A/N: Hello all! This is my first ever slash story as well as my first ever Wincest story (the plot bunnies laid eggs in my head and wouldn't go away) so if it's not splendiferous, I apologize. I'm trying something new. Enjoy!

It was the end of a very successful day of hunting for the boys of Winchester. The job had been taken care of quickly, efficiently, and with no personal damage to either individual. In their book, they called that a win. The ghost they had been hunting had been B-list at best, so it wasn't hard to wrap it up and move on to the next one on wherever the road may take them.

However, as was customary for anything good in the Winchesters life, the second they got back into town Dean Winchester pulled the Impala into a bar and demanded a drink. "Aw come on Sammy, get that stick in the mud out 'ca ass."

"It's Sam. And I don't have a stick up my ass! I'm tired, I'm dirty, and I want to go back to the motel so I can shower and pass out." Sam argue with his older, but childish, brother.

"Come on! One drink, maybe help me hustle a few games, it'll be fun. You need to loosen up." Was Dean rebuttal, smacking his brother in the arm.

"No Dean. No drinks, no games, I'm going back to the motel and you can't stop me." Sam said, his words ringing finality.

"Eh you're no fun." Dean said, waving his hand to shoo his brother away realizing he had lost this argument. Sam rolled his eyes, but smiled faintly at him, before walking back out the door he had just walked through.

The oldest Winchester shrugged, a little disappointed that his brother didn't want to spend time with him, but turned and sauntering into the bar fully with his typical swagger. He scanned the crowd absently, looking yet not looking for something, but then his eyes caught something. Bingo! His eyes landed on the voluptuous form of a blonde in a skin tight black dress sitting alone at the bar, and Dean thought that that was just an awful way for her to be.

"Hi, is this seat taken?" The perky blonde seated at the bar turned to look at him from absent mindedly twirling the swizzle stick in her cocktail. He smiled at her with pearly white teeth which she shyly returned.

"No, it's not." She answers sweetly in a southern twang followed by a girlish giggle. He smirks mentally and sits down.

"So what's a nice, pretty girl like you doin' in a place like this?" He asked after ordering himself a beer.

"It's the only place to get a good drink in town and I'm not that nice." She answers, flipping her hair over to the other side to give him a view of the long, alabaster column of her neck and a sultry smile. Dean smirks visibly and sips his beer.

"Well, that's good to know. What's your name?"

"Desiree," She tells him and Dean's smirk widens. Weren't they always?

"Well Desiree, I'm Dean." He says, offering her his hand. She smile playfully and takes it delicately.

"Nice to meet you Dean."

A few hours and beers later Dean heard the words that he had been waiting to hear, "Hey, you wanna get out of here?" whispered hot against his ear and a hand placed casually on his thigh. The two had stumbled into the Impala as they groped each other and then stumbled back out once they made it to the parking lot in front of the motel. Dean fumbled with the keys a little as he tried to get the door open and flung the flimsy plywood door open once he had succeeded.

He smiled in victory over the door, but it quickly vanished as his younger brother stared at him with a startled look from his bed.

"Hey Sammy," Dean said, laughing nervously and rubbing the back of his head. He couldn't believe he forgot to call Sam.

"Hey Dean, Hello…"

"Desiree," The blonde offered and Sam forced a clenched smile at her.

"Of course you are," He said and looked at his brother, silently asking him what the hell was going on?

"Listen Sam, um…do you think you could go catch a movie for a bit?" Dean asked, more pleaded, his younger brother.

"It's almost midnight, Dean, and this town doesn't have a theater." Sam said stressing, almost hissing, the others name to show him his disdain for the very idea of him being thrown out into the night so he could screw some bar slut into the mattress.

"He can stay." Desiree piped up as she moved further into the room, eyeing the younger Winchester sitting in his track shorts and T-shirt on the bed in a way that made him feel uncomfortable. Sam gave a cringe of a smile.

"That's ok. I'll just leave you two alone." He said, angrily standing and moving to grab his sneakers that were placed by the door. A hand jazzed up with long fire cracker red nails shot out and grabbed his forearm when he moved passed.

"That wasn't a request, junior. You don't get to say no." Sam looked down startled at the petite blonde at held him, unable to move, as she smirked wickedly at him with ruby red lips. Dean too became startled as his 'date's' voice dropped an octave and now held a sense of wickedness to it. He moved forward to pull the woman off his brother, but was also frozen in his tracks.

