Hi there! New chapter story! Thanks to Fran for encouraging me to take this story on! It might be a little OOC, but what the hey! LOL! Hope you like! Enjoy!

Italics = flashback

Gillian walked through her front door. She unceremoniously dropped her bags to the ground and numbingly walked to the couch. As she sank into the cushions, her eyes immediately closed. Just as she was about to enter REM sleep, a voice called from the door. "You know, it is dangerous to leave your door open like this. Any old stranger can walk in."

Not even opening her eyes she mumbled, "Good, they can take whatever they want. Just as long as they leave this couch, some bubble bath soap and food." She opened one eye and smiled, "It is great to see you, Ben, but you are going to have drag your ass over here so that I can hug you. I am not moving."

Ben smirked and followed directions. He bent down and Gillian flung out her arms to hug, however she miscalculated and hit him in the face with the back of her hand. He flinched as she bolted up. His smirk grew into a rare full blown smile and said, "Jeez, I'm not Lightman, you can't slap me around like that."

Gillian relaxed a little and asked, "Where is Cal, anyways? I would have thought he would be beating down the door."

Ben stood and said, "I told him to wait an hour or so to come see you. I told him that if he stepped one pinky toe through those doors, that I would shoot him." He softened his voice. "He was about to storm over here but I told him to wait at least an hour so that you could get situated, you know get comfortable. HA, I bet you he his pacing his office like a dog in heat."

Gillian shared in his laugh as she stood up. She placed her arm on his and quietly said, "Thank you." They shared a silent moment. "You know Ben, it's going to take me more than an hour to get comfortable. Mind having some dinner with me?"

They walked to the kitchen as Ben said, "Well I don't blame you. You have been away for almost two months."


Cal paced his office checking his watch every 5 seconds. The time seemed to be going by so slowly. Five seconds into his hour long wait, he began to pace. By the 2 minute mark, he began to check his watch. By 3 minutes and 35 second mark, he knew how he was going to approach Gillian. By 5 minutes and 20 seconds he changed his plan of approach three times. By 7 minutes and 50 seconds, he began to remember when this whole ridiculousness started.

She nervously came into his office at the end of a big case. Usually they would be drinking but something stopped her. He was instantly concerned. She told him that she wanted something different in her life, something thrilling. Then she told him that the FBI came to her with a proposal for an undercover mission. She couldn't tell him specifics because she didn't know them. He tried to talk her out of it, but her mind was made up. Then he did something that he thought he would never use on her, the guilt trip. She didn't fall for it and called him a selfish bastard. As she stormed out, she called out, "Do me a favor and grow up while I am gone."

The next day she was gone. She left a note on his desk with one bloody word on it, "Sorry."

He went to Ben, but he had no control over this mission, he wasn't even privy to the case specifics. He tried to pull every string he had, but it all came to a dead end. Then out of nowhere, Ben came in and said that she was back from her mission. After two bloody months, she was back. He was about to stamped over Reynolds and his stupid threat, when he made a good point. Gillian needed to get comfortable before he barged in and demanded where she had been.

He looked at his watch again; 15 minutes and 35 seconds had passed. He figured that Ben was already over there and had warned her about him coming. He figured it would take about 20 minutes to get to her apartment with traffic, which there is sure to be. He had to do something to keep his mind busy. He began to take out his phone to call Emily, but then put it way. She was at a movie right now with one of her wanker boyfriends. He promised not to interrupt them.

He kicked the desk and then immediately wished he hadn't. He wobbled to one of the guest chairs and sat down. He took his shoe off and massaged his foot. He looked at his watch again; 18 minutes and 5 seconds had passed. This was taking forever!

He put his shoe back on and walked behind his desk. He looked down at a file that needed his attention. After 3 minutes of losing concentration, he slammed the file shut. He sighed out loud and checked his watch yet again; 22 minutes and 15 seconds had passed.

He turned his computer off and straightened his mess up. He then snatched his car keys up and walked out of his office. He figured that he can wait to see her in his car at her apartment complex. It is kind of stalker-ish, but time was going by so slow at the office.

