Part 14- Moving On

The final few months of senior year flew by for Lilly and Miley in a flurry of activity. No longer worry about who knew about them and who didn't, they attended prom together. It had been a night that was even better than they imagined. Of course spending it with the person who you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with helped make it a special occasion.

They of course also made the most of their prom night.

Shortly after that they were donning their caps and gowns and walking across the stage to receive their diplomas. Lilly parents had both come down for the occasion and put on happy smiles for their daughter. Neither one of them really shared the relationship they'd had with her before they moved away, leaving her to live with Stewarts. They both showed mild enthusiasm over the announcement of her engaged and promised to be there for the wedding.

Now several weeks later had Lilly lying up on her elbow, head cradle in her hand while she watched Miley sleep. It had become a favorite hobby of hers lately. One that seemed to annoy the brunette, but didn't stop her fiancé from doing it.

Placing a kiss on the sleeping girl's lips. "Wakey, wakey, Miley. We have a big day today," she prodded.

"Five more minutes," Miley mumbled, rolling over to face away from Lilly.

"Don't make me get the bucket of ice water, bud," Lilly said in her best imitation of Robbie Ray. She didn't think she'd pulled it off, but smiled when it seemed to do the trick anyway and Miley flew out of bed.

"I'm up, I'm up," Miley announced, looking around to make sure there was no bucket of water. "That was mean," she pouted at the grin on Lilly's face.

Lilly stood up and walked over to Miley, placing a soft kiss on her lips. "Sorry, I'm just so excited about today."

Once Miley had a moment to wake up and remember what so special about that day, a grin matching Lilly's stole over her face. "Me too. And I'm not mad at you, just for the record." Taking the smaller girl's hand, "Come on, let's get some breakfast first. It's going to be a long day."

"Morning girls," Robbie Ray greeted when they entered the main house. "You girls wanting some breakfast?" he asked as he flipped over the pancakes currently on the stove.

"Definitely," Lilly said eagerly, her stomach already craving the delicious pancakes.

"Big day today. You sure you girls are ready?" Robbie Ray asked as he joined them at the table several minutes later.

"We're more than ready," Miley quickly assured.

"You sure you don't want to stay here?" he tried again, already having asked them several times.

"It's more than an hour's drive away," Miley groaned again. "It would be stupid to spend that much time driving to and from each day." She knew her father was having a hard time with the idea of letting her go, but it wasn't going to stop her from leaving.

"I guess," her father conceded. "But school doesn't start for another month."

"We want to get settled in, and get used to living together, just the two us," Miley told him. She wasn't about to mention to her father that she also couldn't wait to have Lilly all to herself. Of finally being able to enjoy being a couple without having to worry about someone walking in on them.

"Alright. It's not going to be the same around here without the two of you," he admitted. His girls were growing up, he had to let them go. He knew it, but he didn't like it. "Jackson said he'd help ya move too."

"Jackson is going to help?" Lilly said in disbelief. "Feels like we haven't seen him in…"

"Months," Miley finished for her.

"He's really taking his studies seriously," Robbie Ray informed them. "He's finally knuckled down and decided to grow up." He was proud of his boy for reenrolling in college, even if it was a junior college and trying to better himself.

"Good for him," Miley said proudly.

The rest of their breakfast was mostly finished in silence. Jackson did show up just as they were clearing off the table. He inhaled several cold pancakes, drinking some syrup to follow it down. Apparently he hadn't changed entirely.

Robbie Ray had rented a U-Haul truck for them to move the major furniture so they started there first. They were taking Miley's bed, which they slept on most often, but leaving Lilly's behind so that it would be here if they ever wanted to spend a weekend at home. The other major furniture followed the bed into truck before they started loading boxes in every available space.

They stopped for lunch on the drive up to their apartment, enjoying one of the last meals they'd have as a family for awhile, before finishing their journey.

They apartment they would be renting was on the fourth floor and of course the bed wouldn't fit in the elevator, leaving the four of them to try and carry it up the stairs. A couple of young guys, who introduced themselves as Derek and Jacob Richards, noticed them struggling to get the box spring mattress up and offered to help. Having extra hands seem to help and they made it up the stairs, plopping the mattress down on the frame that was already in place. The four men then went to work on the mattress, leaving Miley and Lilly to carry up some boxes, no longer feeling needed.

Thankfully the rest of their furniture fit nicely into the elevator, making the rest of the move go by much faster, especially since their new neighbors decided to stick around and help. Jacob seemed to take a liking to Lilly, that didn't go unnoticed by Miley, but she trusted Lilly so didn't bother to interfere.