"Nh uh, big man, it's not your turn to play yet." She mocked.

"What the fuck?" Dean said quietly as he tried to move his limbs that just wouldn't listen to him. Sam tried to do the same, but was equally unsuccessful. Desiree chuckled darkly.

"Don't fight. It only makes it worse in the end. You two just be good little boys and follow along." She said, looking over her shoulder at him with pitch black eyes.

"What the fuck do you want bitch?" Dean hissed angrily at her, eyes a blaze as he glared at her.

"Oooo…such a filthy mouth you have Dean. And to think I was going to let you kiss me with that mouth, good thing it won't be me you'll be kissing." She chuckled with superiority at the captured boys that still tried to break free. "Though I am a little hurt you don't remember me. After all, we did share such a special time together. I guess their right; men really don't respect you in the morning."

"Sorry, I don't fuck demon skank." Desiree pouted at him and made a sound like she was injured before returning to her lofty expression.

"Well dear, we didn't fuck, though not through any fault of my own. I had it all planned out till you tried to drown me in a bath tub full of holy water." She told him, her face forming a sneer as she recalled the memory as if it were still happening.

"Lust?" Dean questioned in disbelief. The demon smiled.

"Ah, so you do remember me. I'm touched."

"How the hell did you get back out?" Sam spat at her and the blonde turned her attention back to him with a smile.

"The same way everyone gets out. I had to crawl and bleed and scrap for months to drag myself out of the Pit." She told them in contempt.

"Seems like a lot of work for a bitch that's just gonna get sent back." Dean told her. She turned back to him with a sweet smile laced with danger.

"Maybe I am going back to hell, dear, but I'm going to give you a little taste of it before I do." Dean barked laugh at her threat, ever brave and prideful in the face of danger.

"Isn't wrath the other one's gig."

Lust seemed to bristle at this and through clenched teeth and forced smile she hissed, "Well, it would be, if you bastards hadn't killed him."

"I get it now. This is revenge for killing your friends." Sam said casually as he glared at her.

"They weren't my friends! They were my brothers and sister!" She roared at him before quickly regaining her composer and smiling darkly at him. "So now, I'm going to hurt you like you hurt them. And whoever said revenge is a dish best served cold, obviously never tried it hot."

"So you're gonna torture us with your lusty demon powers? Gonna make use your little sex slaves or somethin'? What?" Dean said, still playing the fearless card.

Lust's smile widen to a possibly genuine smile of pure wickedness. "Tempting, but no, and it's not what I'm gonna do. It's what you're gonna do." She stepped closer to the older Winchester, pulling the younger one along with her; who followed like a disobedient child. "You see, I thought long and hard about what I was gonna do to you when I got out. Believe me; I came up with some great ideas. But no plan was more perfect, more agonizingly brilliant than this one." She stopped arms length between the two of them, a hand on each of their shoulder, as their bodies faced each other while they glared heinously at her. "Because nothing I could do to you could hurt or torment you more than having you do it to each other."

Lust's wicked smile returned and the men cringed as they felt her power crawl across their skin like hundreds of spiders, whispering things to them of unadulterated lechery that only they could hear in their minds. They slumped slightly when Lust's hands released them and looked as if in a daze. "Though this would be heavenly to watch, I'll leave you two alone. After all this is a family affair," She chuckled darkly as she leisurely walked toward the door. "Don't wake the neighbors." She mocked over her shoulder, cackling madly as she closed the door behind her.

Sam and Dean didn't pay her any mind. It was hard to hear anything over the accelerating heart beat and rush of blood in their ears. Their minds were fuzzy, as if in a fog, looking around like everything was now new and confusing. Finally their eyes landed on each other. For a moment they just stood there, staring at each other with eyes almost dilated black as one would when meeting someone you weren't quite sure you met before.

Then suddenly the space between them disappeared. They were now pressed impossibly close to one another. Their hands roaming as if to try and touch everywhere, yet grasping and holding on as if their lives depended on it. Their mouths were now locked in a barrage of passionate, fiery kisses. Kisses almost too fierce to be pleasurable despite the wanton moans they seemed to be bringing.

Dean pulled back a hair's breadth from Sam's face; panting heavily as his lungs tried to greedily suck down the much needed oxygen they had been deprived. "Sam, Sammy, I can't-" Dean tried to speak, tell his brother that he couldn't stop, that they should fight this, but his words were quickly swallowed as his mouth was taken in another kiss.