When he arrived at her complex, he let his engine run. His determination to know what happened was set high. He was not leaving until he had some answers. He checked his damn watch; 43 minutes and 45 seconds had passed. At least he has less than 20 minutes to think of a new way to approach her. This was going to be the longest… he checked his watch… 26 minutes of his life.


"I bet you 20 bucks!" Gillian crammed her hand in her pocket and brought out the bill. She slammed it on the counter and then gave Ben a huge 'know-it-all' grin.

He shook his head and took out two $10 bills. "I take your bet and raise you 10 more dollars." He brought out another bill and placed it on their growing pile.

Gillian thought for a moment and then agreed. "I have the money in my purse. We can check after I put the money in the pot."

They walked to where she dumped her purse from before. She took out her wallet. Before she gave it to Ben, she grabbed her stomach. She sat down on one of the steps and put her head between her legs. Ben reached out and asked, "Are you alright, Gillian?"

After a moment or two, she lifted her head and nodded. "I have been feeling this way for about a day or two. I think it is just from eating horrible food and all of the excitement of coming home." She stood up, albeit a little wobbly, and said, "Let's go see who won the bet; unless you want to back out?"

Ben shook his head, "Hell no, you're on!" They walked out of her apartment to the parking spaces. They scanned the filled area until Gillian slapped Ben on his arm.

She pointed to a Toyota Prius, "I told you he would be here! Give me my money!"

Ben held up his hand and said, "No, no, we have to see if it's him. Don't put all your eggs in one basket." They walked up to the car and Ben knocked on the window. Slowly, the window came down to reveal a grinning Cal. Ben shook his head and said, "Lightman, for once you let me down." He handed the cash over to Gillian and sulked away.

Cal got out of his car and looked at Ben's retreating back. "What the hell does he mean?" He looked over to Gillian and caught his breath. He glanced down and pushed around some gravel with his foot. He looked back up to find a very curious Gillian.

She broke into a teethy grin, held out her arms and wiggled them around. "What? No hug? I haven't seen you in about 2 months and all you can do is look at your feet?" He still didn't move or talk so she plucked up the courage and hugged him. She stayed like that for a couple of seconds.

Soon Cal relaxed and slid his arms around her waist. He whispered in her hair, "I've missed you."

She was enjoying the affectionate embrace when her stomach started to rumble, not from being hungry but from being nauseous. She pushed back and grabbed her stomach. Cal looked at her with concern and then said, "Let's get you inside; I am sure you are beat." She followed him into her house. He almost tripped over her luggage and stubbed his already sore toe. "Bloody hell, woman! Don't you know how to pick up after yourself? Are you trying to kill me?" His question wasn't answered because she was running up the stairs. He followed her until his route was stopped by the bathroom door. Then he heard something horrible; Gillian was throwing up and every wrenching sound she made echoed through the room.

Ben came running up. "What the hell happened?" He heard her throwing up and rounded to Cal. "Lightman, what the hell did you do to her?"

"Nothing. We were hugging when she grabbed her stomach and ran for it." As they waited for Gillian to finish, he was thinking of questions to ask her. When she walked out, she looked like death washed over her. He smiled affectionately, "No offense, Luv, but you look like hell."

Gillian walked past him and whispered, "No offense Cal, but you always look like hell." She stumbled against the wall. Cal, who was closer, grabbed her and carried her to her bed. When her head hit the pillow, she was asleep.

Ben whispered, "She is very exhausted. Let's give her some space."

Cal nodded reluctantly. He really wanted his questions answered, but they will have to wait. As they walked down the stairs, he was worried about how sick she was. When she came out in the parking lot, she didn't look so tired. It seemed like it just came out of nowhere. Before they left, he check the kitchen; it was definitely used. He concluded that it was just her exhaustion getting to her. When he closed the front door, he locked it with his spare key. He looked at Ben and asked, "Why did you give Gillian money? Did she win a bet?" He wiggled his eyebrows.

Ben tried to keep the smirk from his face, but failed miserably. "She won the bet that you would be out in the parking lot waiting for your hour to finish. She won 60 bucks!"

As they went their separate ways, one thought ran through both of their minds, "Damn, she is good."

So how is it so far? More to come soon! Next chapter we find out whats wrong with Gillian!