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Ulquiorra sighed, fighting not to roll his eyes as Grimmjow continued to grumble behind him as they walked into their house. Mutterings of "bastard", "egotistical" and "stick up his ass" could be distinguished from the other incoherent mumbling.

Ulquiorra set his foster parents' reference letter down on the computer desk and took out Ichigo and Rukia's as well as Nnoitra and Halibel's, Luppi's and Gin and Rangiku's and put them safely away in the filing cabinet, making a mental note to himself to mail them to their caseworker.

Ulquiorra walked around Grimmjow, tuning out his quiet ranting as he opened the fridge for dinner. They didn't have much because they would have stayed for dinner at Momo and Aizen's, but then Aizen and Grimmjow had to be their normal selves and set off an atom bomb. Oh yes, today had been fun.


Ulquiorra placed Ichigo and Rukia's reference letter in his bag along with Nnoitra and Halibel's and Gin and Rangiku's as Grimmjow pulled onto the long dirt driveway. Ulquiorra didn't know how Grimmjow had managed to do it, but he had also gotten Luppi to write a reference letter that wasn't rude and shooting them down at every sentence. Ulquiorra's jaw had almost hit the floor when he finished reading it and Luppi hadn't insulted him once, not even hiding inside jokes that no one else would understand. The world must have been ending. That or Grimmjow bribed him not to say anything rude about them or their caseworker, that would not have gone over well in the least.

Grimmjow stopped the car in front of the old, beautiful three-story house and took a deep breath, running his hands through his hair.

"You know, we don't really need a reference letter from them. We could just say some shit about them not wanting to write one because of something like carpel tunnel syndrome or—"

Ulquiorra didn't even let Grimmjow finished that sentence before he got out and slammed the door loud enough to cut Grimmjow off. Only a moment later Grimmjow was at his side, taking another deep breath.

"Whether or not you get along with my foster father, Grimmjow," Ulquiorra said stiffly, ringing the doorbell as he reached the front step, "I am not going to lie about this to them and our caseworker and just show up for Christmas one year with a baby. We've put this off long enough as it is, we've already been working on the adoption process for three months, all of our paper work is in. My foster father doesn't hate you, he just thinks you're eccentric and not a good role model."

"Oh good," Grimmjow rolled his eyes, slipping his hands into his pockets. "Not a good role model, that'll really convince him when we ask him to write us a reference letter about how we'd be good parents."

Ulquiorra hid his smirk behind his hand and leaned forward so Grimmjow couldn't see it. How was it that Grimmjow could make him laugh in the most serious of times?

"Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, we haven't seen you in forever!"

The door burst open suddenly and Momo flew into Ulquiorra's arms, nearly knocking him back as she planted a kiss on each cheek before pulling Grimmjow down over a foot into a tight hug, kissing him twice on each cheek before she released them.

"I'm sorry, but you two need to see us more often, come over for dinner every week or so, I just miss you both so much after all this time!"

"Mom," Ulquiorra said slowly as he followed her into the kitchen where something was cooking in the oven, "it's only been a month since your birthday, we stayed over the entire weekend then."

"Don't give me that, it's too long not to see my son!" she called over her shoulder, jogging to the bottom of the stairs. "Sosuke! Ulquiorra and Grimmjow are here!"

Ulquiorra could see a few lines starting to appear in his foster mother's face, but her smile was still as bright as ever and Ulquiorra knew that even as she grew older, she would never lose her brightness.

Aizen walked down the stairs as Momo went back to chopping up vegetables, smiling lightly.

"Ulquiorra," Aizen said quietly, "it's nice to see you again. I don't think I'll ever really get used to you not being here anymore."

Aizen turned away to help Momo with the dinner, and Ulquiorra heard Grimmjow growl a little at being completely ignored. At least Grimmjow was nice to Aizen, Ulquiorra found it a little annoying that even after all this time his father was still acting like a two year old. Ulquiorra stamped on Grimmjow's toe anyway to shut him up before walking over to the counter.

"Mom, Dad, Grimmjow and I have to tell you something."

"Oh my."

Ulquiorra looked up in confusion, kicking himself mentally when he saw Momo's expression. He'd forgotten to put on a happy face, now she was probably expecting him to tell her they'd been evicted or that Ichigo had been shot on duty or something.

