated lowly as he watched the two go.

"But as easy as it is, there are also a lot of restrictions." Joker continued his words from earlier as the girl looked at him amazed, "Res-tric-tions?" She drawled out.

He nodded, "Yes. If you don't follow them, then you won't be a very good Ring Mistress." At the end of his sentence, Alice's face turned to that of horror, "Eh!? Alice wants to be a good Ring Mistress! She'll follow the rules!"

"With that level of enthusiasm, I'm sure you'll be an excellent performer. First rule… Just listen to everything I tell you, okay?"

Alice nodded her head excitedly, "Easy!"

"Hm… Well, rule number two… You might see some people with animal ears on their heads out there."

The little brunette's eyes were visibly replaced by hearts as she threw her hands in the air joyfully, "AH! Really!? I want to see them! I want to see them!"

Joker could only laugh at her optimism and put a hand on her head to calm down her movements, "That's the thing. You can't pull their ears or touch them."

"Huh…? B-but why…?" She asked with a heartbroken expression on her face now.

"Just promise me you won't okay…?" He smiled down at her as she looked back up at him sadly,

"I guess…" She mumbled.

"Perfect! Now let's get you in costume!" He said as he took her hand in his and began walking towards one of the circus tents


"So… Where's the young miss?" Blood asked as the three Mafiosi made their way to sit down in their seats within the circus tent.

Elliot bit his tongue as he took a seat next to his boss and the twins behind them, "We were hoping she was with you."

Blood shook his head while he crossed his arms over his chest, "Haven't seen her." He said simply though his face was obviously set on contemplating something.

"Maybe Boris found her before the show and she's sitting with him right now?" Dee offered, "Or maybe she went home early…?" Dum threw in.

"Yeah… Maybe…" Elliot sighed as the lights all dimmed except for center stage.

Ladies and gentleman… Children of all ages… I now introduce your Ring Mistress for this afternoon! Miss Alice Liddell!

"Alice!?" They all gasped in shock, their eyes taking in the sight of the familiar girl that was now coming out from backstage and toward the center where the spotlight continuously followed her. She wore a dark colored costume that vaguely reminded them each of the Ringmaster that was normally giving the performance.

As she made her way to the microphone that was set up she smiled happily while grasping it, "Hiii! I'm Alice Liddell and I hope you like the show for today! It'll be really special and fun!" She excitedly chirped as she waved at the crowd.

"So stay in your seats and enjoy please!" She cheerfully stated before the lights began flashing out of control and confetti began falling from the sky.

A few faceless now began to approach her and she visibly giggled up at them as they began to lead her towards the backstage.

"What is she doing down there?" Blood cocked a brow with a suspicious expression written on his face as they all watched as Alice disappeared behind the stage and the acts soon began.

When it became apparent that she wasn't going to come back out, Elliot clenched his fists, worry easily seen on his features, "I'm… Not sure." The March Hare managed out, obviously stressed.

"I say we investigate this when the shows over." Dum stated crossing his arms. "Yeah, let's check this out with her later." Dee agreed with a nod his twin's way.

"Not me." Blood stated hardly.

"Huh? Why not?" Elliot looked over at the raven haired man who narrowed his eyes at the performances, "You wouldn't understand." He said simply as he turned his head, his face filled with total realization and regret.

Elliot sighed but said nothing more and looked back at the show uninterested.


"Okay, so I guess I wasn't delusional during that show." Boris sighed as he, the twins, and Elliot gathered outside the tent after the show. "I just wonder what she was doing down there…" Elliot mumbled thoughtfully with a hand on his chin.

"Well, how about we meet the cast?" The twins suggested as they began walking around the back of the tent to where the performers were. The faceless looked at them nervously but said nothing as they continued practicing.

"Look! There she is!" Boris said pointing down an alley way where Alice was watching a clown juggle while clapping her hands in amazement.

"Alice!" Elliot called out to her.

The brunette turned away from the clown who scurried his way under the tent to look at the 4 men who raced her way. Her eyes looked at them in curiosity.

"We've been looking everywhere for you!" Dum smiled at her, "Yeah, what were you doing in the circus?" Dee asked.

