A/N: The final chapter of this thing. And some smut in the beginning, hardcore, yes-yes, don't-don't-like-don't-read and all that rot. Also, thank you to Sazuka-Chan for pointing out a couple errors I made. Hopefully I got them all corrected in this chapter. Enjoy!

"Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity,

we shall harness for God the energies of love,

and then, for a second time in the history of the world,

man will have discovered fire."

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

"Ezio," Leonardo gasped, gripping the edge of the chaise with one hand and bracing his palm flat against the wooden floor. His hair hung in his eyes, damp and stringy with sweat, his cheeks flushed red, and tears leaking from his eyes as Ezio thrust into him. The chaise lounge creaked and groaned, its wooden legs threatening to give way beneath the heavy weight of two grown men ruthlessly fucking. Not that Leonardo cared.

"Mio dio, Ezio!" he choked. The chaise creaked again in complaint, and Ezio answered with a resounding thrust that had Leonardo seeing stars. He could scarcely breathe and there was Ezio, thick and long and so hard, buried to the hilt within him, pulsing with need and want. Leonardo shamelessly humped back, rubbing the tip of his weeping member against the cushion of the chaise as Ezio had cruelly denied him release, the bastardo! Ezio grunted as he thrust again, and Leonardo's arm slipped from the chaise as he sobbed his pleasure.

"Oh dio, oh dio, oh dio," he whimpered, scrunching his eyes shut. Rough hands gripped his hips, pinching and squeezing and forming the most delicious bruises, which Leonardo hoped to carry for days. He bruised rather easily, after all. His rear was red and sore from the brutal spanking Ezio inflicted moments earlier, and the memory pain of his solid palm landing hard made Leonardo shiver with pleasure. Over his shoulder he heard Ezio grunt heavily, felt him press his chest and stomach close, and felt his strong arms wrap around his stomach. Leonardo braced himself.

Ezio groaned loudly and sank his teeth into Leonardo's shoulder as he thrust hard. Leonardo tilted his head back and moaned as well, and when rough, calloused hands wrapped around his length and squeezed just so, fire shot through his loins and he came with a cry and a jerk. Ezio's hips slammed against his rear faster and harder as he too neared completion, but the chaise could no longer keep up with the harsh rocking.

It collapsed with one last creak, its slender wooden legs splitting and cracking in half. Ezio said nothing and continued to pound Leonardo into the ground, and Leonardo could not bring himself to think beyond the large pene slipping in and out of him. When Ezio finally came, it was with a strangled moan and another bite, and his hips and thighs trembled as he pressed close. Leonardo moaned and dropped his head to rest on his forearm, arching back, still wanting Ezio. He wouldn't tire of his body for days, wouldn't allow him to put on one scrap of clothing until his passion was sated.

"Merde," Ezio huffed, planting kisses along Leonardo's shoulder and the back of his neck, "that was…"

"Bene?" Leonardo gasped back, wriggling his hips against Ezio's groin. Ezio made a low noise in the back of his throat and leaned his forehead against Leonardo's flushed, sweaty skin.

"Si," he gave in, "si, it was molto bene."

"Good enough to keep you here for a few more days?"

Ezio chuckled and rolled off Leonardo to help him stand. Leonardo watched Ezio survey the destroyed chaise with a devious look in his eye and decided he'd have to replace it with something a little more…sturdy. He would browse around, find something as aesthetically pleasing to look at as it was comfortable to fuck on.

"You are staying, si?" Leonardo asked when Ezio did not answer him immediately. Worry shone in his blue eyes, and for a brief moment, deep in his heart, he feared that he was going to lose his lover once more, that Ezio would leave him alone again to run off on more…work.. He almost reached out for the assassino, when Ezio took hold of his hand and kissed his fingertips in an affectionate gesture that made Leonardo's heart melt all over again.

