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Six Years Later . . .

"Abel, Reid, please pay attention to Lucy! She's only five, you know?" Velvet called to her children, and Abel and Reid shouted back to her that they knew and Velvet rolled her eyes before turning back to Lyla. Lyla merely grinned.

"Don't worry Vel, you get used to it!" She told her best friend, and Velvet shook her head.

"I know, that's what Mari and every other Crow say, but I find myself not believing it!" She shook her head again. "Damn boys!" Lyla laughed.

"Well you can believe me, honey! Four children, plus another one on the way . . ." She patted her five month pregnant stomach as she spoke, and Velvet smiled.

"Do you know what it is?" Lyla shook her head.

"No, and me and Opie figure that we don't wanna. If it's a girl, though, we've decided to name her Velvet." She spoke, and Velvet laughed.

"Thanks honey, I'm honored!" She told her, and they hugged. They broke apart moments later, and Lyla glanced at her in interest.

"But look at you! You were pregnant a couple of months after the doctors told you, you couldn't have anymore!" She spoke, and Velvet laughed.

"It was just like Jax to defy everything by getting me pregnant with Lucy, Lyla, don't you know that? Doctors said it was goddamn near a miracle, but hey," She shrugged. "Better miracles have happened, haven't they?" Lyla look of interest grew.

"What did your psychologist say?" She asked, and Velvet sighed.

"She said that, basically, my body couldn't move on until justice was meted out, justice being Kurt's death. After Kurt's death, I found closure and thus, my body was able to move on and become normal again." Lyla nodded in understanding as Jax and Opie approached them, solemn looks on their faces.

"Are you ready to go home and get ready, Vel?" Jax asked her, and Velvet sighed and nodded.

"Yeah, I . . . I think so. . ." She turned back to Lyla. "Meet you later tonight at Kip's?" She asked, and Lyla smiled kindly and nodded as she rubbed her back.

"There's no way I wouldn't be there, honey!" She told her, and they hugged again. "Who's watching the kids? My sisters watching ours, so if you need a babysitter . . ." Jax smiled thankfully.

"Thanks Lyla, we might take up your offer on that. We were going to just bring them along, but well . . . they're too young for a funeral." He told her, and Lyla nodded.

"I understand. I'll tell my sister to expect three more." She gazed at Velvet intently. "How are you doing honey? I know Half-Sack meant a lot to you . . ." Velvet waved her away.

"I'm fine Lyla, I'm fine! I know the club's gonna get vengeance for his death, I just wish that things could have ended better for us! Kip was a great man, I know that, and I treated him horribly. But without him, I never would have fallen in love with Jax, I wouldn't have my kids, my life . . . and for that, I have to be thankful to him.

Even now, six years after their relationship and a few weeks after his death, Velvet still called Half-Sack by his real name . . . like she always did. She figured he deserved that much.