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Cal walked into the Lightman Group with a purpose and mission. Because of the late hour, no one was there. He walked into his office and sat down at his desk. He turned on his computer and waited impatiently for it to show his desktop. He double clicked on 'My Documents' and then clicked on a folder labeled 'Chocolate'. A video feed came up showing clips from Gillian's office. Hesitating for a couple of seconds, he double clicked on the footage from earlier that day; whispering under his breath, "God help me."

He saw that she was working on some paper work and then Torres came in. They decided to go out for lunch. Cal was about to fast forward through the empty office when he saw someone come in. It happened so fast that Cal stopped the video and rewound it and played it slower. The man had on a blue Yankees hat but with every camera angle, it didn't get his face. He put something on Gillian's desk and then left.

Cal then watched the rest of the empty office feed until Gillian and Torres came back from lunch. Gillian saw the note on her desk and she shooed Torres away. Almost immediately, she called Ben and asked him to come to her office. Why did she call him and not me? Cal fast forward until Ben came into Gillian's office. Cal listened to their whole conversation. With each passing second, his fists got tighter and tighter from rage. After Ben left, she pulled out a card, almost like a business card. Cal stopped the video and zoomed in on the card. Because the card was so small, Cal couldn't see the writing through the pixilation. However, he knew whose name and number was on that card. She got up and walked out of her office.

Cal couldn't take it anymore; he shoved the files on the side of his desk off. He got up and started to pace his office, kicking things aside when they got in his way. Why couldn't she come to me? Why did she have to go to him? I'm the one who is taking care of her, not him. Yet she fucking calls him. What does he have that I don't? I saw him once before, he's scrawny. No muscles to him what-so-ever. How would he be able to protect her? He couldn't even protect himself when they had sex.

Cal stopped his pacing at that last thought. She's still in love with him. That's it. Even though she has said that she isn't, she is. She is trying to fool herself and it might work on her but not on me. Fuck her.

He stopped pacing again and grabbed his chest. Then he looked across the hall into her office. With all of the pent up rage that had been accumulating since turning him down, he yelled, "YOU STILL FUCKING LOVE HIM!" He punctuated it by punching the wall. He quickly grabbed his coat and stormed out of his office. I need a fucking drink.


Cal had just downed his forth glass of whiskey, when a woman sat down next to him at the bar. He bleakly looked over and saw that she was dressed to the nines. When he heard her order a glass of scotch, he was hooked. He turned to look at her by placing his elbow on the bar to support his drunk head. She was wearing a gold sparkly dress that gave a nice view of her legs and her breasts. Cal seemed mesmerized by her breasts. With every breath that she took, her breasts inflated to where the material from her dress would slide down giving him more access. I am definitely a breast man. I love breasts. They way they look and feel, especially on Gillian. Ever since becoming pregnant, her breast swelled to accommodate for the baby. She has wonderful breasts now. They are so soft and voluptuous. The way they feel against me when we are making love, it sends shockwaves to the pit of my stomach.

"Excuse me, but if you're going to start at my boobs, the least you can do is buy me a drink." Her voice is not like Gillian's. It's very nasally and juvenile, like that woman who played a nanny on TV. He looked at her face and was surprised that it didn't match the beauty of the rest of her body. Her make-up, which there was a lot of, was caked on her face. Her nose was turned up like she was smelling something rotten.

He downed another glass of whiskey and stood up to fish for his wallet. He took out the appropriate bills and said to the barman, "Get her another glass of whatever she is drinking." The barman nodded and went down the bar to perform his duties. Cal turned to the woman and said, "Thank you. Enjoy your drink."

As he turned to go, she stopped him by grabbing his arm. "Don't you want to stay and have another one with me? I can make it worth your wild by the end of the night." She slid her other hand down towards the belt buckle of his jeans. Something inside his jeans twitched but it didn't give in to the temptation. I shouldn't but it would feel so good.

