Harry Potter and Hedwig: Harry's Second friend

When Harry was eleven and a day years old, Hagrid, Harry's first friend, bought him a white snowy owl for his birthday from Eeylops Owl Emporium. Harry knew he wanted her the second her laid eyes on her. Afterward, he couldn't stop stuttering his thanks.

Throughout the years, Hedwig and Harry lived in a world of magic side by side. At first, Hedwig only stopped in to say hello, or maybe have a little snack. Harry's first delivery from Hedwig was a note from Hagrid asking to have a cup of tea at three o' clock on a Friday afternoon, wanting to hear about Harry's first week. His second and one of the most special delivery was his first broomstick, a genuine Nimbus 2000.

Hedwig was Harry's only link to the magical world when he spent his sickly summers at the Dursley's. She was his companion through hard times in the summer, like the time his Aunt Marge came for a week, or when he was simply missing the magical world. He spent hard times at school too, like when his godfather Sirius Black died, and then a year later, Albus Dumbledore died. In his fourth year, everyone thought he was a terrible liar because of the Triwizard tournament, and although he had Hermione, she wasn't in many of his classes.

On the terrible night when Hedwig died, Harry thought about the times they'd shared, and he placed her in a special place in his heart, a place that he would remember forever.


Hedwig the Owl

Owned by Harry Potter

Purchased Aug. 1st, 1991

Died July 24, 1997

Hedwig, my second friend