September 1 MC 0080. A peaceful quiet afternoon in the Infinite Library which was quickly shattered by a flat question of disbelief.

"You want me to… what?"

Previously, a certain Yuuno Scrya had been going over the syllabus that he created for the archaeological courses that he would be teaching at the local university. That is… until he received Chrono's call.

"Well, I know it's a bit sudden but I only just got word of this myself and-"

"Chrono, I'm supposed to start teaching tomorrow!"

"Don't worry about that. We got your students covered for the first week," said the image of the Admiral from the other side.


"Yuuno, we really need your expertise on this one." Chrono was now sporting a much more serious look. "I would much rather discuss it in private so can I swing by your office in an hour?"

The blonde male merely shrugged. "My door's wide open."

"So what's all this commotion all of a sudden?" asked the Librarian as Arf set down some coffee cups for the two men and left the office to go back to her duties, leaving the two men alone.

"It was something that happened on a routine planet survey mission just a week ago on an uninhabited world. The surveyors had found some odd looking ancient scriptures during their explorations." Chrono took a moment to pull out a photograph that he received and pushed it over to Yuuno, who took one look at what was on it before gasping.

"Is this…Thuringian? I never thought I would see evidence that proves this Ancient Belkan dialect exists!" The photographs composed of various carvings found in a cave along with writings in an ancient language

"And the interesting part is that it came along with an illustration that caught my interest." Another photograph was tossed on the table, this time with a carving of a particular cross. "It's the exact same illustration seen on the Silver Cross Bible, one of our newest Lost Logia cases."

"I see. You think that there's a clue on how to crack that case in those caves?"

"Precisely. I tried checking this over with Lutecia but unfortunately, she didn't know how to decipher this dialect. I'm hoping you may have better success."

Yuuno frowned. "Hm… the syntax is one of the larger difficulties in properly translating this. Did you manage to take photos of all the cave writings?"

Chrono shook his head. "No. To tell you the truth, the investigation team is trying to keep this as discreet as possible which is why I asked for a face to face meeting and limited the photographs to a small amount. We recently sent in a secret security patrol to guard the site for your examination later."

"So alpha level security parameters? That means I'll be flying alone under the guise of a normal business trip…" The Librarian was quite familiar with those due to the number of Lost Logia investigations he had a hand in. "How soon do you want me to get there and begin working?"

"As soon as possible. I've gotten a crew to perform maintenance on your personal ship and stock it with supplies to last you the round trip. I've also issued orders to expedite your flight plan authorization. Here are the planet's coordinates," said Chrono as he handed Yuuno another slip who quickly ran some math in his head.

"Just over a week's trip? That means my students are going to miss two weeks worth of lectures!"

"I don't think they would mind," said the Admiral with a shrug.

"… ah, right… the student evaluations for professors…" It was one of the things about the university that got under his skin. The students all give him high marks for knowledge, a reasonable course work load and ability to communicate but a good portion of them kept commenting on how bland and forgettable he was. "Alright… I'll do it."

The trip had been uneventful although there had been a little mishap earlier when the Mid-Childa control station crew had to verify his ID and apologized for forgetting him already. It somewhat irked the Librarian seeing how he's been head of his branch since he was nine years old. Then again, everybody probably focused on the most famous personnel of the TSAB like Nanoha, Fate and Hayate. Hell, even Chrono's fairly famous-

'No, don't think of such thoughts… focus on the task at hand.' After setting the ship into standard orbit over the planet, Yuuno transported down and found himself by the sights and sounds of battle and death close to the rendez-vous area on the planet.

'... just what happened here?' He could hear explosions in the distance. His sense of smell was nearly overwhelmed by the scent of blood from the dead TSAB security party that had been stationed here to quietly guard the site. Body parts were scattered in different areas. A leg here... a head there...

Yuuno had to fight the urge to throw up and started to approach any intact bodies to check for life signs. Before he could get to the first one, his eyes caught sight of someone crashing down heavily from the sky. He immediately headed in that direction and was just in time to see the person collide with the ground, causing dust to fly everywhere. Making his way over to the landing zone, he began to prepare a healing spell. "Don't move! I got... you...?"

