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Chapter One: The Island of Healing

The warm breeze gently ran her fingers through the hair of the young boy sleeping on the sand below her. It had been thousands of years sense she had been able to have this pleasure. Thousands of years sense this island she surrounded had been blessed with children.

She wrapped her gentle air around the sleeping figure as if to hug him. Silly of her really, she shouldn't take pleasure in this. Not after what the young one had been through. That would be what brought him to her and the keeper.

Others would be coming soon she had reminded herself. Once more she looked down at the blond form sleeping below. Such a peaceful sleep.

Feeling a pull along with a slight pop, she knew another one had arrived. Turning she viewed a young child. Younger than the one she had been viewing. This one also sleeps the sleep of healing.

Beautiful, they both were.

She watched the blond one start to move. This had always been her favorite part. Some came to the island knowing where they were. Most did not, as children, her guess would be they wouldn't either. This part, she couldn't help herself. It amused her greatly.

Draco Malfoy awoke knowing he no longer remained in his bed at the Malfoy Manor. His bed didn't hold sand nor did his room hold the sound of the sea ringing in his head. No, something had indeed changed overnight.

Slowly he opened his eyes taking in the blue sky above him. Pushing up off the sand the looked out over the sea. A sea unlike he had never seen until now. Golden water, he had never even heard of a sea such as this. How could this place even be real? Maybe it was only a dream.

He glanced at the pure white sand he held in his hand. Looking over to the right of him came the shock. Harry Potter curled in a tight ball sound asleep. This couldn't be a dream; he wouldn't be sharing it with the likes of Potter.

Then he remembered. He wished he could forget. The battle had been fought. The dark side fell much to Draco's enjoyment. He had been on his knees in front of the dark lord until his knees had gave out to bleeding, watching as his father kissed the robes of the dark lord.

Potter had killed him; he had only a minute of joy until something pulled him out. No warning, nothing. He hadn't even been his bed. Honestly he couldn't remember the last time he had slept in between the warm sheets.

He slowly made his way over to Potter. It was Potter to be sure, only something seemed really off. Could it be they were both under some kind of spell or enchantment? He hadn't heard of a spell light or dark that could do this.

Draco took a look around. He could see the whole island from where he stood an island no larger than one of his classrooms. In the center it seemed to hold some kind of fruit trees. Some of the fruit he had never seen before.

She watched the blond explore the island. He had found all the things the island had prepared for them. The blond didn't seem to mind drinking water out from the brook. It surprised her that he had taken everything so well. She wished she could whisper his answers, let him know everything would work out. She couldn't, that would be the keepers job.

One more to come, only one more. Pity really, she would only have them for a short stay.

After feeding off the fruit and berries, Draco made his way back over to where Potter still slept. His hair seemed darker and longer. Most of the wounds Draco had spotted on Potter after the battle had seemed to have healed.

Draco shook his head in confusion. None of it made sense. None of this did. Hearing a sound of a pop brought him out of his thoughts. He just hoped this pop came with someone he knew.

"Draco?" A confused voice called out.

Moaning he turned to face a confused looking Pansy. A somewhat different looking Pansy, but Pansy never the less. It wasn't that he wasn't happy to see her, he was, and she was someone he knew as well. Draco was just unsure of what was going on, he wanted someone that would know.

"We have been looking over a month for you and Harry Potter." Pansy remarked taking step to him. "Where have you been?"

"How did you get here?" Draco asked hearing a musical sound to his voice. Where had that come from? What did she mean where had he been? She had came to them.

Pansy stopped at the sound of his voice. This wasn't the boy she had known. The one before her had grace that Draco Malfoy couldn't hold if he wanted to. His ears as well told her more. The small points gave it all away. There had been talk of Elf blood that ran in the Malfoy line, that had just been talk of course, or so she had thought.

Draco decided not to speak again, not if his voice came out like that. Why had his voice come out like that?

"Harry?" Pansy asked letting her eyes fall to the boy on the sand.

"He is sleeping." Draco answered before he remembered his wasn't speaking.

"He is younger, Draco he is but a small boy!" Pansy turned to him.