Alice stayed silent as she watched them.

"Is… Everything okay, Alice?" Boris finally voiced in an effort to break the silence forming over them.

"Um… I'm sorry, but I don't know you." The brunette admitted with a modest smile, her cheeks clearly flushed pink and she scratched her cheek weakly, "Your ears are so cute though!" She smiled sweetly at Boris who looked at her in confusion.

"What are you talking about, Alice!? You do know me, I'm Boris! Remember!?"

Alice cocked her head to the side, "Bo-ris? That's a funny name." Boris felt his eyes widen as the twins sighed, "Big sis, come on this isn't funny! Let's go." Both took hold of her wrists to which she weaved her way out, she back up from them with a small smile,

"My Mama and big sister told me not to go places with strangers… Hopefully you enjoyed the show big brothers!" She chirped happily before she turned around and began walking back inside the tent.

Instantly, Elliot's ears perked up and he watched at her cautiously, "Whoa! Wait, what did you just call us?" He took her by the shoulders and glanced into her eyes seriously.

Alice blinked, her head tilting to the side, "Big brothers? Unless you don't want me to call you that?"

"How old are you!?" The twins anxiously asked as the girl held up five fingers blankly and confused at such an irrelevant question.

"Ali is five." She informed them simply.

The men all exchanged nervous glances, "And what exactly are you doing here in the circus, Alice!?" Boris asked her worriedly.

"Um… I actually woke up with White-kun and Black-chan with me in this metal-y place that was filled with toys. They said my Mama dropped me off here and they were taking care of me from now on!" She stated to them with a proud nod.

"Black-chan?" Dee twitched. "White-kun?" Dum continued dumbfounded as they all looked at the girl who reflected back with nothing but childlike innocence showering her face.

She nodded excitedly, "Yeah! They're actually—"

"Ali… Didn't I say when you're finished with the show you're supposed to come back to the prison?" Joker asked the girl sweetly as he put his hands on her shoulders from behind.

"Oh! White-kun! I'm sorry!" She turned around to face him with a bright smile. "I was talking to big brothers about myself." She explained cheerfully.

Joker sighed, though he still kept the good natured appeal on his face, "Now what would your Black-chan do if he knew you were being friendly with other people besides us?" He teased her lightly as he ruffled her hair.

"I'm not sure actually…" She cluelessly said with a finger to her bottom lip.

"What did you do to Alice, you bastard!?" Boris asked him through narrowed eyes as his hand went to his side to bring out his gun.

Joker gave them a mock-pout, his eyes appearing surprised, "Me? Do something to my precious Ali?" He brought Alice into a hug causing the supposed little girl giggled as she told him to let go. "I'd never do anything bad to her." He said sweetly.

Elliot pulled out his gun and aimed it at the Ringmaster's head, "We want answers now Joker." He seethed angrily.

Alice's eyes widened as she let out a scream, "Stop! What are you doing!?"

The blonde haired man in shock looked down at the brunette who glared up at him in hatred and anger; he flinched away from her gaze and lowered his gun.

"You guys are mean! How dare you put that to my White-kun's direction! Are you stupid!?" She asked as tears went to her eyes, Elliot cringed as he watched the tears cloud her vision softly he put his gun away and looked at Alice with regret, "Alice I—"

"Hm… A bunch of bullies, huh Ali? That's why I didn't want you talking to people with faces. They're all the same. They want to hurt you, me, and Black-chan." Joker sighed as he hugged the girl who began crying. "Let's go back inside…" He told her gently as he turned around and began walking back under the tent.

"Come on! What are you guys doing!?" Dee asked as he and Dum attempted to go after them though Boris held a hand out to stop their advances with a hard stare ahead, "We have to go get her back!" Dum said enraged.

Boris shook his head, "We can't…" He bit his bottom lip and clenched his fist.

"Huh!? Why not!?" They asked in clear anger and somewhat of a surprise.

Elliot solemnly turned to them with a scowl planted on his face, "Are you snots dumb or what!? Alice is only five! She doesn't remember us! And because I just screwed things up she thinks I want to kill her!" In frustration he growled while slapping his forehead.

