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A/N: These are just some short ficlets, each based off of a randomly generated word.


He tells her to leave, that nothing can happen between them, and starts to walk away, hoping that she'll just leave well enough alone.

He really should know better by now; she's not one to give up so easily.

She follows him until he turns around, not realizing how close she really is until she pulls him into a slow, inviting kiss. He accepts the offering almost without thinking, his mind succumbing to impulse; it is the same sensation he feels whenever he indulges in a little chocolate, tempting and rejuvenating and so wrong, he knows, to have in excess, yet at the same time so sweet to savor.

"Nothing between us, huh?" she whispers as they pull apart. He looks at her a moment, half convinced that there might be nothing wrong in a little indulgence now and then—until the realization hits that he just can't do moderation when he's with her, and he pushes her away, creating space between them once more.

"There never was," he says, before turning and walking away, hating himself as he hears no footsteps behind him, and silently berating himself for wishing that he did.