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I had this story planned for about ten chapters, this is the shortest one, but it kind of worked out that way. But, the next chapters will pick up and the action starts. So, the next update may take a week or two. It will be much longer.

Chapter Five: The meeting

Draco didn't have any problems taking the Floo to meet Harry, his mother didn't even seem like is was anything out of the ordinary. That told him that he had been to meet Harry before, a scary thought that was.

Finding Harry at a back table was just as easy, he took a seat carefully, mostly out of habit. Harry on the other hand seemed content, nothing out of place. So, that meant they had done this before.

"I wasn't so sure that you would come, Pans told us about the past and all. I have a hard time seeing it." Harry smiled crossing his arms.

"You said Hermione changed your mind." Draco remarked taking a good look around. They seemed safe enough.

Harry nodded slowly, "Hermione had the idea of letting Pans seeing her old memories, needless to say I was shocked, but not all surprised."

Draco settled back into his chair, "not surprised, why didn't it surprise you?"

"My story, is to long to get into, it could even be best that you don't know. I couldn't but much into the note, but I believed Pans from the start, you see Draco, I was also in the past as well. I stayed with Hayden as much as possible, I had to protect him from the Dursleys, from Voldemort. I knew who Hayden was even then, but not Pansy, strange huh?" Harry smiled.

"How, how did you protect him?" Draco asked more than surprised.

"I was locked in animal forms Draco, I could change at will. I talked to him as snakes, if you notice, Hayden can't speak to snakes, I can and he could as Harry. I was also Hedwig for a time, a rat a time or two." Harry looked off into space. "I played the part of a house elf as well, Hayden never listened."

"How?" Draco asked letting that sink into his brain.

"I can't answer that, I don't know, I don't know who is behind this. I do know how to stop it and it will be dangerous." Harry pointed out.

"And that would be?" Draco asked.

"We kill Voldemort, I know how, I do remember that." Harry remarked.

Draco didn't know if he should be shocked, pleased or scared. How did the boy in front of him think that killing Voldemort was even possible? "Didn't you say that you had a hard time believing Pans?"

"Shocked and hard to see it," Harry corrected him, "I have my memories of this time, and to be honest, I thought the rest to be some sort of wild nightmare. When I saw the memories, then...I knew. It is still settling in"

"But you know how to kill him?" Draco asked still not seeing it.

Harry studied Draco for a minute, "I never said it would be easy, it isn't going to be for sure. I also don't think that Hayden will be the one that will have to kill him. Remember, he marked Harry Potter not Hayden Malfoy. Things are much different Draco, like your father, he isn't a death eater."

"He isn't?" Draco asked surprised and pleased at the same time.

Harry shook his head, "he was, now don't get me wrong. As was Severus, now we are dealing with other people. Who did this really messed up a lot of people."

"But who? Who would do something like that? And how did they do it?" Draco asked.

"Hermione is working on the how, if anyone can find the answer to that, she will." Harry smiled, "personally, I think it was the work of more than one person."

Draco slowly nodded, "I too believe that, it has to be the work of more than one. Only, who would we be looking for?"

"Someone that wants Voldemort dead, someone that doesn't like the Malfoy's or Potter's. I don't think that Voldemort knows of the prophecy, but he should." Harry murmured.

Draco wasn't so sure, "Harry, think about this, Severus hates Voldemort, he hates your father even more, and he really doesn't like mine. Severus is powerful, more so than what people believe."

"He also loves my mother." Harry whispered.

"All I'm saying, if it came down to one person, it would be him. He wouldn't need anyone else." Draco glanced about the room once more. "He would also know that a killing curse couldn't kill Hayden."

"He was mean to Hayden at school, but he had a part to play as well." Harry looked at Draco, "We have to kill him Draco, we have to kill Voldemort before the term starts. That will be the only way to know that we have put a stop to it once and for all."

"Okay then," Draco agreed, "lets do it."