"Dean I-" Sam tried to speak the second time they pulled away, tell him that he couldn't stop either, that he couldn't fight it, but was cut off by the moan that escaped him when his brother's body rubbed up against his.

"Sam, we, I…" Dean didn't know what he was trying to say, but whatever it was it didn't seem to matter anymore as Sam's body grinded back against his and his brain short circuited. He had never felt like this before. This pleasure that coursed through his vein was so intense that he was almost blinded with it. All he could see, all he could hear, all he could feel was Sam.

Dean's jacket fell to the floor in a heavy clump before his fingers latched on to the base of Sam's scull and waist. He honestly wasn't surprise at how soft the much longer chocolate locks were. What did surprise him as how the feel of it turned him on even more. With slow, jerky movements Dean lead his brother backwards and, like always, Sam willingly followed his brother's lead where ever it took him. The younger Winchester was a little startled when his knees hit the back of the bed and he tumble on to the mattress that protested with a squeak. Sam's eyes flickered up to his brother who stood over him for a moment with pleading green eyes, though unsure what he was asking for. He didn't have time to think about it, however, as his brother descended on him quickly and pinning him to the bed with more feverous kisses and touches.

Somewhere in the fray Dean's shirt was tossed haplessly on to the floor, his shoes kicked off at the foot of the bed, and Sam's shirt making its way somewhere across the room in a place he didn't much care. Dean moaned loudly into the expanse of neck he was biting and sucking on as blunt nails scrapped down his back in an attempt to grab purchase on something as the body under him arched. Beneath him Sam's mouth hung open and his head fell back as his brother bit harder into his neck and ground his pelvis harder against his. The feel of the rough material of Dean's jeans grinding against him in just his shorts was enough to drive him insane. If he wasn't already rock hard he was pretty sure that he would be. He moaned again as Dean switched sides and began abusing his neck all over again with wonderful bites and suction.

The boys continued to thrust against each other in fitful passion, trying desperately to relieve some of the pressure that just seemed to keep building and building in them. Sam had finally had enough and flipped his brother with an amazing amount of speed and strength that was often over looked in the quiet man. He fumbled with the buckle of his brother's belt and the fly of his jeans as he tried to hastily undo them as he licked, bit, and kissed Dean's neck and chest until the man was almost in spasms. "Sam…?" Dean questioned looking down at the top of his brother's head as the man in question journeyed down his body and yanked his pants down as he went.

Sam looked up at him. The once brilliant green irises now just a small sliver around blown pupil as he looked up at him with hungry, begging eyes. Dean didn't know what he was begging for. To stop? To continue? Dean didn't know, because quite frankly he didn't even know which he wanted. But like all questions and thoughts that had come about in this hour, it was quickly whipped away as the lust pushed them forward, uncaring of their thoughts or feelings.

Dean groaned out a deep moan and twisted his hands in the bedding under him as Sam took him in his mouth. He jerked and quivered as Sam worked his cock like he had been doing it for years. He knew just when to suck, where to lave his tongue, and when to stroke his balls with just enough pressure to make spots dance before his eyes. As Sam worked, he thrust his hand into his shorts and jerked himself to the sound of Dean moaning and babbling words. He should have been disgusted. Doing this to a man, his brother no less, but all he felt was a burning desire for more as the sounds turned him on and made him hotter. Dean was actually ashamed of himself at how quickly the one blowjob had him cumming. He tried to stay it off, but he couldn't stop it. He didn't even have time to warn Sammy before his back bow as his cock pulsed out white hot seamen down his brother's throat.

When it was finished Dean just laid there panting, trying to regain focus from one of the most intense orgasms in his life. He sat up a little just on his elbows just in time to see Sam rising from in between his legs. His lips were red and swallow from being wrapped around his cock. His shorts and hand were stained with his own ejaculate. His body flushed and panting like Dean's as he came down from his own intense orgasm. The sight of him was enough to make Dean hard all over again.

He lunged forward and grabbed his brother by the shoulders, practically throwing him into the bed as he kissed him savagely. He should have been disgusted that he could taste the salty, musky flavor of himself on the man's tongue, but he wasn't. The taste, the sheer reminder of how it got there, was only accelerating his growing erection. He needed more. He had to have more.

