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Fictional Reality

Squeak. Squeak. Squeak.

The prison warden grunted, his footsteps steps continuing down the long corridor near the end where the pathway diverged with three options, for him to either keep going straight ahead or to make a left or right. Whichever way he went, he would still end up being surrounded by the numerous cells around him.

He came to notice that with each of the spaces that he passed, the number of occupants dwindled in numbers until he was moving by nothing but empty prison cells.

Squeak. Squeak. Squeak.

That, along with the persistent squeaking noises that kept making its way to his ears alerted him he was getting closer to the little brunette and quite possibly his counterpart.

Time was so irrelevant in the prison, he really had no idea how long he had been separated from the foreigner. His foot still had a dull ache to it and he couldn't help but grumble at the fact he'd been reminded of the pain when he had been beating one of the inmates down.

It had only taken him one kick with the wrong foot to flinch and pause for a moment, which had given the idiotic faceless a glimmer of hope that he had a chance to crawl away and escape before the man roughly dragged him back and aggressively began continuing the torture once more, this time without the use of either of his feet.

The more he thought of it, he really did go too soft on her with just a little tickling.

She practically handicapped him as embarrassing as it sounded.

Squeak. Squeak. Squeak.

He turned the corner to the right, already expecting to see the little brat playing with some kind of annoying toy she picked off of the ground, however when his eyes landed on the large pile of stuffed animals that seemed to stand a little more than three feet tall, he found his steps stopping momentarily.

The back Alice's head was all that was visible to him while the young girl was busily on her knees, stooping down lowly to fix and adjust things that were at the bottom of her little tower.

His own face was reflected back at him as at the peak of the construction; only the front portion of the Ring Master's face was seen poking out.

"Joker…" The redhead muttered out with a tinge of blue coloring make its way to his face as he came to realize what was going on in distaste.

White Joker moved his gaze from Alice to glance over and ahead at his darker counterpart that stood frozen down the corridor.

The gleam in his eye was unmistakable and gave the warden a bit of nausea in his stomach while he watched on.

"Oh, look it's Black-chan, Ali!" The redhead informed the brunette who was currently adorned in a pair of polka dot printed pajamas.

The Joker that was contained in the stuffed toy prize gave a chuckle as the girl paused before turning around from her handy work excitedly, "Black-chan!" She animatedly spoke with a gleeful wave in his direction.

Against the better part of him that warned him to walk away, the prison warden approached with a stolid eye, "What the hell are you idiots doing?" He questioned more to White Joker than the little girl that still had that pleasant smile pointed his way.

Alice looked about ready to jump up and tackle him into a hug and he held down a halting hand in her path steadily while he locked eyes with his other half.

"We were originally going to make a bed, but…" White Joker chuckled as he trailed off, his smile appearing the slightest bit uneasy, "I guess we got carried away."

"You were trying to make a bed but you ended up piling a bunch of toys on yourself? Okay." The redhead responded with blank eyes that clearly questioned his counterpart's logic on the matter, though he didn't have any intention of pressing on it.

The foreigner giggled as she stood up to her feet and in the process she accidentally stepped on one of the stuffed dog's that gave that familiar squeaking noise when she did, "White-kun blends in with the toys because he's cute like them, right Black-chan?" Her hands grabbed at his right wrist and she watched up at him innocently.

He could hear White Joker snickering from the instant he turned to look at the female that looked into his eye with sparkling teal eyes of anticipation.

Unsure of how to respond, he groaned lowly, "Uh… I guess." He blandly responded causing the female to grin,

"You know who would blend in even more, Ali?" White Joker questioned, his tone holding unambiguous signs of mischief that Black Joker decided he didn't quite like. Both he and Alice looked away from another to give the male still surrounded by the abundant amount of stuffed toys their attention.

Already knowing where the conversation was headed, Black's eyebrow furrowed downward instantly, "Oh, hell no!" He ripped his wrist away from Alice's clasp and he turned on his heel to march away quickly, "Bye—"

His breathing staggered in surprise as the unforgettable sound of a whip cracking filled the air and nearly seemed to echo throughout the corridor right before with a painful snapping noise; his wrist was caught firmly by the dark leathery utility and pulled back snuggly.

He turned around and immediately sent a harsh glare White Joker's way from where the Ring Master stood, now free from the tower of toys that were now scattered about the floor messily and in his hand was his circus whip that still extended to the redhead's wrist tightly.

Smiling warmly down at the young girl, White gave the whip's handle a small tug, "I think Black-chan would be better suited to be surrounded by all these cute little furry toys, Ali. He's cuter than me, wouldn't you agree?"