Lying just before him was a female, probably in her early twenties, with long, light blue hair tied up in twin pigtails. Her damaged barrier jacket bore a startling resemblance to Fate's standard battle attire except this young woman had a blue cloak and skirt. Her device lay on the ground, shrunk to its normal form which was shaped in a similar fashion to Bardiche but with a blue gem. "Ahhhhh...! Owieowieowie!" As she struggled to rise, some of the blood from her forehead trickled over and narrowly missed going into her red eyes.

He shook his head to focus on his healing spell rather than think about more questions regarding Fate's mystery twin. "Hold still and let me heal you." He began to concentrate on closing the cut on her forehead.

"Eh…?" As the pain faded away, the blue haired woman looked at Yuuno and gave a little yelp in surprise. "Ah!"

"Whoa!" He backed off, not wanting to startle the Fate replica any further. Thankfully, the fear had dissipated and was replaced with curiosity instead.


He was starting to get a bit uncomfortable with the staring. "… um…"

Before he could get a chance to speak, that was when the blue haired woman straightened up. "You look familiar… but I'll play Guess Who with you later!" She reached down for her device. "Vulnificus!"

"Yes, ma'am."

The device flew right into the young woman's hands, instantly transforming into a heavy axe staff similar to Bardiche, leaving Yuuno with only more questions. As soon as she was ready, she took off in the air towards the battle. This time, Yuuno wouldn't be left behind and shifted into his own brown and green barrier jacket. Aside from it expanding to accommodate his growth and a pair of brown trousers to replace the shorts, it was still the same old design he used in his youth.

But by the time his barrier jacket was in place, the Fate look-alike already had a huge distance between them. He tried to pursue her as long as he could but it didn't take him too long for him to lose track of her visually as her form disappeared into the thick clouds. He would have tried calling out to her telepathically but he didn't even get her name. 'Great... now how am I supposed to get to the bottom of all this?'


The sudden call from another female voice startled Yuuno out of his thoughts and allowed him enough time to get out of the way of a figure that barely managed to regain control of her flight. The librarian took a moment to let out a small sigh of relief. 'That was close...!'

"... that foolish servant girl... what was she thinking just tossing me out of the fight when I had that mongrel at my mercy?"

Wait a second... her dialect and tone sounded eerily familiar to his ears. Yuuno slowly turned towards the new arrival and could only utter one word under his breath. "Hayate?"

Oh, she looked very similar to Hayate Yagami alright. The hairstyle and accessory looked the same along with the wings and barrier jacket setup. But that was as far as similarities went. Her hair colour was mostly silver with hints of darker gray hair near the end of the loosely hanging bangs and her green eyes... were somewhat off, which set off a few alarm bells in his head. The barrier jacket's colours were predominantly dark grey rather than white and there was no sign of her hat or staff although her Tome was active and floating by her side.

'Did... did she unison with a different device or something?' It seemed plausible but he had to be sure. He slowly approached the girl but didn't get too far as she snapped her head towards his direction. It was unnerving... those green eyes of hers that simply stared at his being as if judging him.

"What is it?"

Yuuno took a moment to calm down before speaking. "Hayate, what are you doing here? Do you know what's happen-" He suddenly stopped talking the moment he received a rather hostile look from the other person.

"What did you call me?" asked the girl in a cold tone.

"H-Hayate?" He was forced to back off as soon as she got up close in his personal space.

"I do not know that name but for some reason, that name makes my blood boil. If you wish to keep your tongue, you will not address me by that name again! Are we clear?"

"Then what should I call you?"

She backed off and struck a rather regal pose. "I am the Lord of Darkness, Material-D. Burn that name into your memory, peasant!"

'M-Material... D? What type of name is that? That name sounds...' Pieces started falling together in Yuuno's head. His silence was noticed by Material-D, who merely smiled in pride at how she had managed to strike a sense of awe in front of this peasant.

"Ara... it seems that you have been entranced by my majestic name? Of course, you are free to call me 'Your Majesty'."