Draco glanced down at Potter. Why hadn't he seen that? He looked normal to him

Draco finally took a good look at his childhood friend. She had said that they had been gone for a month, he knew that couldn't be. How could it? He had just woke up. "I can't tell you where we are, I don't know."

Pansy looked beyond him to the golden sea that seemed to go on forever. "I think I might know where we are, only I don't know why we are here."

Draco also looked out to the sea. Usually by now, he would be in fits. Strangely, he didn't really feel like himself. He didn't miss his parents. There was no need to rush her.

"I cannot be here." Pansy whispered.

Draco turned to her. "If you cannot be here, then neither should we."

"I am not of the elf kind Draco." Pansy smiled softly, "As you and Harry are."

Draco studied her for a minute. Her words came as no surprise. Why he didn't know, nor did he understand.

"Island of Healing." Pansy reached out to take his hand. "A human cannot walk upon this sand; it takes one of the elf blood."

Draco smirked. "You must not be human then."

Pansy once more turn to the sea. Draco would have to be right; she couldn't be human, half maybe at that. She wasn't put into the healing of sleep as Potter had been put under. Draco as well from the sound of it.

"How do you know of this place?" Draco asked.

"I have read of the golden sea, protected by the wind, guarded by a keeper with golden hair and silver eyes." Pansy kept looking out to the sea. "The sea of change and mystery surrounds us."

Draco surprised himself by keeping a straight face. She was starting to sound like a storyteller. Then it dawned on him causing him to snicker.

Pansy glared up at him. "What is it?"

"Professor Trelawney, that is who you sound like." Draco answered pulling his face back together.

"I should kill you for that." Pansy replied, "I really should, and do you want to know or not."

"Of course, will you be as kind as to finish, I promise not to speak a word." Draco gave a slight nod.

Pansy rolled her eyes. "Only the ones that have need of healing are brought here. Strong healing Draco, this place can right all wrong. And from the looks of you and Potter, it seems to be doing more than healing; The Island is righting a wrong."

"How does one small island do that?" Draco asked.

Pansy gave a sly smile. "That is part of the mystery you see, this is a place is special Draco, I just can't believe that I am here, but I am."

"Pans, you really haven't told me anything. I want to know how it works." Draco moved to sit down on the sand.

"I can't answer that." Pansy admitted taking a seat beside him.

"How did you get here?" Draco asked suddenly. "It just seems like I got here. I don't know how long Potter has been here."

"We had started looking for you when he disappeared as well." Pansy answered. "As for me, I think I had just gone to bed."

"How do we get the answers we need?" Draco asked looking over at her.

"We wait on the keeper." Pansy answered.

"When will she be here?" Draco asked catching a slight movement from Potter.

"His hair, his hair has changed, look at the golden waves down the dark." Pansy murmured watching the boy too.

Draco nodded moving closer to him. "Do you think he is in pain?"

Pansy shook her head; "he is waking is all."

"That is just great," Draco murmured. Really, that would be all they needed. A small Potter running around causing chaos.

Pansy watched as emerald green eyes opened. Emerald eyes that now were laced with silver sprinkled with the hint of gold. They shimmered with mischief.

"I'm awake!" Harry squealed out.

"Yes, we can see that you are." Draco agreed.

"I don't like to sleep; you miss too much by doing that you know." Harry smiled coming closer to them.

Draco remembered that voice, those words spoken many times before. Only where, he could not place. Still that voice lingered in the shadow of his mind.

"Why are we here, Draco?" Harry asked perching in front of them.

Not Malfoy, not even ferret boy, Potter had called him Draco. "Where do you think we are?"

"Is this a puzzle for me to figure out on my own?" Harry asked brightly. He loved to do puzzles; usually he did pretty well. They had always helped him if he became troubled, which seemed more often than not. "What is my first clue?"

"A golden sea." Pansy offered.

Harry turned to the sea in awe. "It is bloody amazing, that is what it is."

Draco watched as he ran off. "Something is really off here."

"Something has been righted." Pansy corrected. "It would seem that Potter was not the person they made him out to be."

Draco could see flashes inside his mind, another place at another time. The same boy running along the sand had run in front of him before. He knew this boy, his memories screamed it.