"Come on, we'll go sit down," she said, ushering everyone into the living room, pushing Grimmjow and Ulquiorra over to the couch while she pulled Aizen over to the loveseat with her, leaning forward with wide eyes as she waited for what she thought would be bad news from Ulquiorra.

Ulquiorra swallowed, not exactly sure how to say this. With Rangiku and Gin it had been easy, they'd done it over the phone so Rangiku couldn't kill Ulquiorra in a hug, but Ulquiorra was face to face with both of his foster parents, one of which wasn't particularly fond of his lover.


Nothing moved, everyone waiting for him to say more.

"Grimmjow and I..." Ulquiorra tried again only to have his voice cut out.

Grimmjow took his hand suddenly, giving it a squeeze and Ulquiorra took another breath. "Grimmjow and I have decided to adopt. We were wondering if you and Dad would write a reference letter for our caseworker."

Momo almost started to glow, the room literally got brighter around her as she squeaked our happily, "You're adopting?"

Ulquiorra braced himself for the hugs and kisses, and then Aizen said something even Ulquiorra would have hit him for.

Aizen turned to face Grimmjow, and Grimmjow looked back at him, intrigued as to what Aizen wanted to say to him, because Aizen rarely said anything to him.

Aizen looked him straight in the eye and in a clear voice said, "Do you think you can handle it?"

End Flashback

It was a miracle Ulquiorra got Grimmjow out of the house before he blew. He'd had to drag and shove the taller man out by his ears, and it had taken him ten minutes to do it, but he'd gotten Grimmjow out of the house with his foster father unharmed.

Grimmjow had spent the rest of the visit out by the car, muttering and pacing as Ulquiorra was with his foster parents. Momo had done a little yelling at Aizen and hugging Ulquiorra—she even ran out to their car to hug Grimmjow—before she sat down and eagerly wrote a two-page reference letter. Ulquiorra had to stop her before she wrote more. Rangiku had been the same way; they'd gotten her letter and then immediately asked Gin to write one so they didn't have to try to cut down the fourteen page novella Grimmjow's foster mom had written.

Ulquiorra jolted suddenly as a pair of strong arms wove around his waist and Grimmjow started planting light kisses on his neck, right behind his collarbone. Ulquiorra closed his eyes, leaning back into the touch. He knew Grimmjow would take the dominant position he always did in just a second, but he was always amazed at how gentle Grimmjow could be.

Grimmjow gave Ulquiorra a light squeeze around his waist before two fingers began tugging at the buttons on Ulquiorra's shirt. Ulquiorra swallowed, he had enjoyed it at first but now this pace was just aggravatingly slow. He pulled out of Grimmjow's arms and pushed Grimmjow back by his shoulders, slammed his lips against the taller man's and yanked his t-shirt over his head.

His back was against the refrigerator before Grimmjow's shirt had even hit the floor, Grimmjow tearing at his shirt so Ulquiorra actually feared that this would be the last time wearing the piece of clothing.

But hell, who cared, it was a shirt. Ulquiorra slid it back over his shoulders and pushed Grimmjow backwards to the stairs, their lips never breaking contact.

Ulquiorra had just managed to strip out of the last of his clothes up by the bed before Grimmjow suddenly pulled out of the kiss—making Ulquiorra unconsciously growl possessively in protest—before he picked Ulquiorra up like he weight as much as a goose down pillow and tossed him easily onto his back on the bed. To Grimmjow, Ulquiorra probably did weight as much as a pillow.

Grimmjow climbed onto the bed on top of Ulquiorra, the devilish and wild smile Ulquiorra lost the use in his legs for wide on his face. Ulquiorra yanked him down into a kiss, one he was sure would leave a deep purple mark on his lips later, and Grimmjow leaned forward, pushing into him more and more every thrust.

"Your dad pisses me off so goddamn much," Grimmjow growled, every syllable matched with a thrust into Ulquiorra that left his grip on reality compromised.

Ulquiorra laughed breathlessly, "We'll have to go over there more oft—AAH!" he gasped, the use of his voice gone as well as his legs now as Grimmjow slammed into him, his aggressive side taking over.

Five Months Later

Ulquiorra gripped the bed sheets until they almost tore, his breathing so labored it was a wonder he was getting any oxygen at all. Grimmjow's chest was flat against his back, the taller man's hands playing with his nipples and pulling on his member.

