You Couldn't Get Me To Make Sex Jokes

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I am a fucking stupid lazy jackass. Yes, yes I am. You know what I'm also am? A very special kind of guy.

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Waluigi watched as Bowser Jr. was doing Toadette so good. Toadette moaned as she was taking it up the ass pretty good, shocked that Bowser Jr. had enough girth to bang her, even though he was using an inplanted mammal pingas. Toadette moaned as she felt her butt getting sweaty from all the action, blushing as she enjoyed every second of it, while Bowser Jr. smirked deviously.

"I don't understand this. Just what is so appealing about a turtle and a humanoid mushroom girl having sex?" The male, gray colored robotic operating buddy, R.O.B., questioned as he watched in disgust, moving his mechanical arms up and down and all around slowly.

Waluigi glanced over at R.O.B., and shrugged as he took out a cherry popsicle, holding it in his right hand and sucking on it as Bowser Jr. and Toadette continued their wild night. In the middle of a desert. In the middle of nowhere.

"I like how we're here for no apparent reason other than to point out just how lazy Yoshizilla Rhedosaurus really is," Dry Bowser commented to Petey Piranha as they were looking at Bowser Jr. and Toadette fucking each other, being on the opposite side of Waluigi and R.O.B.

Petey nodded in agreement to Dry Bowser's remark as the giant mutated Piranha Plant was munching on some popcorn he brought from his Popcorn Parlor in Seaside Hill.