Once all the boxes were in their appropriate rooms, they decided to call it good. It would be up to Miley and Lilly to unpack and decide where everything went anyway. To thank their new friends for the help they invited them to out to dinner.

Conversation flowed easily between the six of them as they sat around the table at a local Italian restaurant that the brothers had recommended.

Scrapping every last bit of food off her plate, Lilly moaned at the taste. This place was definitely one she'd have to return to, often. "That was so good. We have to come back again," she announced, knowing the Stewarts would easily pick up that she was talking to Miley. She however forgot the Richards brothers were with them.

"Maybe you'll ah… let me bring you here sometime?" Jacob asked hesitantly, making all eyes turn to him, and then over to Lilly for her response.

Lilly almost dropped her fork at the obvious offer of a date. Now she was seeing Jacob's interest in her in a whole new light. Earlier she had just passed off his constant flow of conversation with her as common interests, since they both loved to surf and skateboard.

Plus she would have thought it was obvious her and Miley were together. Not that they had been overly affectionate that afternoon, to busy with the task at hand. But the boys had helped them move into a three bedroom apartment and only carried in one bed. "I'm sorry, I'm going to have to say no to that one," she said gently.

"How come? I mean I thought we were hitting it off."

Lilly turned to smile at Miley before turning back to Jacob. "Because I'm very much in love with that girl over there," she told him, pointing at Miley. "We're actually engaged," she said holding her hand up to point at the ring that never left her finger. "Getting married in December in fact." This earned a curious look from both Robbie Ray and Jackson who hadn't heard the news, but neither commented.

"Oh, that's cool then," he said disappointed, but didn't seem too sad about it. "My brother over there is gay too," he announced a little loudly, pointing at Derek.

"Jacob!" Derek shouted.

"What? It's not like they are going to care, obviously."

"You freaking don't have to tell the world though," Derek argued back.

"Whatever," Jacob shrugged. Turning back to the girls, "Anybody gives you girls problems, you come to me, I'll take care of them," he told them, easing Robbie Ray's mind a little that there'd by someone close by to watch out for his girls.

"Now about this December thing?" Robbie Ray opened up.

"You girls sure you're going to be okay?" Robbie Ray asked one final time. They had just arrived back at the apartment from the restaurant and said goodnight to the Richards brothers. Now it was getting late and Robbie Ray and Jackson needed to get moving.

"We'll be fine, Dad," Miley assured him, giving him a tight hug.

"No worries, Dad," Lilly agreed, joining in the hug. "Thanks for all your help today though."

"Nothing to thank me for. It's my fatherly duty," he told them both, holding them close. He knew this wasn't goodbye, but it was still hard to leave them. "I love you girls."

"We love you, too," Miley said for both of them, slowly trying to push him out the door. "Now get out of here."

"I'm going, I'm going," he smiled. "Don't forget, at least one weekend a month. I mean it."

"We promise," Lilly promised again. Earlier he'd made them promise to come home for at least one weekend every month to see him. Not like they wouldn't see him for Hannah stuff as well, but he said he needed Father/Daughters time too. "Now shoo," she said with a smile so he'd know she was teasing.

Once the door was finally closed behind him, Miley turned a mischievous smile towards Lilly as she flipped the lock. "Now which room should we christen first?"

"Miley Ray Stewart!" Lilly said with mock surprise. "You are a dirty teenage boy."

"Don't act so surprised," Miley fired right back. Pulling Lilly into her, she kissed her hard. "There's a reason I wanted to move so early. I got plans for you that involve every inch of this apartment," she whispered seductively. "It may just take awhile, but I'm up to the challenge. Are you?"

"Definitely," Lilly moaned back, images flashing through her mind of all the possibilities.

Several hours later they finally lay satisfied in their bed. Turning to Miley, Lilly looked deeply into her eyes. "Are we gay?"

"What?" Miley asked, not sure what Lilly was asking.

"It's just what Jacob said earlier. How Derek was gay too, like in addition to us. I guess I never really thought about it," she said honestly.

"I dunno, I guess we are. I love you, that's really all I know. I don't care about the labels."

"That makes sense," Lilly admitted. "I know I love you too. So I guess if that makes me gay, well I'm more than happy to have that label."

"Your such a dork," Miley smiled. "But you're my dork."

A/N: Sorry for the long delay. Too much going on and honestly I just don't have the passion for this story which is causing major writers block. I don't want to leave this story without an ending however so there will be at least one more chapter to close it up.

And yes Lilly and Miley made the joke about not seeing Jackson on purpose because I don't think he's even been in this story. Not because I was ignoring him, I just didn't have a need for him. But I figured he needed an appearance at least.