Dean ripped the solid shorts off Sam's hips, grazing over his cock that was stirring to life as well, causing Sam to all but scream out "Ah, Dean!" at the fleeting touch. He smirked a little at that, reveling in it.

"You like that Sammy? You want me to touch you?" He don't know what possessed him to say that, but then again he was possessed, which it what he told himself when he liked it. Sam moaned and thrashed helplessly as his older brother grazed his finger tips over his still sensitive and half hardening cock.

"Dean please!" He didn't know what he was asking for, but Sam had long ago lost the will to think for himself during this. The lust inside him was in control as it puppeteered him into some common whore for his brother.

"Please what?" Dean asked wickedly, licking the shell of the ear he whispered heatedly into.

"Please…I need…I need you! Please….I…I need more." Sam could barely speak through all the panting and moaning he was doing.

Dean moaned a little at the breathless begging of his brother and kissed him deeply. Unable to leave his brother's lips for just a moment, Dean blindly felt around the dresser for the small bottles of hand lotion the motel they were in had been kind enough to leave. He slicked up his fingers with the creamy substance. He had never done this before, but he had seen enough porn in his life to know what he was doing.

Sam cried out into Dean's mouth as the first finger pushed past his opening. It didn't hurt, but it was definitely uncomfortable. He was torn momentarily over whether to tell Dean to stop or to keep going. The decision was made for him as a second finger was pushed in, then a third, and slowly started pumping into him.

Sam felt like he should be ashamed. Having this done to him, by his own brother, while he lay their and took it like some slut. But he didn't, couldn't, and any thought of that was completely wiped away in a white flash that covered his eyes. "Oh God Dean, do that again!" Dean looked down at the younger man beneath him that arched shamelessly and pressed further into his touch. So, Dean never being one to say no to anything that Sam requested, did it again. And again. And again. Until Sam was all but screaming and fucking him own self on Dean's fingers in order to get his prostate hit faster.

Seeing him like this, withering in wild abandon, should have upset Dean. But all he felt was an over powering need to fuck him his beautiful brother until he couldn't see straight. So Dean quickly removed his fingers, slicked up his aching cock, and plunged into him. Both men opened their mouths to cry out soundless screams at the sensation of being joined together finally. It was so hot and so tight and right now where nothing made any sense this was the one thing that felt right.

Dean didn't give either of them much time to adjust before he was thrusting into the tight heat that held him. He should have felt ashamed for doing this. Doing this to his brother, his best friend, his partner, but he couldn't. With all of the heat and the passion and the need and the fucking amazing feeling of thrusting into Sam's willing body he had no more room left in him to feel ashamed.

Sam moaned wantonly as Dean plunged into him over and over, wrapping his legs around his waist and holding his shoulders tightly as he tried to keep pace. Sam cried out to Dean over and over again like he was some sort of God. Dean answered him with every thrust. Saying Sam's name over and over again, trying to hit that spot in him that made him see stars. His stared into at Sam from above him, arms locked beside the younger man who's head thrashed for side to side as he beg Dean not to stop and to give him more. "Oh God Dean... Dean…I can't… I'm gonna….!" Sam's fingers dug into his brother's shoulder aggressively as he arched off the bed and splattered his cum all over himself and Dean's torso.

"Uh, Sam, Oh God Sam! Sammy!" Sam clenching around Dean was the final straw that pushed Dean over the edge again and he came hot and long into Sam as he gripped his brother tightly like he'd fall away if he didn't hold on. When it was over Dean collapsed onto the bed and Sam, panting and sweating like he had just ran a marathon in record time. Under his Sam struggle to catch his breath as well, unable to focus on the aging ceiling above him as it kept going in and out of focus.

After a few moments Dean rolled off of his brother and assumed a similar position on his back next to him. He knew he should say something. Tell Sam he was sorry, beg him for forgiveness, something. But he couldn't. Instead he turned his head to look over at his brother that lay next to him who turned his head and did the same. They looked at each other for a moment before turning back to look at the ceiling that was finally coming into focus.

They could talk later, when the room and their bodies didn't smell like sex, when the intensity of said sex wasn't so fresh in their minds. They could talk later, but right now…they just couldn't.

Fin! I hope you enjoyed! I would appreciate some reviews and feedback since this is my first slash and Wincest fic. Also, if enough people enjoyed it I may continue this into an actual story (curse you plot bunnies! Your spawn has hatched and laid more eggs!). Oh well, we shall see. Cyber hugs everyone!