"Not only that… But Joker now has the upper hand… Alice trusts him…" Boris sighed out sullenly with his shoulders slumping downward.

"So what you're both saying is, Alice is basically theirs…?" The twins asked with wide eyes.

Elliot and Boris nodded in defeat.


"Black-chan!" Alice happily stated running into the prison door with Joker following behind her with a smile.

Black Joker glanced up from where he was at a prisoner's cell to look at the little girl, who cheerfully tackle hugged him to the floor with more strength than he had anticipated,

"Ali did her first show!" She proudly told him while she watched down at him happily.

Blankly staring up at her in what appeared to be boredom the prison warden blinked once, "Did you fall and bust your ass?"

Alice's cheeks puffed up before she stuck her tongue out at him, "No!"

"Shit, I was hoping you would." He smoothly stated before he began rising up his upper body from the floor therefore causing the girl to slide down to his lap,

"You're just jealous that I was a good Ringmaster!" She laughed before the man rolled his eye evidently,

Giving her a half lidded look, his bored expression didn't falter, "I'd like to see the day where I'm actually jealous of anything you have, shortie." With his words, his lips quirked into that of a smirk before his hand went forward to grip her nose and began to pull at it firmly.

Alice instantly released a whine of pain up until he released her, "Owie! Owie! Owie!" She cried and at the same time he rose up from beneath her, allowing her to fall onto the cold, hard ground. The foreigner rubbed her nose in pain as the darker Joker rolled his eye at her once again.

"So how'd those assholes take it?" Black Joker asked his counterpart, who was currently assisting Alice up from the floor,

"Hm… Exactly how I assumed they would. It was also a bonus that the March Hare pulled his gun out in front of her." White Joker vaguely explained as Alice hopped up and took Black Joker's hat off his head before she put it on top of her own.

The prison warden gave the little girl a lazy stare right as she began to skip around him. Returning his attention to his other half, he openly snorted, "You're shitting me right? Did he know she was like this?" He questioned with an arched brow and at the same time, Alice ran back toward him to place his hat back on his head, however right after she did so she ran over to White Joker in order to take his.

With the little yellow ornaments that dangled, she attempted to give them a stare before she shook her head to hear the jingles they made.

"Hm… Must have slipped his mind." White Joker hummed uncaringly before he walked over to Alice curiously, "Hey, Ali… Did you like those guys that pointed their gun at me?" He sweetly asked the little girl.

Alice frantically shook her head making the pieces dance around, "No way! Their ears were cute but he was a… a…" Alice attempted to find a word with a look of concentration flashing over her features, "Um… I think Black-chan called them ackholes…? Assholes…? Ash-holes? I forgot." She scratched her cheek sheepishly,

Right after she spoke, Black Joker pulled on her hair with a look of annoyance on his face, "Hey, I call them assholes! You don't curse, shortie!"

Alice attempted to move away from his hold once more with a whine of pain, "Wah, I'm sorry! I didn't know that was a bad word!"

White Joker looked at his counterpart in mirth, "You actually care if she curses or not?" He questioned his ruby eye twinkling in obvious amusement.

In response, the darker Joker turned faintly pink in his cheeks while he gave the Ringmaster a weak glare, "When she was normal she hated it when I cursed. Makes no damn sense for her to be a hypocrite and spew words out like a sailor when she's fucking five."

"You're getting soft…"

"Shut the hell up."

Alice squealed in response, her hands clasping together, "Of course Black-chan is soft! He's my Black-chan after all!" She hyped excitedly before she hugged him tightly.

Black Joker attempted to ignore the smirk his other half gave him as he awkwardly patted Alice on the head before he attempted to pry her away from him,

Randomly now, Alice glanced up at him with a grin "Hey! Hey! Alice wants ice cream!"

"Of course you would, you fat cow." Black Joker deadpanned as he finally got the last push to separate her from his waist.

Alice pouted and White Joker chuckled, "I'll go with you for the ice cream Ali."

"Yay!" Alice clapped her hands excitedly as she took hold of Black Joker's hand with her right hand and White Joker's with her left, "Let's go then White-kun! Black-chan!" She happily chimed pulling the small smiling red heads ahead.


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