Gilbert took a deep drag of a menthol cigarette, letting the frigid mint fill his lungs with a contented sigh. It started out as an honest mistake on Ivan's part, the Russian couldn't read the German writing on the pack and had bought the wrong kind. Strangely enough, it quickly became the only type Prussia would smoke.

He leaned on the brick wall of the French conference building and watched the light October snow dust the streets. The blonde next to him checked his watch and glanced at the German nervously.

"Yeah, I know…" Gilbert grumbled and threw his cigarette to the ground, grinding it into the sidewalk under his boot. He tugged on Ivan's scarf to let him taste the cold on his lips before leading him into the building. "Let's see if we can give America some nightmares, Leiber." (Dear)

"What did I tell you about using that filthy language with me?" The Russian asked with a knowing grin and earned a chuckle.

"I'm sorry, дорог." He apologized sarcastically, using his lover's language this time.

They walked in side-by-side into the usual chaos, Britain and France were arguing over everything, Greece slept on a desk, and China ignored international copyrights, the usual. A sadistic part of the white-haired German found it funny, everyone called World War 1 'the war to end all wars', then they said about the second one, and now less than twenty years later here we are. Back to the same bullshit.

Nice to know some things never change, right?

Finding their place beside the rest of the satellite states, Alfred took the podium and started his self-righteous ramble against the Russian nuclear program. "…the other nations and I agree that you should cease in your attempt to build the Atomic bomb because of the-"

German Democratic held his chin in his hands and was listening intently when the man to his left spoke up. "I completely agree with you and I have already stopped."

"-moral and- Wait, you agree?" The American's shock quickly turned to apprehension, this was far too easy.

The Russian smiled like an adult speaking to a slow-witted child "Of course, it would be stupid to continue trying to develop it when I have already succeeded because it would be like looking for my wallet after I had found it." He shrugged and continued "I also do not understand your reasoning behind your determination to have a monopoly on the technology, concerning that your program is built on stolen German scientists. At least I have no shame in admitting where my industry comes from."

Alfred's face turned red up to the tips of his ears with embarrassment and growled in anger "Why you two-faced-!"

Arthur stood up from his chair "America! Stand down!"

"But he-!"

"I don't care, just sit down!"

Alfred was still furious at a smirking Ivan, but stepped off the platform for someone else to speak.

When the noise settled down, Ivan leaned over to whisper into Gilbert's ear "I think I'm winning."


The meeting ended before anyone could start the third World War. Stepping away from his companion, Gilbert went off to search for a familiar face amongst the crowd.

A voice rang out from the noise to call his name, his real one, not the bastard titles of "East Germany" or "German Democratic Republic". He turned to the sound and was pulled into a tight embrace, tears staining the white-haired German's grey uniform. "East…Thank God, you're alive…"

Gilbert glanced to the side to see violet eyes follow him from across the room and saw the Russian frown. Carefully, he held his sibling at arm's length to avoid Ivan's wrath. "I'm doing fine. Don't worry about me, okay?" He smiled nervously, and Ludwig quickly caught on. "He's watching us, isn't he?"

The blonde German stood like a wall to protect his brother from the Russian and reached for his gun. "West, don't do this." Gilbert pleaded and tugged at his sleeve. "I'm not leaving here without you, East… Not again."

Ivan saw more concern and fear in those ruby eyes now than he had ever seen before. He could snap the bones in the Prussian's arm with his bare hands and earn not a single tear, but to touch his sibling was horrible beyond words.

He clasped the white-haired German's shoulders and saw rage flicker past blue eyes. "German Democratic Republic, is there a problem?" He asked a worried Gilbert with fake kindness. "No, not at all." The German responded in Russian like a good pet and Ivan patted his platinum hair.

Ludwig's hands were tight fists at his sides "If I find out that you hurt him in any way, shape, or form, I will kill you."

A cruel grin split the Russian's face "Then I make sure you don't find out, won't I?"

A Revolver was torn from the West German's shoulder-holster and a lead pipe was pulled from a long coat.


Gilbert was shaking in terror and cold sweat dotted his brow. The two combatants turned to the source of the cry and the Russian asked calmly "…Yes?"

"…We're going to miss our train." He stated hopefully and willed his heart to stop racing.

Ivan checked a clock and nodded "Thank you for reminding me, we better hurry." He stepped away from the blonde to wrap an arm around Gilbert's waist and lead them away.

Germany caught a brief glance from his brother and screamed. He grabbed the side of a table and flipped it over in frustration, sending countless papers and coffee cups to the floor.

America smiled at the sight and caught Ludwig's attention. "We should be working together..." Alfred said to his newfound ally. "…and I'm sure we could find arrangements that could satisfy both of us."

"What do you want me to do?" German asked as he tried to straighten himself.

"Call East Ger-your brother." He caught himself before the German could redirect his anger "Taking the big guy down will be a lot easier with inside help."

"Fine, but if you abandon me or my brother-" Ludwig warned.

"I got it, I got it, just hurry up and call."

They boarded the train that would take them home and Ivan couldn't get the image of Germany's hateful gaze out of his mind. It was clear to see that he dreamed of rescuing his beloved sibling and vanquish the great evil that was the Russian.

Then I will be the monster they want me to be. He thought grimly and shared the German's hate. It was the same anger that kept him burning the letters from the west and blacking out the eastern ones. Sometimes Gilbert's love of the German the only thing keeping Ivan from murdering the man. German Democratic…no, Prussia would never forgive him for it.

He glanced to the East German and wondered again how deep their brotherly love went. He wouldn't…Gilbert's too good for him. He needs someone strong to protect him. Someone like…

Ivan hid his blush under his scarf and decided to strike up a conversation to push those thoughts out of his mind.

