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A/N: These are just some short ficlets, each based off of a randomly generated word.


In his seventh year at Hogwarts, Remus Lupin had been the first in his class to master the art of Apparation. His fellow Marauders weren't all that surprised, as Lupin was the only one of them to actually have the patience and focus needed to properly execute it.

It was for this very reason that the werewolf in question found it so frustrating to be around a certain pink-haired Metamorphmagus, for it seemed that whenever he was around her, his focus was flung out the window, skipped down the street, and hopped a trolley straight out of town.

Much more alarming, however, seemed to be the way that he would gradually begin checking to make sure he hadn't splinched whenever he apparated away from her. It only became apparent to him the third or fourth time that he always double-checked the area right around his heart, and he worried if maybe the "splinching" wasn't another feeling altogether.