"This is what has to be done." I told myself over and over, as I walked towards her room. I'd never laid my hands on a woman with the intention to harm, but to tonight It's what I have to do to protect her. I know it sounds sick and I will regret it for the rest of my life, but if that's the price I must pay to keep her alive then so be it. She'll probably be sleeping, easy target. I can already feel batousai's heart beating more rapidly with the thrill of the hunt. I will not kill.

I slipped into her room, I was like a shadow on the wall. There she was in the moonlight sleeping peacefully. A peace that was abruptly, violently, and most regretfully shattered.

I grabbed her by the front of her yukata, and lifted her from the futon. Dazed, her eyes went wide with shock and she wailed as I flung her away from me. Her seemingly frail body landed with a crash in the corner of the room as she knocked over the table and glass lantern sitting on it. Glass splintered every where.

I charged forward and picked her up again, this time I back handed her across the face. Her body dove into the floor. She was whimpering, but it only mad me angrier. I backed a few feet away keeping my eyes on her. She franticly pulled herself into a sitting position and backed away from me. She was so frightened she didn't even notice the glass sinking into her bare feet and hands.

She finally mustered up her voice and called out for me. "KENSHIN!" It was a scream of pure terror, that name had more than one meaning. It meant that my name was the sole comfort to her, her hero that would rescue her from anything, It also meant that she had not realized that help would not come. I swiftly dove at her again, this time my hands closed around her neck, and I pinned her to the floor.

She kicked beneath me, and I squeezed her blocking the airflow. She should have passed out, but unfortunately Sano had taught her a thing or two. She kneed me in the groin and stunned me long enough for my grip to completely loosen, and for her to scramble away. I caught her by the ankle and she belly flopped onto the floor. The wind was completely knocked out of her. I wrenched her up by her hair and covered her mouth and nose. Within seconds she'd lost to me, completely asleep in my arms.

That's where she'd wake up…in my arms…. I'd be her hero…..