He blinked in surprise, causing his thinking process to be halted for a moment. "Huh? No, I... er..." As he stammered, he noticed her previously proud smile slipping, a sure fire sign that she was starting to get annoyed. This was getting bad.

Fortunately for him, it seemed that her focus was elsewhere. She wasn't even looking at him anymore but rather in the direction of battle. "... just what are you doing, Material-S?" Without wasting a moment, she got into position, turning her back to Yuuno. Her Tome opened and flipped to a certain page before glowing and resonating with Material-D, causing a Belkan Triangle to appear in front of her. The funny part was that there was a secondary crest overlapping with the triangle, bearing a strong resemblance to a rose entrapped within a circle.

Yuuno didn't really pay close detail to the circle as his concentration was elsewhere. Particularly, the most logical explanation regarding Material-D and the Fate lookalike. 'There's no mistaking it... someone else had run their own version of Project F. Obviously not perfect since there are glaring differences in their physical appearances. And their memories aren't even transferred... perhaps renegade clones?'

"And here we... go!" The Triangle symbol began spinning rapidly as the rose crest glowed. The end result was a gigantic vacuum effect which forced Yuuno to keep his levitation stable.

'So far, I've seen replicas of Hayate and Fate. Does this mean that there's...?'

It didn't take long for him to get his answer as the vacuum spell worked its magic and sucked out another female individual, who had been caught in a bind spell, from the fight ahead that was still obscured by the thick clouds. As soon as Material-D cancelled the spell, the young woman took control of her speed and took a few moments to break free of the binds. "My thanks, Material-D."

"... Nanoha..." She was just as beautiful as the real one although her brown hair wasn't as long. In fact, it only just stretched just past her shoulders. Her blue eyes also carried the same 'off' look as the eyes he had seen on the Hayate and Fate replicas. In her grip was her trusty device, shaped like Raising Heart but coloured differently as a red staff with a blue gem.

"How many times have I told you to call me 'Your Majesty'?" huffed Material-D as she glared at the other woman, dressed in a black and crimson barrier jacket designed similarly to the old white and blue barrier jacket Nanoha wore in the past. "And how did you get caught so easily in a bind spell?"

"... it was my error. An error I will not repeat against this enemy again." Material-S then noticed the third member of the party just hovering there. "Who is he?"

"Just a peasant... although he seems to know you," noted the Hayate replica upon seeing the look in Yuuno's eyes. "Are you two acquainted?"

There was a slow pause before the Nanoha replica replied. "No."

Honestly, he was prepared for her to say it since obviously, she wouldn't share any memories with the original Nanoha. But to hear her declare that she doesn't know him at all in such a cold tone, it did sting at his heart little bit.

"... but..."

Both Material-D and Yuuno blinked in surprise at the sudden change in their companion's voice.

"... for some reason, I have this feeling. That I can trust this man with my back... correction..." She looked directly into his green eyes. "... I can trust him with my life."

"... that's it. Once we get out of this mess, I'm going to double check if this guy's enchanted you-" Material-D was cut off as a lightning bolt zipped past them and circled around just in time for it to change to the Fate lookalike and glomp Material-S while bawling like a baby.

"Seikou-chan! Yami-chan! Why did you two leave me alone like that? It's no fun playing by myself!"

"You stupid Material-L!" snapped Material-D. "If you're here, then they can use the time to-"

She couldn't get out anything else as a melodic female tone interrupted her. "Oh, we wouldn't dream of going through the Reaction process yet! Not until we get to know each other a little better!"

'Reaction?' Right now, every instinct of Yuuno was on high alert as another young woman emerged from the clouds, dressed in a long black garment which covered her entire body except for her arms and most of her legs. Her long dark hair was tied in a single ponytail. A pair of long black gloves covered her hands and most of her lower arms except for her shoulders, with the left one bearing a distinct indigo blue wing tattoo. Underneath her right arm was a book, most likely her device.

The Hayate replica snarled at the other woman who just came out. "You..."