"Of course I'm not leaving, idiota," Ezio chuckled good-naturedly. "Not for a while, at the very least. I have missed Venezia, and I have missed you, so of course I'll be staying…unless you'd rather I go…"

"No!" Leonardo exclaimed violently, shaking his head and grinning so widely he thought his cheeks would split in half. "No, por favore, stay here as long as you want! You know that you are always, always welcome here, mio amico. But,ah, we might have a few…problemos."

Leonardo trailed off and glanced at the floor, worried for a moment that Rotti or Isabel would insist on causing trouble. What if Isabel insisted to her fiancé that he take action? What if the threat of the thieves did not hold, or whatever had frightened Rotti so? What if? Ezio could not fight all of Venezia, and he could not guarantee Leonardo's safety. Accidents happened.

"What?" Ezio asked, arching his eyebrow and scoffing, breaking Leonardo from his depressing turn of thoughts, "that figlio di puttana, Rotti?" I took care of him already."

Leonardo blinked in surprise, gaping wordlessly like a fish out of water.

"Took care of him," he echoed, not sure what to make of Ezio's words.

"Si, and that viziati piccolo cagna of his, whatever her name was."

"Ezio!" Leonardo began to admonish, "What did you do to them? What did you say?"

Ezio shrugged and chuckled, sounding positively evil, but in that delightful way that sent shivers shooting up Leonardo's spine like bolts of hard ice.

"I surprised them one evening," he said, a smug expression capturing his lips, "and told them in no uncertain terms that if they ever bothered you again I would creep through their home at night and drink their blood while they slept and steal their souls per il diavolo."

Leonardo's heart thumped uncomfortably in his chest and a small light clicked in the back of his mind.

"It was you!" he exclaimed, a smile alighting his face and causing Ezio to bow ceremoniously.

"You're the reason Rotti came to me out of breath and terrified! Con la grazia di Dio, I wondered why he—but how did you know?"

Ezio shrugged modestly.

"I ran into a servant girl who attends Isabel," he explained, "and I overheard her talking to a friend about an artista who was going to 'rue the day he had ever been born' because of some lump this spoiled girl received on her head while she was in his care. Then the girl described a man so handsome and talented I knew she could only be speaking of you. So I decided to follow her back to their palazzo, where I continued to spy on them until they tired and readied for bed."

"Ah," Leonardo breathed, feeling a rush if gratitude, "but you didn't have to—ack, come here, you!"

Leonardo grabbed Ezio by the back of the neck and placed a firm kiss on his lips, forcing him back against a table strewn with papers. Relieved, so utterly relieved he thought he could fly, Leonardo started to laugh against his lover's lips. He had nothing to worry about. Isabel would not bother him, Rotti was too afraid to bother him, and he was safe.

"Bello," he said, sighing against Ezio's scruffy chin, "you are the most amazing person I have ever met."

"Grazie," Ezio murmured, slipping his hand around Leonardo's waist and kissing him solidly. Leonardo clutched at Ezio's strong forearms, his legs still weak from his release. He trembled minutely and tried to hide it, but Ezio had a keen eye for the fine details. A quick grin later and Leonardo found himself being led up the stairs to his private room.

"Where are you taking me?" he asked, beginning to pout, "I am not tired, and I want to spend time with you!"

"Who said anything about sleeping?" Ezio teased back, and Leonardo felt himself flush.

"There are many other things beds are useful for, mi amore."

"Si, cosí sembra. Are you going to teach me a few of these things?"

"Of course, mio bello, of course. I have five years to make up for, do I not? I plan on starting tonight. In five years time, I suspect I will have sufficiently made up for my absence."

Leonardo shivered pleasurably as he thought about, and a silly grin crossed his face once more. He could think of nothing more pleasing than the thought of Ezio by his side, not going anywhere, and when they reached the top of the stairs, and as Ezio kissed him senseless, the only thing Leonardo could think of was that he was happier than he had ever been in the past five years.

Even with all the company.