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"These little black sandals are walking me away

These little black sandals are heading the right way

These little black sandals are walking me away

These little black sandals saved my life today

Sometimes I'm tempted

Sometimes I am

I would be lying if I said I didn't miss that giant man


He was a line between pleasure and pain

But me and the feet have some years to reclaim"

Sia Little Black Sandals

It was August and yet another school year was about to begin in my academic career at the University of Washington. I had lived in this state all of my life and let me say it was spectacular. Note the sarcasm.

I have only lived in three places out of my twenty-one years here in this state. First, being the longest at my home in Forks with my dad, Charlie. I lived there until I was eighteen, but I skipped out as fast as I could once I graduated. I think he was just as ecstatic about it as I was. My dad was a simple man, but he had a new woman in his life that he wanted to spend some quality time with and he couldn't do that with his daughter around 24/7. He was happy so I was happy.

The second place that I called "home" was an all-girl freshman dorm, or what I lovingly refer to as "the eight floors of whores building." I was only there a year, but it was a year too long if you ask me. I can't bring myself to be upset about that, however, because I ended up meeting two of the most amazing women I have ever met in my life, Rosalie and Alice. I consider them my soul mates. After that horrific year in the dorm we all agreed to move in together where we've been ever since.

Presently, I was sitting on our couch in our shared apartment wallowing in self pity and reading a book as usual. Unfortunately, I had been in a funk for the last month, but that shit will happen when you find your boyfriend, of four fucking years might I add, with his dick in someone else. That someone else being someone you considered, at one point in time, a semi-decent friend. Yeah, I was in afunk. That's what it was.

As I picked up where I left off in my reading I heard a commotion out in the hallway followed by laughing. Or more like cackling if I was being honest.

"Alice," I grumbled.

Alice was a tiny girl with a lot of might, very self-determined, motivated, and sweet all rolled into one small package. However, don't let her small stature mislead you. If you piss her off you will bring on the "wrath of Alice." I have done it once in the last three years I've known her and it wasn't pretty to say the least. You have been forewarned.

As I sat listening to her laughing and talk outside the door to God only knows who, I became more and more pissed off and I just couldn't figure out why. She was laughing. That had to be it. I hadn't laughed in ages it seemed. I grimaced. When was the last time? Why won't she stop laughing? It's annoying. Argh, I'm being a bitch again. I knew I was. A jealous bitch. She was allowed to laugh and be happy, whereas I was concerned, not so much apparently.

Attempting to ignore Alice and her over-zealous conversation with whomever it was, I went back to reading. Just then I heard the door open and the conversation flow into the front hallway. I heard Alice followed by two male voices.

"Great," I groaned. I just wasn't in the mood for company, especially male company. As I was attempting to make my escape to my room, Alice entered the living room.

"Bella!" she yelled, excitement in her voice. She was probably excited to see me out of my room and actually wearing different clothes than the ones I have worn for the last few days. Like I said I've been in a funk, okay?

"I want you to meet the…" Her voice trailed off when she took in my appearance, and her eyes widened in shock and then shortly after turned to worry.

At that moment the two guys came strolling into the room laughing and carrying on conversation. As I took them in I noticed they were both absolutely gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous. And here I was, Bella Swan, in all her glory. Yay.

"Lovely," I groaned again. I noticed then that the room had grown quiet and six pairs of eyes were now suddenly staring at me, two of which were from my best friend filled with worry and apology, and two of which belonged to a god, an Adonis of sorts, with eyes the color of Jade and hair the color of bronze. It took all of my strength not to bolt from the room at that moment with my tail tucked between my legs in embarrassment.

"Bella," Alice looked at me expectantly and interrupting my sudden inner kinkiness, "this is Edward and Jasper. Our neighbors. They are studying here for the year from the UK. Isn't that awesome?" She looked at me, awaiting my response.

At that moment I realized I was being rude. I hadn't said a thing and they had been standing there for a handful of minutes.

"Hi, I'm Bella," I said, shaking my head slightly and holding out my hand to each of them. I took the god's hand first. I immediately felt a spark and flicker and the moment we released I instantly missed the connection.

"Nice to meet you, Bella," he said in an accent that instantly slayed me. He looked at me with an expression that was impossible to describe…anger, lust, or indifference? It was hard to tell.

"Alice has told us a lot about you," said the blonde shaking my hand as well.

"Good things I hope," I said, shooting Alice a side glance and them my best cheesy smile.

"Absolutely," he said giving me a smile that just calmed me instantly.

As I stood there I realized how completely awkward and embarrassing this moment was. Usually, I wouldn't care and really I didn't on some level, but here I was in my ratty pajamas not having showered in days talking with our new hot neighbors, very hot neighbors.

"Well, I better get back to… " I trailed off, pointing toward my room and my book. "I've got lots to do to get ready for the semester. It was nice to meet you both." I waved at them as I bolted back to room, my sanctuary.

I isolated myself there for the rest of the evening. Alice attempted on numerous occasions to get me to come out or let her come in, but I always made the excuse of having to read or being too tired even though I've done nothing but sleep the last month. Eventually, I just stopped answering the door and she eventually stopped trying.

I didn't blame Alice. Not in the least. If anything ,it made me love her more for even trying. She and Rosalie cared enough to stick with me even though I was being emo as hell and I swore I was slowly growing crazy.

As I drifted off into a peaceful slumber that night, I didn't dream my usual dream of Jacob and Leah in the compromising position I'd found them in, or, rather, my usual nightmare. No, that night I dreamt of the green-eyed, bronze-haired guy next door and I realized at that moment I was fucked.