"After all... we didn't expect to find such interesting creatures when we went on our little slaughterfest earlier!" exclaimed the woman with a happy smile. "Isn't that right... partner?"

A beat...

... a click of a rifle...

... and two words.

"Divide Zero."

'It was them who...?' Yuuno had no time to think and quickly threw up a barrier to block the sudden attack that came out of nowhere. However, the sheer power that was behind that blast forced the Librarian to maintain heavy concentration just to ensure the defensive field wouldn't be broken. 'That spell back there... it's just as strong as Nanoha's Starlight Breaker but the casting speed isn't as long!' The effect of the attack spell caused some of the clouds to part, showing their male attacker wielding a gunblade device and dressed in a biker outfit. Magic circles surrounded his device which emitted a powerful aura of light to obscure his face although his short brown hair could be seen.

"Would you stop bawling already, Material-L? We have to strike now while we have a chance!" snapped Material-D.

"But you'll just leave me alone again!" whined the Fate replica.

"Rai-chan, we have a battle to fight," said Material-S softly. "I promise that I will be fighting by your side."

In an instant, the tears vanished and Material-L had a happy little look on her face. "Kay!" After releasing her friend and activating Vulnificus again, she spun it around a few times while singing a little song to herself. "Now is fighty time, fighty time! Blood, blood... BLOOD!"

There was a lot of emphasis put on that last word as her childish look instantly became malevolent while her magical aura erupted. To see such a sudden change in attitude startled Yuuno so much that the barrier wavered for just a moment and allowed the attacking spell to partially get through and graze his right side, leaving a rather nasty burn. "Guh!"

"Ooh... that'll probably leave a nasty scar," commented the black-clad female hovering ahead of them.

"...!" Even though she didn't say a word, the alarmed look on the face of Material-S was enough to spur Material-L into action. Transforming into into a lightning bolt and tackling the male Divider Wielder, it allowed the attack to stop and prevent any further danger to Yuuno's being. Now that he had a breather, he let go of the shield and started a healing spell on his injured side while he caught his breath.

Meanwhile, the Nanoha replica had summoned her own magic circle beneath her feet which was none other than the standard Mid-Childan circle but with mysterious spikes that protruded around the entire circle. "Fly... Phantasmic Fangs!" The spikes then took on a life of their own as they peeled themselves off the circle before transforming into blue swords. They all flew towards the other woman, who summoned her shield thanks to the Tome she carried. However, the forceful impact of the swords against her own barrier drove her back into the thick clouds. Taking a moment to breathe, Material-S turned to address her fellow replica. "We need to get out of here."

"Excuse me? Are you out of your mind?" screeched Material-D.

"As we are now, we cannot defeat the enemy," stated Material-S in her calm tone.

The other woman wasn't too happy to hear that. "Just what is it that they have that's preventing us from beating them down like the mongrels they are?"

"My attack spells haven't had as much effect on my opponent," recalled the Nanoha replica. "Any injuries he receives are healed quickly, most likely due to some self-healing factor. We need to move to another world to recover fully. Are you able to cast another teleportation spell?"

"There's one problem with that," said Material-D in a fake sweet tone before going back to her screeching. "YOU BUNGLED UP THE DESTINATION EQUATION IN THE FIRST PLACE DURING THE LAST TELEPORTATION! How am I supposed to properly use Dimensional Transfer if I don't have the departure variables?"

"Wait," rasped Yuuno, catching the attention of the two women. "I have a vessel in orbit. We can transport... there..."

"You... have a ship?" asked the Hayate replica in disbelief. It looks like she would have to re-evaluate this peon's worth.

"Just give me some time to prepare the transportation spell and make sure everyone's here before I cast it." He stopped his healing spell, which didn't really help too much against that burn of his, and started concentrating on the transportation spell.

"Understood." As the group now had a plan, Material-D began to administer whatever healing magic she could to Yuuno's side as he focused on the transporation spell while Material-S summoned her magic circle again, once again with the spikes. This time, as the multiple spikes peeled themselves off, they changed to green daggers instead of regular blue swords. "Phantasmic Fangs, Version Two... Tangle Bits!"

