This is the refined idea for a story I had a long time ago. This is just a really tiny prologue before I try to really get started. There's more explanation at the beginning of the next chapter.

A long time ago...

When all was chaos, the goddesses descended and gave order and life to the world. They granted power equally to all who dwelt in the light. Din, with her strong, flaming arms, cultivated the land to create the earth. Nayru poured her wisdom onto the earth to give the Spirt of Law to the world. Farore's rich soul created all life forms would uphold the law. Once they saw that their labor was done, they returned to the heavens.

The lands were the goddesses descended came to be known as the Sacred Realm.

For ages, the people lived at ease, content in mind and body…There were no wars or disease, and children were born and lived healthy. There was no famine, for food was in such abundance that the earth barely needed tending before it gave forth its fruit.

But soon, word spread of the Sacred Realm spread through Hyrule, and a great battle ensued…Brother fought brother, and father fought son. The world was washed in blood and death. However, not all fell to darkness. Among those living in the light, interlopers who excelled at magic appeared. Wielding powerful sorcery, they tried to establish dominion over the Sacred Realm.

It was then that the three goddesses ordered the three light spirits to intervene. They sealed away the great magic those individuals had mastered. Their final resting place was kept secret, the locations to be sealed away forever.

There were some who sought it yet. Among those were the Great Hero, who knew this magic…It was the Dark Power he sought…the Fused Shadow. Unlike the others, he sought the magic not for his own gain, but to dispel the shadow cast by another.

He was not the first Hero chosen to fight the shadow from the desert, and he would not be the last…