"I'm even willing to bet that the boy wasn't a Potter at all." Pansy mused.

Draco wasn't taking a bet he knew he would lose. "How do we find out?"

"Ask him Dray, I'm willing to bet he knows his name." Pansy answered.

"You ask him, he seems to think that I already know who he is." Draco pointed out.

"True." Pansy agreed smiling as Harry made his way back up to them.

"We are on an Island." Harry announced.

"That we are." Draco agreed.

"So, that means I win right?" Harry asked with a smile.

"Of course it does sweetheart." Pansy cooed to the boy.

"So, what do I get?" Harry asked.

"What do you usually get?" Draco asked watching a smirk cross the boy's face, a smirk that could only come from one family. He could feel the clouds pull from his brain, memory after memory attacked.

Draco no more than three had watched as his mother had went into labor. He had been waiting on the baby for a very long time. His father had seemed more nervous than concerned.

He remembered seeing the new baby for the first time. The child seemed so small, even for a newborn. He remembered his father's pride. Orion had been the first full blood born in a long time. Centuries, he believed his father had said.

Draco started at the bouncing boy in front of him. How could that be? How could Harry Potter be Orion Malfoy? Orion had been three years younger, Harry was not. How had they forgotten about Orion? Not only him, but his parents as well.

"You know what I usually get; only I don't think there is any sweets on this island." Harry remarked with a pout.

"Go over to those fruit trees. I think you'll find something there." Draco smiled as the child ran off.

"Dray!" Pansy elbowed him in the ribs.

"He is my brother, Orion, he disappeared." Draco admitted.

Pansy slowly nodded. "I would take a guess that he is now at the age he disappeared."

"I don't know, I just remember small things, like his birth." Draco answered honestly. "How had I forgot him? How did our parents forget?"

"Why doesn't our world know of him?" Pansy asked thoughtfully.

"He was the hidden one, father said he had to protect at all cost. He was a full blood at birth." Draco replied.

"A full-blooded elf at birth?" Pansy asked surprised. "Do you know how rare that is? I could say protected."

"That is why Dobby is so bloody attached to him. He belonged to Orion; we wondered how Dobby managed to talk to Potter. Dobby would protect Orion with his life." Draco whispered.

"Someone played with time." Pansy watched the waves wash upon the seashore. "Someone very powerful."

"Dumbledore." Draco nodded thinking of his father's deep seed of hatred that ran through him when Dumbledore had been mentioned. "What do you mean by played with time?"

"They would had to of, think about it. Harry Potter lived and breathed; he went to school with us. It would take someone very powerful and smart to do what they managed to do. They took Orion at the age he is. He doesn't seem to remember Harry Potter. My guess that is what the island fixed." Pansy announced.

"The playing with time?" Draco questioned.

"Orion was taken; someone took him back in time and de-aged him as a baby." Pansy answered. "It would have messed up time right then and there. Sense Orion had been born and already on the earth, He wasn't reborn." Pansy answered. "Your mother miscarried remember?"

"The Potter's?" Draco asked.

"I don't know." Pansy answered. "I don't know everything. Orion couldn't have been reborn to them. He would have been placed with them."

"So, they were aware of what went on." Draco crossed his arms.

"I didn't say that, they could have been played as well. We may never know the answer to that." Pansy answered with a small smile. "All we can do is wait for the keeper."

Draco turned to see the child had found amusement in the brook. "He is playing in our drinking water."

"Let him be." Pansy shook her head.

Draco felt his heart speed up a bit. "They will not remember him, my parents I mean. I can't just show up with him Pansy. They'll need warned first; they may not even believe me. Why am I here and not them?"

"Could it be that you would have been the one who wouldn't had believed?" Pansy asked. "Look at the history between you and Potter. I wouldn't worry over that if I were you."

"You could have a point in that." Draco agreed. "Father will be out for blood; it is a good thing Dumbledore is dead."

Pansy took to checking over her fingers. "Well, about that, we could be send back in time. Draco, you really need to think about when Orion disappeared."

"He aged a lot slower than I did." Draco answered Hogwarts came to mind. "I don't know, really I don't remember when."