Alice was still mystified from the quick whip display that the tall man had just preformed and put both of her hands to her cheeks in wonder, "Wow!"

"God damn it, Joker." He hissed lowly to himself before he began walking toward the pair once more, already knowing he didn't have much of another choice.

He gave his counterpart a dirty glare, "Asshole."

Clearly not affected by his hostility, White Joker chuckled before he released him from the weapon's confines and adjusted it to his side neatly.

Obediently and not without his scowl, the prison warden moved to take a seat where White had formally been amid the large mess of toys that were spread about. His legs crossed and he rested his elbow on his thigh before allowing his cheek to move onto his opened palm boredly.

He could feel his cheeks threatening to warm up at the humiliating position he was facing but he forced it to stay down, "Let's get this over with."

Alice clapped her hands once, her eyes brimming with enthusiasm, "White-kun's right! Black-chan is cuter!"

"He is, isn't he?"

"Yes, yes! His blushing makes him adorabler than you!"

"Aww, that's a little mean to say. Am I not cute to you?"

"You are cute! It's just that Black-chan blushes so it makes him—"

"Kill me." Black muttered into his hands now, his mind attempting to block out the conversation the pair in front of him were beginning to have.

He was seriously beginning to wonder if keeping the little girl here was worth it. Sure, messing with the role holders was fun, but was it truly worth what he was going through right now?

Alice then released a yawn, her hand moving to mouth in an attempt to withhold it to no avail.

This managed to catch both of Jokers' attention as they observed her knowingly.

Alice rubbed at her eye with her sleeve tiredly, "Can we finish playing tomorrow? Ali's sleepy." She softly spoke out causing White Joker to catch her shoulders gently, "Of course we can." He charmingly responded as he began leading her to one of the opened cell doors.

The girl allowed her steps to continue in the direction he was directing her to and when they entered the darkened prison area and as usual the same pillow padded makeshift bed that she always slept on was there.

After crawling on it, she looked up at him with a pout, "Will you sleep with me again?"

Slightly surprised, the redhead cocked his head to the side, "Hm? Again?"

She nodded her head firmly, "Yes, like you did last time!"

"Eh? I'm not sure what you're talking about." He uneasily responded though the determined glint in the girl's eyes was fiercely showing, "Unless you mean when you took that nap on my lap?"


"Oh, well I suppose if you want me to." White stated calmly before he moved over to lie on the bed beside her.

He wasn't sure if he could even classify it as a bed, it was more of a little pillow and sheet put together that little children would make for a sleepover or something of the sort.

Regardless, he rolled in under the sheet and the female beamed largely when he came beside her and eagerly scooted herself over until they were chest to chest.

"It's like a sleepover!" She happily announced making him laugh with a nod.

As an afterthought she hummed lowly, "A sleepover with two can happen, right?"

White Joker blinked once while he watched down at her curiously, obviously not quite sure what she meant before she snapped her fingers, "Black-chan!" Right as the girl prepared to rise up, the male held a halting hand upward to cease her efforts.

"Ah, I see what you mean now." Joker stated though it were more to himself than anything. "Unfortunately, Black-chan is busy with work… So it's just us two for the sleepover. Hopefully that isn't too disappointing?"

Alice openly frowned, "Aww… He works all the time! Does he get enough sleep? My Mama always gets upset when my Daddy spent too much time working because he didn't get a lot sleep!" Her tone was so genuinely concerned that the Joker couldn't help but crack a smile.

He nodded, "He's fine, don't worry."

Alice looked up at him, not looking too convinced, "If he ever doesn't get enough sleep, you should just make him sleep on the couch!"


"Mama always tells Daddy that whenever they get into arguments! They don't get into fights a lot, but when they do it's always really heated!" She informed with knowing eyes, "I remember once when I overheard them yelling at each other quietly and Mama didn't want to sleep with him for a while because she said something about this thingy breaking." She squinted while she attempted to recall the memory, "I think it was a cardboard… No… Condrum… Or was it condom?"

White Joker's facial expression faltered instantly.

"It was something that began with a 'C'! I remember Mama was really, really mad! Daddy slept on the couch for like a week!" She placed a finger to her lip thoughtfully, "I asked my big sister about it and she told me it was an adult term and I'd learn about it when I got older. I don't know, it sounded pretty serious and it must be important if Daddy broke it."

In the distance, the brunette heard what sounded to be the echoing laugh of Black Joker entering the room faintly, but it wasn't easy to tell as White Joker loudly cleared his throat.

"Okay, story time is over. Time for bed!"