Gilbert was propped up in the seat to him and covered his ruby eyes with a hat, knowing the ride would be a long one. "What did your brother want?" Ivan asked coolly as the train picked up speed.

The German sighed deeply, slightly annoyed at being woken from his nap. "The usual. He still wants to save me from you, even though I tell him I don't need the help." Gilbert shifted a little and tried to sleep when the Russian thought of a fun game to cheer them up.

Ivan laid his hand on the German chest over his heart and felt him stiffen slightly. Gilbert breathed deeply, but made no move to push the Russian away.

Ivan's hand shot out to grab his throat and squeeze just enough to make breathing difficult. "You don't need any help?" He cooed, grinning at the feeling of the pulse under his fingertips quickening.

Gilbert showed no fear as he pressed the blade of a knife to the Russian's chest "No, I don't." Ivan's eyes shone brightly and he let his pet go to smooth the German's jacket. "You know, I could fall for a man like you." He said with a kiss on the corner of his mouth.

"Only if it's down a flight of stairs." German Democratic grumbled and swatted him away when a KGB officer stepped into the car.

The gruff looking man went down the line checking everyone's papers and when he reached the two nations, Gilbert reached into his jacket pocket only to discover nothing was there.

Frantically, he searched his other pockets and remembered Ivan touching him. "You-!"

The Russian politely handed the officer his own documents and had them stamped. Ivan seemed confused and asked the German innocently "What's wrong, sir?"

"Give me back my passport!" He demanded and jumped to his feet.

Ivan cocked his head to the side and blinked before speaking to the policeman "I assure you, I have never seen this man before in my life." He smiled at the Lithuania and the others, knowing they wouldn't dare speak up.

"You lying sack of-!"

"Alright kraut, come with me…" The man cuffed him and began to haul him of the train. "Ivan! I'm not going to let you get away with this!"

The Russian happily waved goodbye and fished a small booklet out of his pocket when he was off the train. "Oh my, here it is! Oh silly me. I guess it's too late now."


Hours later, Gilbert plotted his revenge as he played another game of solitaire in the tiny jail cell. It was getting dark when the accursed blonde walked in with a ring of keys.

The German threw down the deck of cards and ran to the bars "I wondered when the hell you were going to show up!"

Ivan smiled as he searched for the right skeleton key and cooed "Even with my rank these things take time."

"Then maybe you shouldn't steal people papers!"

Ivan looked up from the ring at the shout and his smile fell "It's not nice to shout at the one letting you go, especially since I ask of such little payment."

Gilbert watched him set the keys down on a table and unwind his scarf. He asked with a hint of worry, "Payment? What are you…?"

Ivan smiled broadly and took off his coat, tossing it onto the table as well.

The German balked, ruby eyes growing wide. "You don't mean that, do you? Here? Now?"


Gilbert glanced around the room, feeling slightly grateful for being the only ones there and a door separating them from the rest of the station. "Can't you let me out of here first?"

The blonde shook his head.

The German turned around and grumbled curses as he unhooked his belt, letting his pants fall to the floor. Ivan reached through the bars to caress his exposed rear and pull him as close as he could "Now bend over so I can claim you."

Gilbert unwillingly obeyed with a hiss of "Possessive bastard…"

The Russian tasted the puckered slit offered to him with a slow lick and his pet grabbed the bars. Gilbert bit back a gasp and refused to let his knees buckle at the feeling of a warm tongue rimming him. A slickened finger pressed inside as Ivan began to hum, knowing how much the German enjoyed the subtle vibration. Two fingers stretched him open to let him devour his lover hungrily.

Gilbert tried to steady his ragged breathing, refusing to let his arousal become known. His face burned with shame and pleasure at betraying his country like this, but couldn't deny a cry of "Ivan!" when a third finger entered him. The Russian pushed in to the knuckle and teased the sensitive prostate, locking a secret in their hearts.

Gilbert loved sex and Ivan loved him.

The blonde didn't know if the enigmatic German's affection went farther than that, but he had to try. Unzipping his pants, he pressed his massive organ into the body beneath him and nearly screamed at the tightness. He briefly wondered how he lived this long without knowing such happiness.

Already pale hands clenched the steel bars until they became white from strain. Gilbert pressed his hips against cold metal to greedily take every inch he could as the blonde fucked him.

Ivan wished the bars were wide enough to take the German's sweet length in his hands and coax out every drop of cream he had to offer. He wanted to pinch pink nipples and have Gilbert suck his fingers only to climax on the Russian's face…

A panicked scream and a vice-like grip around his cock awoke him from his fantasies, Ivan froze, thinking he had hurt him. "Gilbert…?"

Labored breathing came out as a pained whine and white seed covered the German's hands, he would never admit he climaxed without his length having to be touched. "Dammit, why the hell did you stop?" He shouted, his voice cracking with more need than anger. The Russian smiled, but said nothing and knew full well what happened. Grabbing slim hips, he thrust wildly into the twitching body and knew Gilbert would come a second time.

Ivan closed his eyes and surrendered to the emotions washing over him like a flood, exploding inside the German.

When it was over, Gilbert pulled up his trousers, wiping away saliva and words in his native tongue that the Russian didn't understand. It sounded too kind to be an insult and Ivan's heart sunk at the chance that Gilbert was thinking of his brother the entire time. He reached out to his pet only for his hand to be slapped away again. "What do you want?" The German asked, irritated and wanting to smoke.

"If I gave you something, would you accept it?" He asked simply and Gilbert was confused, he had never heard the Russian talk like that before. "…Depends on what it is, I guess." German Democratic shrugged.

Ivan nodded in understanding and didn't want to rush things. "It's too soon then."

What on earth is he talking about? The German questioned.