"Think," Pansy whispered.

What did she think Draco was trying to do?

"Orion!" Pansy called out.

Sure enough Draco heard a loud splash before the sound of footsteps came running over. Harry came to complete stop before them.

"Will you tell me how old Draco is? He won't tell me." Pansy smiled.

"I don't know." Harry answered with a shrug. "He is going in his third year. You should know, I mean you are his girlfriend and you two were snogging, which I agree with mum, it is nasty thing to do."

Draco took to coughing.

"Father said if he didn't stop and behave himself, he would find himself in his room the rest of the year." Harry informed them. "Father said I might get to go to Hogwarts this year too. He is just afraid I'd be a lion."

"I see you want to go to school." Pansy said with a smile.

"Oh yes I do!" He nodded hard.

"Do you think he will agree to let you go?" Pansy asked.

"Father thinks that the old man will hurt me." Harry answered with a grin.

"Have you met the old man?" Pansy asked.

"No, I haven't been in the public yet." He smiled sweetly at them. "I'm just a secret, but you know that. Lots of people know that. Uncle Tom said the man is so crazy, that one would only have to look at his robes to agree."

"Uncle Tom." Draco coughed out. He knew nothing of an Uncle Tom.

"The one that caught you and Pansy snogging, remember he went told father." He smirked, "I thought that was the right thing to do."

"Is that a fact?" Draco asked.

"Next don't tell when I steal your wand." He remarked sticking his tongue out.

"I know you guys just got up, but I'm tired." Pansy remarked with a yawn.

Draco couldn't help but notice Harry looked tired as well.

Pansy noticed that as well. She had fixed two places for them to sleep.

Draco tried to sleep but found that he couldn't. He had waited until Pansy along with the child fell asleep before taking very slow walks around the small island.

He had begun his fourth time around when he noticed a glow from the other side. He wasn't sure if he should at least wake Pansy or not. Something told him not to, he needed to let things be as they were.

He waited watching as the glow form into a woman. Pansy was right; she had long flowing golden hair. He walked over to her, stopping when he saw the silver of her eyes.

"Care for a walk, young Malfoy?" She asked holding her arm out to him.

Draco took it as they begun on soft sand. "Why are we here?"

"Your young friend is right, it seemed only fair to fix what had been broken, and don't you agree to this?" She asked looking over the boy.

"Why did it take seventeen years to fix it?" Draco asked.

"Our time here is not like your time." She smiled brightly. "When we decided to take Orion back, we knew it would erase the time of Harry Potter, or rather his time as Harry Potter."

"Potter isn't real then?" Draco asked.

"Very real, this righted his wrong as well. No child should have to die." She said sadly.

"I don't understand." Draco said stopping to look at her.

"You're memories will return once you return home. You will remember you're time before. This will be useful when the time comes. Three wrongs will be made right." She smiled at him.

"Pansy, why is she here?" Draco asked.

"Why, to right a wrong of course, one she was very much a part of." She smiled at Draco. "Pansy is Harry Potter's younger twin sister. You'll understand this when you return."

"What happened to Potter when Orion took his place?" Draco asked.

"He died, Pansy stolen. The Potters never knew, only that they had one child to die, one they believed to be a boy child." She answered. "I'll leave it at that. You will awake at home. Pansy will also hold to the memories. They will help you. Things you are returning to are very different than you have known from the past seventeen years."

"Lily and James Potter?" Draco asked knowing Potter's family had been killed.

"They live from where you came." She answered with a smile.

"This is a lot to take in and much harder to believe." Draco remarked.

"I will take my leave with a few words of warning." She said with a kind smile.

"Nothing is never like it seems at the time, I happen to know Albus Dumbledore, it was not him that did this wrong." She gave him a gentle hug. "I trust you to remember that."

Draco nodded watching the golden glow to disappear. He made his way back to where the other two had fallen asleep. It wouldn't hurt to take a soft nap.

Up above the wind once more watched as they slept. It wouldn't be long now, she wished she could keep them longer, that wouldn't be right, and she did know that.

She watched the oldest go first, then the girl. Finally, the one that had the most fun and played in the creek disappeared.

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