"Bedtime, yay!" Alice cheered before snuggling up closer to the redhead that embraced her back just as warmly, however after a moment she stopped and looked up at him with a pout, "Ali said a story but White-kun didn't! Unfair!"

Unprepared for her words, the Joker blinked, "You want me to tell a story…?" His unsure composure was easy to see through and in his mind he found himself attempting to think of something quickly to say as with Alice's expression it was clear that she wasn't going to let him off with no as an answer.


"Hm… Well…" He trailed off with a moving to his chin thoughtfully.

The cell door gave a creaky noise as it was slid open and the pair on the floor glanced upward at it as Black Joker stood, his back leaning against the inner wall with a smirk on his face, his red eye glowing in amusement toward his counterpart,

"Make it about birth control pills failing. It'd be the perfect complement to her little tale."

"Now, now Joker," White scolded lightly as his hands went over to cover Alice's ears though the female protested, "Don't get too vulgar before she steps on your foot again for corrupting her innocence."

Black Joker grunted, his smirk immediately dissolving into a scowl and his garnet eyes flashed dangerously, "Shut the fuck up. If anything I want to see you handle getting your foot trampled by her mammoth hoof."

Alice squirmed in White's grasp, "I want to hear!" The girl whined with a pout to her lips.

Not letting go, White Joker gave his counterpart a kind smile, "I'd probably handle it better than you do the mere thought of being surrounded by a couple of toys."

"Wipe that idiotic smile off your lips, bastard." Black blandly retorted, his eye twitching in irritation, "You're growing a little too comfortable with her."

"Says that one that used a tickle attack as a punishment… Hm… Kettle calling the pot black?"

"Did Black-chan come here to join the sleepover!?" Alice now eagerly inquired, her voice breaking through the stirring tension that was beginning to escalate between the two Jokers.

Both men turned their focus to her as she watched at Black Joker happily, "You're done with work, yay!"

Black Joker smiled though it was clearly seen with irritation on his features as a vein near his forehead pulsed out, "Like hell I am. I just came here to laugh at Joker." His words though incredibly blunt, didn't make it to the young girl's ears as White Joker instead captured the female's attention and he smiled reassuringly at her, "Of course he is!" He answered, his own reply overshadowing the standing male's.

"Don't make decisions for me when I'm standing right here, you bastard!" The warden hissed acidly, although his words were entirely ignored.

"So now that Black-chan is here, can you start your story, White-kun? Pleaseee?" Alice pleaded cutely with her eyes wide with anticipation.

White Joker hummed wistfully, "My story… Well, I'm not so sure if I'm good with them, but I'll try."

As he spoke, Black Joker resentfully began making his way over to the 'bed' that was laid out in the middle of the prison cell. He went to Alice's empty side and pulled the sheet over his body with a narrowed eye his other half's way, "I'm only here so I can laugh at your story."

Alice grinned at him in anticipation, "Can there be a princess in your story!?"

"If there's a princess can she be executed by her own people by getting her head chopped off?" Black suggested dryly though he earned a look of horror from Alice, "Noo! She's a pretty princess and her people love her!"

"Okay, fine, she's a pretty princess and her people love her but the prince that she marries thinks she's so pretty he decides to chop off her head and put it in a jar in his room so he look at her pretty face whenever he wants."

"No! She's a pretty princess and she marries a prince who thinks she's so pretty that he marries her twice!"

"That doesn't even make sense."

"Yeah, it does!"

"How about he thinks she's pretty but he sees another woman that's prettier and he divorces the princess to get with the other bitch?"

"Okay, you two, I have a story now!" White Joker interrupted with a smile, easily coming between both Black and Alice's small bit of banter.

When he received both of their attention, he scratched his cheek, "My apologies if it isn't good, I just made it up in my head."

"Alright, so once upon a time there lived a young girl who was very cute and appeared to have a fairly nice life. She had an upper middle class family, loving parents, a caring older sister, and even a handsome and kind boyfriend. However, one day tragedy struck and the girl's mom died of a deadly disease. Her father became cold and distant and stopped being loving, her boyfriend broke up with her and began going out with her older and more perfect sister and generally the girl's life was a living nightmare. Her father died, her sister died, her ex boyfriend died, and all her friends died too. The girl was lonely forever and eventually she caught a disease and died as well, after many years of grief and isolation. The end."

Silence fell over the room as Black watched his counterpart with a pale and uneasy expression whereas Alice was entirely wide eyed.

The paled out redhead twitched slightly, "Joker that's taking it a bit too far—"

"White-kun sucks at telling stories!" Alice intervened with furrowed brows causing the smiling male to blink and point at himself, "Aww, I thought I did rather well."