And then Ulquiorra's vision went white a split second before a volcano erupted inside of him and Grimmjow groaned behind him, leaning his head into Ulquiorra's shoulder blades as Ulquiorra let his head drop to the pillow below him.

Grimmjow's hand moved sluggishly up to grip Ulquiorra's chin gently and turn him into a kiss, gentle and slow, and Ulquiorra nearly snapped his spine turning to he could hug Grimmjow.

Grimmjow pulled out of him and flipped to the side, pulling Ulquiorra into his chest as he laid down on the bed.

"Thank god we don't have Hisana tonight," Grimmjow panted, laughing quietly into Ulquiorra's neck. Ulquiorra just rolled his eyes.

The phone rang, making Ulquiorra wince with its loud shrill alarm, and he yanked it out of the cradle as fast as he could to save his eardrums.


"Hello Ulquiorra, it's Lilynette."

Lilynette was Ulquiorra and Grimmjow's caseworker, who had been with them since they started their adoption process. Four months ago Ulquiorra had almost choked on his drink when she had called unexpectedly, automatically thinking that she was calling about a birthmother because all of their paperwork was in and they had sent in several reference letters. She had only called to check the spelling about Grimmjow's last name, and had since called six more times over the past five months to recheck the spelling of Jaegerjaquez.

"How are you?" Ulquiorra asked, pulling the covers up to his chest.

"Not bad, thanks. And how's Grimmjow? I was in the police office yesterday because I was sideswiped and I overheard that he's the detective on the Zommari Leroux homicide."

"Yes, so far it's going pretty well—ah!"


"It's—it's nothing," Ulquiorra swatted Grimmjow, rubbing the spot on his neck the taller man had bitten. Grimmjow snickered and Ulquiorra smacked him again. "I… just burned myself on something I just took out of the microwave."

"All right, well I know it's late, actually I think it's past eleven now, but I have something to tell you. I just received a call about fifteen minutes ago actually."

"Yes?" Ulquiorra smacked Grimmjow away as he started to nibble on his neck again.

Ulquiorra settled back down into the pillows, not expecting much except another check on the spelling of his last name or something, and let Grimmjow's hand weave into his hair. Ulquiorra could tell Lilynette was stalling because her voice was wound like a spring but she was telling him about her dog, and during that time Grimmjow leaned up and started leaving a trail of kisses up Ulquiorra's chest and shoulder.

Ulquiorra closed his eyes, relaxing into the touch and about to tune Lilynette out when all of a sudden the conversation switched drastically from her dog. Ulquiorra's eyes went as wide as the full moon blaring in through their window and shot up, cracking Grimmjow across the nose with his shoulder.

"What?" he asked breathlessly, throwing the covers back and scrambling out of bed. After tripping four times because he wasn't watching, he finally managed to wrestle Grimmjow's shirt over his head and nearly flew down the stairs, nodding before he remembered Lilynette couldn't see him. "A-All right, w-when did you say…?"

His fingers traced across the days of the upcoming week until he found the fifteenth. Friday, that was only three more days away.

"Yes, we're both completely free, Grimmjow has it off anyway. Thank you, Lilynette," Ulquiorra said, holding onto the counter for stability as he hung up, trying to keep his breathing even.

"Ow! The fuck was that for?" Grimmjow barked, walking into the kitchen and rubbing his nose tenderly.

Ulquiorra swallowed and turned to Grimmjow, so stunned he couldn't even remember how to smile.

"That was Lilynette…"

"…Yeah, I know, what'd she want?" Grimmjow rolled his eyes and picked the phone up off the counter to hang it back up.

"A… a birthmother picked us. She wants to meet us for lunch this Friday."

The phone slipped from Grimmjow's fingers, half way to the cradle, and clattered to the floor.

Ten Months Later

Ulquiorra woke to the sound of a small cry coming from the adjacent room. He pushed himself off of the bed and trudged into the nursery, rubbing his eyes as he did. He slid his hand under Nell's neck and back, lifting her carefully to his shoulder and rocking her.

He ran a hand gently through her light blonde hair, smiling as her cries went to small gurgles before he started down the stairs to make her a bottle.