The green daggers flew off towards the battle while the Nanoha replica readied her device and had it load a new cartridge. "Maximum power..."

"Warning. Use of an S-ranked bombardment spell will leave mana reserves at critical levels. It is recommended that this action be aborted."

"Objection noted, Luciferion. Override," stated Material-S calmly.

"..." The device didn't respond which only added to the tense atmosphere.

"COMPLY." This time, the replica's tone was a bit more forceful, which finally got the device to start gathering magical energy and spring magical circles in front of the mage and underneath her feet.

"Order acknowledged, my Mistress."

As the ball of magical energy grew larger and larger from the residual mana in the atmosphere, the clouds begun to part and showed their opponents caught in the green magical web created by the daggers shot out by the Nanoha replica earlier and rounded up with the help of Material-L, who had returned to the group. "I'm almost ready!" shouted Yuuno as his own magical circles started to spring from his body.

The Nanoha replica nodded before beginning her aria in sync with her device. "Red stars gather... and tear through everything in a blaze of light!"

"Oooh... this is gonna suck," grumbled the black-clad female from within the web as she prepared to muster up whatever defensive spells she had at her disposal.


She couldn't remember how long it had been since they had been blasted to the ground by that Luciferion Breaker. It had been quite a blur but when she checked her device's chronometer, it had only been a few minutes. As she got up, she noticed that her entire balance felt a bit off too. She looked down... and frowned when she saw a missing chunk of her torso. "And I liked this dress too..." One quick regeneration later and her body was restored, although the clothing damage remained.

"Hn," came the grunt of her partner who was behind her with a missing left arm.

"You okay there?"

"Peachy." After taking a moment to regenerate his arm, he glanced at the woman. "Shouldn't you be searching for those mages now?"

"Yeah, yeah. Initiating Wide Area Search." Her device flew out before flipping open to a specific page and sent out multiple orbs of light in all directions. After reviewing the feedback from the spell, she made her report. "There are no signs of them on this world but the mana signatures of those interesting mages are still fresh."

"A transport?"

"Looks like it. Refining search parameters..." The tome glowed once as it locked on to their targets. "Bingo... they're in a vessel orbiting this world. Coordinates 45 Mark 87."

Without wasting a moment, the young male got into position and prepared his device. "EC Divider... Super Substratospheric Altitude Mode."

It took a while for Material-D's eyes to readjust to the light after that teleport but once she regained her sight, she couldn't help but gawk at what she saw. "... this is your ship?"

The group had transported right to the cockpit area where there were two seats, one for the pilot and one for the co-pilot. Behind them was a door which led to a room that acted as a combination of living quarters and storage space. Material-L immediately spotted an unused clean bunk and helped the tired Material-S towards it so she could rest from her last massive attack.

"It's really just a personal shuttlecraft," panted Yuuno heavily as he was gently moved into the pilot seat by Material-D. "One of the perks being Chief Librarian of the Infinity Library, I guess."

"Hm... perhaps I should enlist you as my scholar when I finally establish my kingdom," mumbled the Hayate replica. "To document the dawn of my legacy is an important task after all."

"Let's just get out of here first," said the wounded male as he began booting the systems back up and keyed in his passcodes while Material-D resumed administering the healing magic she had applied to his burn from earlier.

"Identify verified. All systems unlocked. Welcome back, Yuuno Scrya," chirped the voice of the on-board computer.

Hearing that name caused Material-S to slightly stir out of her dazed state. If it weren't for Material-L steadying her, she probably would have fallen off the bunk. "Y-Yuuno? That name... sounds..."

Before he could respond, the computer began beeping rampantly. "Warning. Incoming attack spell."

"Raise the shields!" Just as soon as Yuuno made the order, the ship rocked violently as the alarm signals started ringing heavily. "Damage report!"

"Hold still so I can heal you!" growled Material-D as she kept at her work.

"Shields down to 55 percent..."

"We're not going to blow up, are we?" asked the Fate replica in a slightly worried tone. "I don't wanna become fireworks!"

