Brotherly Love

..."I'm going to warn you, you must not harm my sister in any way, if you do then I will be at her side to defend her, or even avenge her if she dies. I hope you understand that" Friendly warned Ranger

"Don't you worry, I'll look after her" Ranger answered "I had nothing to do with your sister's death, and I am not at all like Scarface"

"Really? You look an awful lot like him" Friendly said suspiciously

"Friendly, he will do nothing against me, you heard father. He is honest and you have to make do with that" Charmer protested "I know he will do nothing to hurt me"

Friendly knew he was fighting a losing battle with these two, he let them be. It was none of his business what his sister did really. He turned away from them, but now he felt rather alone. This was not good for him, he hated being alone.

"Oh, now what have I done? Charmer was right, I am turning bitter" He sighed, and looked up to the sky. He was remembering Badger, remembering how Fox had told him about how he had become friends with Badger, and wondered if something the same were to happen to him. He certainly hoped so, he couldn't stand being alone like this. Friendless, unhappy and turning bitter. He turned back to the den and went inside. He sighed and fell asleep. Fox didn't notice his son's unhappiness, but Vixen did. After a little while, Vixen went down to talk to her son.

"Friendly?" Vixen asked

Friendly stirred and yawned. He had been having a dream about Dreamer, she didn't die in this dream, a blue fox came out and took her with him – like Ranger and Charmer. Friendly wasn't sure if this dream was real, but he had enjoyed it. He didn't want to return to reality again, but he knew he had to.

"Friendly, what's wrong?" Vixen asked

"I just feel rather, alone" Friendly answered sadly "At least when Dreamer was around I had someone to talk to who wasn't bullying me or ignoring me"

Vixen understood, she had had two siblings in her cubhood, but they had always played together and left her out. She fully understood how her son felt. Dreamer had been taken away from him, Charmer had been taken too, Bold had never really played fair with his brother, and Fox was too busy worrying about the threat of Scarface.

"Poor Friendly" Vixen thought "He shouldn't have to live through this"

"Why should I be so lonely?" Friendly thought "What have I done to deserve this?" A tear was welling up in his left eye, he could feel it. He also felt the sadness welling up in his heart.

Vixen laid down next to her son, she still felt sad for Bold, wondering how on earth he was doing on his own, but she was also worried about Friendly, he had been so named because of how friendly he was to Owl, and to everybody else; but he was changing – mostly because of current events. He didn't want to be unfriendly and Vixen knew it, but he was changing...

Fox then entered the earth, he was wondering where Vixen and Friendly were.

"Friendly, it's your turn on watch" Fox said

Friendly nodded and left absent-mindedly.

"I think something's upsetting Friendly" Vixen said to Fox

"Something's upsetting everyone" Fox cut in "Adder failed to kill Scarface, and now everybody's on high alert"

"I know, but Friendly seems to be changing, and I don't like the look of it" Vixen answered

"I'll have a talk to him" Fox nodded, "- When he gets back"

"Now, Friendly. What we'd like to know is, what is bothering you?" Fox asked

"Well to put it a better way, we'd like to know why you aren't being yourself lately" Vixen said

"It's the threat of Scarface mainly, but after receiving such a fright a little while ago I've been afraid to even say such a thing against any orders" Friendly answered

Fox nodded "I'm sorry for that, son. I'm extremely worried about the threat of Scarface, and also about what he could do to all of us"

"I know" Friendly said

Just then, Charmer arrived – she had been hunting, and had caught herself a mouse. She went down into the earth to eat it.

"How's Ranger?" Friendly asked curiously

"Oh, just give it a rest, Friendly" Charmer sighed

"I'm only asking!" Friendly exclaimed

"He's fine, and so am I. No thanks to you!"

Friendly sighed and turned away. Fox left to begin the night-watch.

"That wasn't very kind, Charmer. Friendly's worried about your safety, is all"

"Really? And why should he be worried about me?"

"He loves you. We all do" Vixen said

"So does Ranger" Charmer said, "I'm going to see him now! I should be back in a little while"

Friendly watched his sister leave, unhappily. It wasn't too long ago that Charmer had been his best friend, but that was all in the past... a tear fell down his cheek, landing without a sound on the ground below.