Huffing, Alice shook her head firmly, "No! That was really bad! You didn't have the girl fall in love again! Or even have an adventure!" With a pout she turned to Black Joker firmly, "Black-chan, wasn't his story dumb?"

Black Joker blinked his eye blankly, "Well, to be fair it did sound incredibly accurate in some respect, though anything White says is counted as dumb to me more than half the time."

"I'll fix it then!" Alice stated with a breath while her hands clutching the sheets in front of her tightly. Her eyes closed and her eyebrows knitted together as though in thought, "After the girl's life became a nightmare and everyone died she soon met some new people that were different and special! They didn't catch a disease because they were immune! One worked in a circus and the other was prison warrior—"

"Do you mean warden?"

"Prison warden!" She corrected with her tongue sticking out in concentration, "They were really nice and the girl made friends with them!"

White Joker smirked lightly, his eyes watching over at his counterpart that returned the look smugly.

"I'll take care of the rest." White Joker insisted causing Alice to look at him curiously. The Ring Master hummed, "So after making friends with the two, she soon realized that the prison is where she truly belonged. She was a bad and bitter person inside after all and she deserved to be locked up forever, that way she never could part with her two new friends."

"What? No way! She was kind and nice!" Alice argued with a purse to her lips though Black Joker roughly rubbed at the top of her hair,

With a snort, the prison warden watched down at her condescendingly, "Nope. Pretty sure she was as guilty as charged."

Alice stuck her tongue out at him and returned his stare unmoved, "You're wrong! Now let me finish the story!" She insisted with a flail to her hands, "So after making friends with them they all did fun stuff and yeah. I don't want to say they got married because I think she'd find some better people…"

"The hell is that supposed to mean!?" Black Joker growled out as he pulled at the brunette's nose with a look of annoyance to his features.

Alice began giggling wildly though she cried out for him to release her and White Joker couldn't help but laugh, "Perhaps they don't get married, regardless, does the girl still get to stay in the prison forever?"

As Black Joker paused from his assault her nose, the two turned to him curiously before Alice clasped her hands together pleasantly, "Of course! They're her only friends so where else is she supposed to go? Though in the end, I do think it's best that she marry at least one of them!"

"Well, it's an all or nothing deal with them. You marry one, technically you're marrying both." Black Joker dully stated causing White to chuckle, "Very true!"

"I don't understand what that means but, it's Black-chan's turn to tell a story!" Alice happily sang out as she turned her body over to face the prison warden that watched at both her and the other Joker with distaste.

White Joker gave a crooked smile, "Can't wait to hear it, Black-chan."

"I really doubt you want a story from me, but fine. In continuation to White's own, basically after marrying the ring master and the warden, one day the little girl slipped over her own stupidity, cracked her head, and died. The end."

Alice's lips pursed, "You can't slip over your own stupidcity!"

"I said stupidity, not stupid city, stupid."

"I'm not stupid! I heard wrong!"

"Sure, you did. Hey, Joker, we may need to keep an eye out on her to make sure she doesn't trip on her idiocy one day."

Alice moaned while she hid herself beneath the sheets, "You're so mean to me!"

"Well, if I'm not, who will be?" Black Joker sarcastically inquired earning an impish look from his counterpart that practically screamed 'You're getting soft.'

Biting his tongue, the darker Joker rolled his eye openly, "Well, as fun as story night has been with Joker and munchkin, I need to get back to wo—" He stopped his words as his hand was grabbed by the Joker that laid across from him.

White smiled courteously at him in a way that made the redhead always become the slightest bit disgruntled because he knew what he had to say he wouldn't really enjoy.

Despite this, he remained silently right until Alice popped up from under the covers again, her eyes showing signs of fatigue once more before she rubbed them sleepily, "Ali's really tired now… Let's all go to sleep and have nice dreams, okay?" She gently spoke before resting her head down and closing her eyelids.

"Are you really planning on making me stay here this whole time with her?" He questioned in clear disapproval though White Joker only smirked while he placed himself to rest his own body down near the foreigner, "We deserve a break every now and then. Besides, if we're lucky the caterpillar may make his appearance in her dream once again."

His words seemed to click something off in the warden that now removed his hat from his head to toss on the floor while he eagerly moved to lay his head down beside the now softly slumbering brunette.

"Alright, for that I admit it's worth staying for."

"Round 2 of the game is going to be starting soon, it's best we make sure we have the best advantage, right?" White Joker inquired right as one of Alice's hands began to move over and make a reach for one of his, a motion that instantly brought a wicked smirk to his face.


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