To say he'd been shocked when a birthmother had picked him and Grimmjow—a gay couple with one of them a homicide detective—over every other straight, "normal" couple going through the adoption process in only eight months from the time they'd started adopting would be the understatement of the century. She was a young girl, barely seventeen, who was pretending to live with a friend while she was pregnant because she knew her family would disown her and she didn't want to give up the baby.

It certainly hadn't been a normal adoption process, but Ulquiorra couldn't complain in the slightest. When they'd met the girl she'd been a little iffy about Grimmjow at first, but after she tripped into oncoming traffic on the way out of the café and Grimmjow had somehow yanked her out of the way before anyone hit her, she'd practically made up her mind about them in that first hour.

When Ulquiorra had learned that she'd also been moving from house to house, living with one friend for about a week before she moved to the next friend's house for four months already so her family wouldn't see she was pregnant, he'd had her move in with them for the remaining five months of her pregnancy. It had taken her a little bit to warm up to Grimmjow's colorful language, but it didn't take long for her to look past it when she saw how protective and gentle he could be. They'd also hired her a tutor so she wouldn't miss any school for when she went back.

And five months later they had walked out of the hospital with Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck Jaegerjaquez. Her birthmother had picked her middle name, after the girl's own last name. Nell was now five months old with light blonde hair, just like her birthfather according to her birthmother, and was tiny just like her birthmother. She had a birthmark running across her nose to both of her cheeks and gentle hazel eyes that Ulquiorra had almost drowned in the first time she opened her eyes.

Ulquiorra took the bottle out of the microwave, shaking it and testing on his wrist while he balanced Nell on his shoulder before he tucked her into the crook of his arm and gave her the bottle. He turned to the sound of the front door, smirking at the sound of Grimmjow's whoop as he walked in the front door.

"You're late," he accused jokingly as Grimmjow came in and threw his bag onto the table. Grimmjow looked like he was walking on air. "It's after eleven."

"It's the damn paperwork!" Grimmjow pumped his fist in the air, making Ulquiorra raise his eyebrows. Grimmjow was never anything less than pissed about paperwork, unless he…

"You caught him, didn't you?" Ulquiorra asked, letting a small smile touch his lips.

"Son of a bitch thought he could hide forever!" Grimmjow yelled excitedly, pulling the milk from the fridge and drinking straight from the carton. "We caught him in his apartment, tried giving us some shit about not even knowing Zommari Leroux. My ass, the knife was right in his desk! Ha ha!"

Ulquiorra tried to congratulate him, but Grimmjow had slipped his tongue through his lips before he could blink, and when Ulquiorra came out of his ecstasy daze, his cheeks tinged slightly pink, Grimmjow had taken Nell and was feeding her, one of the most content looks Ulquiorra had seen since he solved the Haruto "Grand Fisher" Aro murder case on his face.

Ulquiorra smirked, settling down on the couch next to Grimmjow and leaning against his shoulder. He didn't even realize when he fell asleep.


Ulquiorra looked around, placing the keys on the table before he walked up the stairs. It was about time to feed Nell, strange that she wasn't crying yet, she was usually right on schedule.

Ulquiorra pushed open the door to her room and pulled back the covers on the tiny bump in the cradle.

Empty. The crib was empty.

Ulquiorra whirled around, the blanket slipping from his hand as he raced from the room. Grimmjow must have her, that was it Grimmjow had her and they were just sitting outside on the porch in the sun. Nell loved to watch the butterflies at the hydrangea; that was where they were.

Ulquiorra pushed open the back door, but everything was black, so black he couldn't even see the porch.

Ulquiorra yanked the phone up, dialing Grimmjow's cell phone and pressing the phone to his ear. He didn't take her to his work, did he? No, it was too dangerous, Grimmjow knew that.

The number you have dialed does not exist, please try again.

Ulquiorra looked at the phone for a moment before punching in the numbers, hanging up shakily when the same dead voice repeated it again over the phone.

Ichigo would know where he was. Maybe they were watching Nell, like how they watched Hisana sometimes. Ulquiorra climbed into his car, barely managing to make it climb to fifteen miles an hour though he had the pedal floored.

He clambered out of the car when he pulled up in front of the Kurosaki household, ringing the bell and trying not to break through a window. He was seriously on edge, though he prayed he was hiding it well enough. Kurosaki couldn't see him like that.

