Enemy Of the Enemy



Part One

December 31, 2010

There was chaos running down the street as the humans who in history would against segregation of rights that everyone from black people to women who fought for equal rights. This group the followers of the Sun was on the street fighting familiar faces and new ones.. It was one hour before new years and Dawn had a ringside seat to it. One of her followers came in…

"Did you get the baby?" Dawn asked and didn't hear the answer. Buffy stood right there and at one point this would be a good thing but Buffy didn't see Dawn anymore…She saw Jessica the person Dawn was now.

Buffy walked to Dawn. "You can't stop me now. My work is done. You know if I had done this plan in the beginning the fight in the forks making Angel a lesser vampire wouldn't be necessary." Dawn said and Buffy responded, "I couldn't save Jessica, Dawn." "You could have!" Jessica as Dawn was known yelled back. "You could have save…me." Jessica said but Buffy still believe Dawn was in there. "You got the followers of the sun to try and take a baby. I think they are animals but there death are on your heads." Buffy said and Dawn giggled, "Yeah but they died for the caused and so Bella still has the baby. I feel sorry for it but envy it. No one is ever going to hurt her or him, who cares?"

As Dawn had her back to the window someone lept up and smashed through the window….