Title: The Perfect Sky is Torn
Author: Batsutousai
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Harry Potter/Eleventh Doctor (and canon pairings)
Warnings: Slash
Summary: Sequel to Dust in the Sky. Between the Doctor's companions throwing themselves all over him and Harry's life on Earth, their love always manages to bring them together.

A/N: So, I've been telling people this on a sort of person-to-person basis, but it occurs to me that I should actually make a proper announcement, especially for those who've been so patiently (or not) awaiting an update to this series: Uhm, I started getting rather annoyed with DW near the end of season 6, and I really hated Clara, once she came aboard, though I was determined to write this, anyway, maybe after a break for other fandoms? But then came that fucking Day of the Doctor bullshit episode, where they went and effectively erased my favourite Doctor, nine, without a bloody care, and I am so done with Moffat. I can't imagine there's anything that will get me to come back to the series, save him quitting, so I haven't watched any more and thinking about Moffat's seasons makes me want to commit murder, so I'm not finishing this fic. Sorry/not sorry.

That said, rather than post a note-chapter or update the a/n at the end of last chapter and chance half of you not seeing it ever, I figured I'd leave you with what I've written of this next chapter. It doesn't get to the end of the scene, so sorry for the open ending. Not sure where my notes got to, so I can't leave a bulleted list or anything about what I'd decided to include from this season. *shrugs*



Harry was working on a arrangement for a regular when he heard the sound of the TARDIS. "The hell?" he muttered, stepping out of his empty shop and looking around his desk to see the blue box materialising by the back door.

"Oh my God," Martha could be heard over their headsets, the sound of Jack's military boots heavy on the stairs. "Oh. My. God."

"Is that the TARDIS?" Lois whispered to Harry as he passed her desk on the way around the table.

The door popped open and the Doctor stepped out, grin widening when he caught sight of Harry. "Hello!"

"What the bloody hell are you doing here?" Harry asked as Jack, Mickey, Ianto, and Martha all came to a stumbling halt at the foot of the steps. Gwen and Johnson were both out on holiday, or they'd probably be there too. (Well, Gwen would; Johnson would more likely find a readily defensible position and aim her favourite gun at the Doctor even after Jack ordered her to stand down.)

"I came to pick you up," the Doctor explained, glancing around at the building. "And maybe see your place of work. Most impressive." His eyes lit on the crowd at the bottom of the stairs. "Why are you lot just standing there?"

"I'm trying to decide whether to shoot you, or kiss you," Jack announced.

The Doctor blinked. "Ah. Perhaps neither?" he suggested, looking a little worried.

Jack laughed and the lot of them finally moved forward. Jack and Martha shared hugs with the Doctor while Ianto and Mickey settled on handshakes. Lois was introduced by Jack when she finally came over.

Harry just leaned back against the conference table and watched the Doctor with a frown. When the man finally turned in his direction, expression waiting for his greeting, Harry said, "Pick me up for what?"

The Doctor blinked again, some of his good humour fading. "What? Oh!" He scrabbled at his jacket for a moment and came out with a blue envelope, which he held out towards Harry. "An invitation! Addressed to both of us."

Harry stepped forward to collect the missive while Martha asked, "How'd someone even get it to you?"

"Intergalactic post, of course," the Doctor informed her, as if it was the most obvious thing in the universe.

"I can see that," Jack muttered, looking at the stamps covering half the front of the envelope. "Who's it from?"

"No idea," the Doctor admitted as Harry pulled out the card inside.

Harry frowned. "A date, time, and coordinates? For what?"

"No idea," the Doctor repeated, sounding quite cheerful about that. "Invitation," he added at Harry's faintly amused look. "To Utah."

"Sounds like someone's sending you on a hot date," Jack teased, draping his arm around Harry's shoulders.

"Or a trap," Lois helpfully offered.

"I love traps!" the Doctor exclaimed.

"Right," Mickey announced, "I think I liked it better when you thought we were all apes." He turned to Harry, disbelieving. "Did he just say–?"

"He's getting old," Harry replied drily, rolling his eyes, "you'll have to forgive him."


The humans shared a laugh at the Doctor's expense while he failed at looking insulted. He eventually gave it up as a bad job and just grinned outright.