"Ulquiorra!" Rukia said happily, pulling open the door. Ichigo was standing behind her holding Hisana on his hip.

"Ichigo, Rukia, I'm looking for Grimmjow," Ulquiorra told them so fast it was a wonder they understood him at all.

Rukia blinked. "…Who?"

Ulquiorra's calm smile fell from his face, his fist clenching by his side. "My… Grimmjow… he's been in the police force with Ichigo for a few years now… he was your friend in high school, Ichigo…"

Ichigo raised an eyebrow. "You mean Renji Abarai? He just joined us about a year ago."

"No, I... I'm looking for Nell, I don't know where…"

"Ulquiorra, I don't know anyone named Grimmjow or Nell," Rukia said slowly. "Why don't you come in? We just sat down for dinner."

Ulquiorra took a slow step back. "N-Nell, the baby Grimmjow and I adopted five months ago, I can't find her…" he insisted.

"Ulquiorra, is something wrong?" Ichigo asked, taking another step forward.

"I-I have to…" Ulquiorra trailed off, looking around frantically before he stumbled back down the steps.

"Ulquiorra, what's wrong?"

He didn't hear the next part of the question. He was running, anywhere, he had to find them. How could Ichigo not know Grimmjow? They'd been friends for years!

Ulquiorra gasped as the breath flew out of his chest, clutching at his shirt as everything went black around him. He couldn't breathe, and he couldn't find them. Where was Grimmjow? He needed…

No one…

Ulquiorra looked around for the voice, but everything was too black, he couldn't see.

No one wants you.

Ulquiorra clapped his hands to his ears, desperately trying to block out the voice.

Your parents left you at that orphanage for a reason.

He leaned forward, falling to his knees as he bit his lips so hard it started to bleed, his teeth clenched as the blood dripped down his chin.

You aren't any use to anyone.

"No!" Ulquiorra shouted, shaking his head. "Grimmjow…!"

You'll always be alone.

"No! He won't leave!" Ulquiorra cried desperately into the darkness. There was no one to hear him. He was alone; he could feel the dark feeling in his chest slowly eating away at him. Someone, help…

No one will pull you out of the darkness.

"Shut up! Shut up! He won't leave!"

He's gone.


Ulquiorra gasped, shooting up in bed, his breath wild in his chest and his clothes soaked through with sweat. He threw the smothering covers away, tearing his shirt off and clutching at his shoulders, trying to will the dark feeling away. It was like a vine, creeping into his chest and strangling his heart.

"…Ulquiorra?" Grimmjow groaned behind him, drowsy from just coming out of sleep.

Ulquiorra kicked the covers away, tearing out of the room and into Nell's.

Immediately he could breathe again when he saw her lying there, sleeping soundly and safely. He smothered his choked breath and picked her up gently enough not to make her, holding her tightly against his chest and rocking back and forth slowly, trying not to let his shaking lungs breathe in, or he knew he would lose it.

He hadn't had one of those dreams in years, not since he'd met Grimmjow not that he thought about it. Ulquiorra choked on his breath again, forcing himself to hold it as he felt the darkness from the dream again. Momo used to sit up with him every night that he had one of those dreams. When he had moved into their house when he was eight, and even for years after that, he would have those dreams three or four times a week, and Momo would just sit with him and hold him until he could breathe again enough to fall back asleep.

"Hey! What's wrong?" Grimmjow asked, appearing in the door. He was wide-awake now, all remnants of sleep gone from even his eyes. Ulquiorra couldn't look at him, he turned back to the window and bit into his lip again, almost able to feel the spot where he'd bit through his lip in the dream, hiding his face in Nell's soft, blonde hair.

Grimmjow's hand touched his shoulder gently, pulling him into a light hug when he didn't flinch or move away.

"You had another one of those dreams again." It wasn't a question.

"No." He'd answered to quickly.

Grimmjow turned him slowly, holding him tightly into his strong chest. Ulquiorra moved to burry his face in Grimmjow's shirt, trying to drown himself in the sound of Grimmjow's breath and heartbeat. The sound was like his air, before he even took another breath his heart had slowed because of the sound of Grimmjow's calm breath in his chest. Grimmjow just held him, pretending not to notice the silent, hot tears running down Ulquiorra's cheeks and into his shirt.