Another violent impact rocked the ship. "Ten percent."

"Computer, open the mage-interface port!" The console on the co-pilot's side shimmered a bit before Yuuno shuffled over to the other seat, to Material-D's annoyance, and placed his palms on the newly activated console. "Synchronize!"

"Peon, if you want me to properly treat this burn, then stop moving around so much!" Honestly, why did he have to make this so difficult?

"Synchronization complete."

"Circle Protection!" The defense spell was cast directly through the ship's systems, allowing a barrier to immediately sprang up and surround the exterior of the ship, softening the next blow to just a small shake. "Ah, good..."

The small shake though was enough to cause Material-D to lose enough of her balance and whatever was left of her patience. "You..." She stopped administering the healing magic, causing Yuuno to pause what he was doing when he felt the flow of her magic cut off.

"What's..." He didn't have a chance to say anything else as the freshly summoned Paper Fan of Doom came upon him.

"WHEN! I! TELL! YOU! TO! HOLD! STILL! YOU! HOLD! STILL!" screeched Material-D, emphasizing her words with a heavy smack to the head from the fan before taking a moment to catch her breath.

"Ten hit combo! Yay!" exclaimed Material-L just as they all noticed the flow of power around the ship shut off.

"Warning. Synchronization has been disrupted due to improper connection to the interface."

The trio all looked at Yuuno, who was now out sprawled out over the console and out cold thanks to his stamina giving out after taking that sudden barrage from the Paper Fan. "You knocked him out?" asked Material-S, glaring at the Hayate replica who was now sweating bullets.

"I... er..."

"Nice job breaking it, your Majesty," said Material-L in a sarcastic tone.

"SHUT UP!" Just as she finished snapping at the Fate replica, Material-D dragged Yuuno's unconscious body up from the chair and started repeatedly slapping his face again with the Paper Fan in an attempt to wake him up. "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!"

"Material-D... you need to calm down. This is not the time to panic," stated Material-S from her spot.

"First, call me 'Your Majesty'! Second, this is the perfect time to panic!" screeched the Hayate replica with her green eyes clearly showing her agitation. "If we don't do something soon, we're going to get blown up to smithereens! And he's the only person who knows how to operate the ship properly! Unless there's some sort of emergency panic button-"

"Ooh! Ooh! Can I press the panic button?" asked Material-L eagerly.

"Quiet you!" She immediately resumed trying to slap the sole male occupant awake but the only effect she has had so far was to cause his cheeks to turn red and swell up. Plus there was some bleeding from the nose thanks to a small rupture.

"Wow... her panic level's over nine thousand! Yuu-nii's nose is bleeding from all that massive damage!"

"Yuu-nii...?" Material-S found it unusual to see Material-L warm up to someone this quickly upon all the strangers that they have encountered on their vast journey. She decided to ponder on this later as there were more pressing concerns. "Material-D, see if you can get control over the vessel and move us out of orbit. I will resume attempts to wake up Yuuno."

"Dammit, call me 'Your Majesty'!" But she didn't object to the Nanoha replica's suggestion and shoved the librarian's body in her comrade's direction before she took the seat and started trying to figure things out after placing her Paper Fan to the side. "Argh... how do I work this thing? That peon just placed his hands down and..."

The moment her palms rested on the console, the computer began to react. "New user detected. Registering palm prints..."

"How many more cartridges do you have left?" asked the male Divider Wielder as he steadied the much larger version of his device which was still cooling down from using up that last cartridge.

"Down to the last one. Although..." She checked her skirt pockets and pulled out a bright yellow cartridge, a white cartridge and a red gem.


"I do have an Aura Cartridge and a Flametongue on me as well. If you don't want to use them up prematurely, you better make the last three shots count," said the woman before tossing over the white cartridge to him.

"Roger that."

"Registration complete. Synchronization complete. Welcome, Hayate Yagami."

"That name...!" Material-D had to fight down the urge to blast this bucket of bolts straight to heaven now just for calling her that. She did take a deep breath before trying to access ship systems. "Give me control over navigation and propulsion systems."