"I suppose this means you're off for a couple months, again," Jack said to Harry once they'd calmed down.

"I suppose so," Harry agreed, then turned to the Doctor. "Let me finish that arrangement, then we can head off."

"Arrangement? Arrangement of what?" the Doctor asked, slipping around Martha and Lois to follow the wizard to his shop. "Oh, flowers. Right. Forgot about that."

"It's a wonder you remembered my place of employment," Harry replied, amused.

"Hard to forget it," the Doctor murmured, glancing back at the one-way glass, as if he could see through it and into the main office.

Harry touched his headset and turned off the microphone, though he could still hear the others making bets about how long he'd be gone this time and whether or not they'd be flying into a trap. "Why come here? Why not wait until I got home in a couple hours? Like you usually do."

The Doctor leaned on the counter next to the flowers Harry was working with. "I wanted to see them," he admitted. "Don't know when I'll get the chance again, and I know they bother you about it sometimes."

Harry shrugged. "Sure they do, but that's to be expected." He glanced over at his lover. "You've got a lot of friends, and they think about you often enough, especially for those whose daily lives involve aliens. Sarah Jane and I go out for tea every week or so, and I met up with Jo a couple months ago, when she was in town. Every once in a while, I recognise a name on a flower order from your stories, and Wilfred calls in every other week or so to order flowers from me and we talk about how Donna's doing, or whether you've been about when I pop by to deliver them."

The Doctor was quiet for a moment, then asked, "How is she?"

"She's doing well. She and Shaun are expecting their first kid in five months or so. Wilf said he thinks it's a girl, but he's not sure one way or the other, because the tests always come back a bit odd."

The Doctor winced. "Ah. Yes, I suppose that might happen. Just enough Time Lord in her to confuse things. Shouldn't be a problem for her or the baby, though," he added, flashing a reassuring smile.

Harry smiled back. "We figured it should be okay, since you didn't give any specific warnings about children, but I saw to it that her doctor's a squib who knows to contact me if anything unusual happens, and both Wilf and Sylvia have my number, as well."

"Sounds like you've got things well in hand."

"Mm." Harry placed the last of the flowers in the vase and took a step back to look at it. "I learned a long time ago the joys of being one of the few of your companions that remains on the planet and can actually get in contact with you."

"Ah. Yes, well..."

"We should get you a new mobile," Harry added as he stepped forward to switch a couple of the flowers. "I'm tired of depending on the TARDIS phone or whatever you've cobbled together that time."

"I like making my own!"

Harry shot him a look. "I like knowing I'll be able to reach you."

"I'm not that bad."

"You really are, actually," Harry disagreed before turning his microphone back on. "Hey, Lo?"

"Yeah, Harry?"

"Oh, are you two done being naughty in there?" Jack asked, a lecherous note to his voice.

Harry rolled his eyes and carefully moved the flower arrangement to the cabinet he kept the other arrangements that were ready for pick-up in. "I've finished the arrangement for Mrs Winterbourne. She's supposed to be by at four to collect it."

"I'll see to it," Lois promised. "Anything else?"

"Mm..." Harry considered the cabinet for a moment before closing it. "A couple of the usual. If Andrew rings my desk again, tell him to use my bloody mobile; it's on the business card for a reason. And if Mr Dide–"

Lois laughed, as did most of the others. "Harry, I'll be fine. I have done this before."

Harry smiled in spite of himself and led the Doctor back into the main hub. The lot of them were still near the TARDIS, but Ianto had whipped up some coffee and the ladies were both sitting at the table. "I know, I know. I can't help but worry, though," he said as he stopped at his desk to shut down his computer and gather the few things he'd want to take with him.

"So, Doctor, any idea how long you're stealing my second favourite employee away for?" Jack asked.

"Only second favourite?" the Doctor wondered, looking back at Harry.

"I won't let him sleep with me," Harry explained. "Ianto's the favourite, I'm second best."

"Why am I not surprised...?"

"You know me too well," Jack offered with a laugh. "Come on, Doctor."

"No idea," the Doctor replied. "Depends on how long we spend in this time frame."