Ulquiorra swallowed, his voice quavering when he spoke. "P-Promise me you won't ever leave me."

Grimmjow took Ulquiorra's chin gingerly in his protective, strong hand and tipped Ulquiorra's head up gently, kissing both of his eyelids before he kissed his lips. "I promise."

Ulquiorra held back a watery smile and tucked his head back into Grimmjow's shoulder. He let the taller man lead him back into their bedroom and waited until Grimmjow had lain down before he climbed up, holding Nell carefully while he laid down on Grimmjow's chest, melting into his lover's arms, breathing in the sound of Grimmjow's heartbeat. He could feel Nell's heart beating against his chest, light and quick like a bird, and that was enough for him to fall back asleep.

Six Years Later

Ulquiorra moved closer to where Grimmjow was standing until he had practically merged with the taller man and wrapped his coat tighter around him. His scarf was tight around his neck and his gloves were not doing their job of warming his fingers. He really hated the cold, and it was only the middle of November and fifty degrees out, now that was pathetic. Grimmjow, on the other hand, was just in a light windbreaker with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

Ulquiorra moved to run forward when Nell fell face first off the slide to the ground, but Hisana ran by, now eight and a very cute little girl, and Nell happily clambered to her feet to chase after the older girl.

Ichigo and Rukia were standing next to them, the new eight-month-old baby Masaki in Rukia's arms. Masaki looked more like Ichigo's sister Yuzu than either of them, but her light purple eyes had come from Rukia. Presently Ichigo was teasing Grimmjow about how many scars he had, and Grimmjow had easily retaliated by saying that Ichigo was too much of a pansy to chance getting hurt, making Ichigo mad. Ulquiorra wasn't really sure though, he'd tuned out the pointless argument a while ago.

Nell was still barely up to Ulquiorra's thigh, still very cute and tiny like her birthmother, and her birthmark hadn't faded over the years but it didn't draw eyes away from her happy smile at all. The only thing that had changed was her hair. When she turned four, she decided that she liked Grimmjow's hair more than anyone else's, and had begged for two years to dye her hair until Ulquiorra had finally caved. Grimmjow had given in after on year.

Her short messy bob of green hair certainly got odd looks from some of the other parents at the elementary school, and so did the black knit toque hat with a skull on it that Nell often wore, but with Grimmjow as his lover, Ulquiorra really couldn't care less.

Nell ran over, laughing happily, her green coat open in the weather that was only cold to Ulquiorra, and jumped up and down at Grimmjow's feet, holding her hands up. He smiled widely and picked her up, setting her easily on his shoulders while she squealed with laughter. Hisana ran over and latched onto Grimmjow's legs, ducking around him and trying to hide from Nell. Nell smiled down at Ulquiorra, reaching out with her tiny hand. Ulquiorra smiled and reached up, taking her hand and making her smile wider.

…Strange. Not too long ago he'd been worried that his father would forbid him from seeing Grimmjow and would send him to an aversion therapy facility when he found out he was gay, and now he, Grimmjow and their daughter Nell were on their way to a family dinner with both sets of grandparents, Luppi, and Momo and Rangiku had even thought to invite Ichigo, Rukia and their two children.

Ulquiorra reached up and Grimmjow lifted Nell off of his shoulders to pass her to the smaller man while Hisana ran to Ichigo to be picked up. Nell laughed again and wrapped her arms around Ulquiorra's neck, Ulquiorra kissing her cheek gently.

"Daddy? Itsygo and Rukia are coming with uts, right?"

Ulquiorra smiled and set her on his hip. "Yes, everyone's coming today. We're not alone,"—Ulquiorra turned to Grimmjow and smiled—"right?"

Grimmjow blinked, his eyebrows raised, but Ulquiorra just shook his head. Grimmjow leaned down—the six and a half inches he still had to lean down—and kissed Ulquiorra gently before leaning back up and placing his arm around the smaller man's waist.

Ulquiorra put Nell down when she struggled and stepped closer to Grimmjow, content to just lean his head against his lover's chest and listen to the sound of Grimmjow's breath and heart. After all, Grimmjow's heart and Nell's heart, that was his air. It was all he would ever need.

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