The barman came back with her drink and quietly sat it down in front of her. She didn't pay it any attention. Cal, still wondering if he should give into temptation, looked up at the TV and saw a commercial for Coco Puffs cereal. Something inside his chest stirred and he took the woman's hands off of his body. "I'm sorry, but I have to get back to my girlfriend." He looked to the bartender and said, "Thanks for the drinks." The younger man nodded and went back to wiping the glasses.

The woman looked a little lost, but then said, "She's a lucky woman to have a hottie like you coming home to her."

Cal stumbled around and drunkenly said, "No, I am lucky to have a woman like her in my life." And with that he left the bar.


Cal stumbled into his house. When he got home, he couldn't face Gillian, so he walked around the neighborhood for a couple hours. He knew it was time for him to come in when he didn't see any lights on. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. He drank it and then he put the glass in the sink. He saw that there was a bowl in there. He looked around and saw a box of Coco Puffs sitting on the counter. He covered his face with his hands and tried to shake the image of the woman from the bar.

"Dad? Did you just get in?" Cal looked up to see his daughter dressed in her PJ's.

"Yeah, there were some things I had to do at the office. Did I wake you?"

She shook her head, "No, I was talking with Gillian when I heard the front door open." Cal just nodded. "So… what did she say to living with us?" Cal pressed his lips so hard together, that they were turning white. "Did she say no?"

He let go of a breath he was holding. "No, but she wasn't exactly thrilled about it either. She said she would think about it."

Emily walked up to her dad and gave him a bear hug. "She will, you just have to give her time. It's all of the hormones that are racing through her body."

Cal hugged her back and whispered, "I guess you're right, it's just a rip to your ol' mans ego."

She looked up smiling, "Yeah, well, that can take a backseat." She hugged him again. Then she leaned back with a confused looked on her face. "Did you just go to the office? You smell like smoke and alcohol."

"I stopped by a bar to get a drink."

"That doesn't explain the smell of perfume."

He shrugged his shoulders and held his hands out. "I walked by someone who wanted me to buy their perfume."

She looked at him with sad eyes. "Dad, don't mess this up with Gillian. I suggest you take a shower first before going to see her." She turned around and walked upstairs.

Cal walked to the laundry room and stripped down to his boxers and undershirt. He threw the clothes into the washer and started it up. He walked upstairs into his room where he saw that Gillian wasn't there. He shook his head and walked into the bathroom. After taking a quick shower, Cal dressed in his night clothes and walked to Gillian's room.

He saw that she was sleeping soundly on her side. He crawled inside the bed right next to her. There he started to caress her stomach, then he started to work his way down. This woke Gillian up. She looked over her shoulder and whispered, "Where have you been? I tried to stay awake for you." She didn't stop his advances.

"I needed to do some things. God, I need you right now." He started to kiss her neck while his hands started to roam over her body.

She grabbed his hands and whispered, "Maybe we shouldn't be doing this, not after what was said earlier."

He took his hand out of hers and started to caress her cheek. Without blinking an eye he said, "I need you right now, Gillian. Please."

She was starting to look worried, "Where did you go tonight, Cal? Please tell me."

Should I tell the truth or give into more temptation to save her from the heartache? "I went to meet a new client. When I told him that we didn't want his business, he started to get an attitude." God she is going to hate me. I don't blame her, I hate myself.

"Did anything happen?"

"No, it just made me realize that I miss you."

She smiled at him and then leaned in to kiss him. "I miss you too." He took that as her approval and he kissed her hard.

Before going any further, he looked back and said, "I love you so much. Do you love me?"

She looked down at her stomach and then back up to his eyes. "I love you very much." She cocked her head to the left and smiled. No deception in her eyes or face. She does love me.

That night they made love quietly yet passionately. In the morning when she woke up, she found that the other side of the bed was empty and cold.

Next chapter, they will be trucking on into month 6! Plus Gillian is confused by Cal's weird behavior around her.