The Humiliation...

The fox cubs Bold, Charmer, Dreamer and Friendly were having a wrestling game, something they had been playing right from the start. Charmer and Friendly were wrestling right now, with Bold chanting for Charmer and Dreamer for Friendly. Friendly loved wrestling with Charmer, she was gentle like he was, she never used any form of force. Charmer and Dreamer liked wrestling with Friendly too, because he was fair, and gentle. However, Bold was the opposite. He was rough and also got a little carried away when it came to wrestling. Finally, Charmer was beaten by Friendly. And now he was to be up against Bold.

Bold, who was slightly heavier and stronger than Friendly had him down in almost no time at all.

"Ouch! Don't pull my fur!" Yelped Friendly

"Do you really think that an attacker like this, er... Scarface, is going to take any notice of that?" Bold smirked, pulling Friendly's fur harder.

"We're supposed to be playing a wrestling game!" Friendly snapped, "Ouch! That hurts!"

"Lesson time!" Called their mother

"Already?" Bold grumbled

"Don't argue!" Fox called

Bold rolled his eyes, but he grinned as he realized something... He knew exactly where the pinecone was! He ran along, as if he was eager to begin the lesson. He quickly retrieved the pinecone, and played around with it. He shook it and tossed it up into the air – as per the previous lesson.

"...Now, watch how I do it" Vixen said to her cubs. Friendly and Charmer watched curiously, but Dreamer's curiosity had made her attention turn to a butterfly – fluttering around by a little flower.

"Oh... what a dreamer" Vixen sighed. She hadn't noticed Bold sneaking around and snatching the pine-cone from under her nose.

"Where is it!"

"Bold hid it under the moss" Friendly sighed

Friendly retrieved the pinecone. His mother praised him as he returned, but Bold wiggled his tongue rudely at his brother.

"You naughty cub!" Reprimanded Vixen


"Now you do it" Vixen said to Friendly, who neatly copied his mother's instruction – despite the distraction.

"I say, well done!" Badger cheered

"Good boy!" Fox smiled

"Very good, Friendly!" Praised Vixen

"Show off!" Bold muttered

A little later, after the cubs' had finished their lesson. Dreamer had just caught sight of a funny looking insect on a long grass stem, so she went over to examine it, Friendly saw her wandering off and went to join her.
"What have you found there, Dreamer?" Asked Friendly
"I don't know" She replied
"What are you two looking at?" Said Bold, rudely.
"Is there any need to be so rude?" Asked Friendly scornfully
"There is when…" Bold began, but then he too caught sight of the insect, and he also fell into the mysterious depths of curiosity.
"What can it be?" Said Friendly
"That dear, is a Grasshopper" Said Vixen, who had wondered where all of her cubs had gotten to, and then saw them a little way down the hill in the giant daisy patch. Friendly, taken completely by surprise at his mother's sudden sentence, jumped up onto his hind legs, but he couldn't hold his balance – he fell backwards with a yelp.
"What's wrong Friendly?" Vixen asked softly
"You surprised me!" Cried Friendly
"You're too squeamish aren't you Friendly!" Chuckled Bold
"I'm sure you would have done the same thing!" Snapped Friendly
"Me!" Laughed Bold "I'm not a scaredy fox!"
"Bold!" Said a stern voice behind him, it was Fox.
"Whaaa!" Bold yelped
Friendly and Dreamer burst into laughter.
"I told you he would have done the same thing" Friendly chuckled to Dreamer.
"You almost gave me a heart attack!" Bold cried to his father.
"Showing off again are you?" Sighed Fox
"No" Bold said quickly
"Good, well let's try to keep it that way" Said Fox, turning away to Vixen.
"Just a minute, where's Charmer?" Fox asked
"Right here, father" Charmer yawned, appearing from the earth, "What's going on?"

"You were asleep?" Dreamer giggled, "It was so funny!"


"Bold was frightened by father!" Friendly finished, with a giggle

"He did not frighten me!" Bold sniffed, sticking his nose up proudly.

It was no good. Charmer, Dreamer and Friendly continued laughing together. Bold folded his ears down, but he could still hear his siblings' laughter, mocking him in his defiance.