"Unable to comply. Secondary control relays are offline." Another warning siren started ringing. "Warning! Incoming attack spell."

'Wait... what did that peasant do again? He just cast his defensive spell through the system?' She wasn't sure if she was doing this right but she focused herself and conjured a large defensive Belkan triangle to cover the part of the ship that was being attacked. "Panzer Schild!"

While Material-D took care of defense, both Material-L and Material-S were wondering how to handle the unconscious Yuuno. "I admit... I do not know how to properly handle this type of situation," said the Nanoha replica.

"Hm... try kissing him on the lips! It should wake him up like in Sleeping Beauty!" exclaimed the Fate replica as the ship rocked once from the shield handling the first shot.

"... but he's not under a magical spell. He's been rendered unconscious by the sudden unjust beating he received earlier," replied Material-S.

"It was his fault for not staying still when I told him!" shouted Material-D in defense as her shield absorbed another hit.

"Details, details! The basic story's the same. An evil witch knocks out the fair-"

"HEY!" 'Note to self: pound that damned blue haired brat!'

"-prince and he needs a kiss from a beautiful princess to wake him up!" said Material-L with that happy childish smile on her face.

"Oh... kay..." After adjusting the unconscious librarian's body to face towards her, Material-S bent down and pressed her lips against his while carefully avoiding the blood.

"Don't forget to slip him some tongue!" shouted the Fate replica.

Material-D gave a small disdainful snort while maintaining the shield which absorbed the third shot without any major hassle. "Hmph! If I weren't stuck manning this station, I would show you how it's done!"

The moment Material-S released the unconscious Yuuno, she waited for him to wake up. However, he hardly seemed to be responding to the earlier stimulus. "I guess my kiss wasn't enough?" For some reason, she felt somewhat disappointed.

"Then lemme try!" Material-L lunged towards the librarian but was blocked off by the Nanoha replica. "What are you doing?"

"I don't know if I did it correctly. Let me try kissing him again."

"I wanna try kissing Yuu-nii!"

"Still holding together? How resilient..." He had to give them credit for being able to withstand the barrage from his modified Divide Zero spell, especially since it's being fired from his larger Divider. 'And I already used up the magical power in that last cartridge...'

"They really are something out of the ordinary!" squealed his partner, much to his irritation. "We've got to bring them back to Fortis! I'm sure he'll want to examine these new specimens as soon as possible!"

"You know the rules. Those who lay eyes on the scriptures of the Silver Cross must be eliminated." He held out his free hand. "Pass me that Aura Cartridge and that Flametongue."

"Aw, phooey. I wanted to find out what made those three tick," grumbled the woman before tossing those two items to the Divider Wielder. After changing his device back to normal standard size, he slipped in the Aura cartridge into the ammo chamber before snapping it shut. Then he held the red gem against the handle of the device until it melded into it, changing the blade to a bright red colour.

"Flametongue junctioning complete." He got into position and pointed his Divider up at the sky at the approximate point of where he had fired last. "Divide Zero Mark II: Blasting Zone."

And with that, an extended pillar of energy was released from the device and shot through the outer atmosphere...

"Okay, break it up you two!" growled the Hayate replica who was still synchronized to the ship systems in case of another attack. As the two bickered over kissing the unconscious Yuuno, Material-D merely wondered how she had managed to put up with this for over the past decade and a half.

"Seikou-chan's not being fair! She already got one kiss!" complained Material-L while keeping her eye on the prize.

"I swear if you don't shut up about kisses, I'm gonna give you a fist to the kisser!" Before she could threaten the Fate replica some more, the computer's beeping got her attention again. "What the...?"

The viewscreen popped open to reveal a large pillar of light gathering together not too far away from the rear of the vessel. What startled Material-D was that the light seemed to be originating from the surface of the planet itself. Even Material-S was wondering what it could mean. "That's..."

"A pwetty beam saber!" shouted the Fate replica in excitement.

"... oh, shit," was the only eloquent response Material-D could come up with for this latest development.