"And your driving," Harry added.

"At least a month, then," Martha suggested. "Possibly two."

"I was gonna go with a whole year," Mickey put in.

"I can see why they're not the favourites," the Doctor murmured to Harry, who laughed.

Martha stood as the two men reached the TARDIS. "I don't suppose we're allowed in?" she wondered. "Harry said she looks different."

The Doctor considered that for a moment, then shrugged and waved for them to follow, so the whole Torchwood group followed the Time Lord inside, all of them letting out impressed sounds at the new look. Jack distracted the Doctor quickly enough with something technical that the rest of them didn't pretend to understand, and Mickey and Martha dragged a bemused Ianto back towards the bedrooms. Lois followed Harry up to the console, staring at the various little things strewn out over it like she wanted to play with them, but wasn't sure it would be allowed.

Harry smiled faintly at his co-worker, then touched the central column. "Hey there, girl. Has he been behaving himself?" he asked, ignoring the odd look Lois shot him.

The TARDIS gave a quiet whir and Harry felt a sense of amusement.

"Well, behaving himself as much as he ever does, then," Harry corrected, familiar enough with his lover to know that he never 'behaved himself' in a manner anyone would find proper.

The TARDIS let out a faint tinkling noise from a couple of the odds-and-ends on her console, which Harry had come to translate as a laugh.

"The TARDIS actually understands you?" Lois whispered, intrigued.

"She's sentient," Harry agreed, brushing a hand over the edge of the console. "She can't really talk back, of course, but she finds her own way of getting her point across." His faint smile turned fond. "She's also quite good at making me get out of bed."

The TARDIS let out her laugh noise again and Harry chuckled with her.

Lois shook her head at the two of them and glanced briefly back towards Jack and the Doctor before asking, "Why don't you stay here? You're always so much happier when you're talking about him."

Harry smile faded and he leaned carefully against the console. "I can't," he replied. "Trust me, I would love to stay on the TARDIS for the rest of my life, but I have too much on Earth to just up and leave forever. I've got my kids and my family and you lot, not to mention the wreck my world would turn into if I just vanished off the face of the Earth. They're already twitchy enough since I've started working for Torchwood, out of the public eye, but at least they know I'm still around. You know?"

Lois sighed. "I know." And she did, sort of; Harry occasionally left magical newspapers on the conference table and there were often articles about him, even after almost two years of him working for Torchwood.

"Hey, Harry?" the Doctor called and the two humans at the console looked towards him, Harry's eyebrow raised. "Could you round up the others so I can kick them out?"

"Yeah, sure," Harry agreed before slipping up the stairs to the hallways. The TARDIS helpfully nudged him in the right direction and he found the three of them snooping through Jack's room. "So, does he keep hordes of lube in here?" he enquired as he leaned against the door frame.

Ianto and Mickey both jumped, looking mildly guilty, and looked over from where they were going through Jack's sock drawer. Martha shot him a grin and said, "You mean you haven't checked yourself?"

Harry snorted. "I don't make a habit of snooping through everyone's things," he replied. He'd looked through Rose's room at one point not long after she'd left, and he'd gone through Donna's things to return the less dangerous items to her family, but otherwise he kept out of the others' rooms.

Ianto cleared his throat. "Did you need us for something?"

"Mm, yeah. The Doctor sent me to get you so he could kick you out."

"But we were just about to go through your room!" Martha complained as they all moved to follow him out.

Harry shrugged. "Feel free; I don't keep anything in there."

"You're here almost more often than you're at your flat, mate," Mickey pointed out. "How can you not have things here?"

"It's all in the Doctor's room," Martha informed her husband.

Harry snorted. "I've got some changes of clothing and a couple books I can't read without the TARDIS around to translate them, but otherwise I keep everything at my flat or on my desk." For all that he loved the Doctor and the TARDIS, it was always a little too chancy to leave things in a place that was constantly being placed in danger, and he preferred having things at home to remind himself of the Doctor when he was stuck on Earth.


A/N: So, herein lies the end of what I intend to write for this series. If someone else gets a wild hair up their arse one day and wants to tackle a continuation, have at. I've washed my hands of it, at this point.

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