Disclaimer- I do not own Suite Life on Deck.

This story is based off the song All You Wanted by Michelle Branch.

This story is set the day after Bailey and Cody's break up. And just so you know in this chapter Bailey is at that one spot that she went to outside of Ms. Tutweiller's classroom to cry at the end of the episode Marriage 101.

This story will have past Cailey, Zailey or maybe just platonic Zailey (Not sure yet), and possibly in later chapters Zack/Cody twincest, but nothing graphic.

Bailey couldn't believe it. She just couldn't believe it. She thought she was going to be with Cody forever. She loved him so much. This hurt way more than when she and Moose had broke up. Her and Cody went so good together … so how come it didn't work out? She'll never find someone else like Cody.

Bailey dug her face deeper into her arms as she cried harder.

It wasn't fair. Why couldn't she of got her facts straight, before she went accusing and assuming things? She should have trusted him more. Cody was right; he had done nothing to make her think she couldn't trust him.

That was the biggest mistake of her life. She lost Cody. She felt so broken without him, like she couldn't possibly go on. Her heart was shattered into a million pieces and she could hardly breathe. She was so sure that if she didn't get Cody back, she would die of a broken heart.


Bailey jumped at the sudden voice and quickly turned around startled, only to see it was Zack.

"Oh, Zack … it's just you." She mumbled, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.

"Bailey, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" He asked in concern.

Bailey stopped wiping at her wet eyes to blink at Zack.

Zack showed concern. The Zack Martin showed concern for somebody else. He never showed concern, maybe to Cody sometimes, but never to somebody else, especially her.

He hated her.

They clashed so many times, because they are two completely different people. They're not even really friends; they just tolerated each other for Cody.

So, why was he showing concern for her? Was he doing it just to mock her?

He had to know why she was crying her heart out. Cody had to of told him. Cody always runs to Zack when something was wrong, so why wouldn't he now?

She glared at him through her tears.

"Like you don't know,"

"Know what?" He asked with confusion.

When she saw that he was sincerely confused, she softened and became confused herself.

"Didn't Cody tell you?"

Zack shook his head slowly.

"No, I haven't seen him since last night."

"Oh," Bailey said quietly as she looked down. "Well, last night we-w-we b-broke up!"

She broke down crying again. She covered her face with her hands as she cried. She gasped and looked up as she felt strong arms wrap around her.

Zack was hugging her. She looked into identical eyes of Cody's to see sincere surprise and concern. He wiped away her tears with his thumbs as he caressed her cheeks comfortingly.

She was so surprised that Zack was being so gentle and caring with her, but she was also very touched and grateful.

Maybe, just maybe this was another side of Zack that he was showing her now.

When Zack was sure Bailey was calm enough, he said as soft and as gentle as he could,

"What are you talking about? My brother is absolutely crazy about you and everybody knows how much Cody means to you. You guys are the perfect couple … what happened?"

Shame and regret filled Bailey as she answered the brother of the boy she had lost,

"I thought I saw him kissing another girl on the Eiffel Tower and ran into another boy's arms, but then I found out that girl was only London and they didn't even kiss, she was just helping him practice for our anniversary, so I went over to the Eiffel tower where he had told me to meet him. Of course he was mad at me, not only for being very late, but also, because he saw me with that other guy. I told him what happened and I thought that maybe he would understand, but instead that made him angrier, because he said I don't trust him. Then we got into the biggest fight we've ever had and we both decided it was best to break up."

"Wow, I guess Paris isn't as great of a place as everybody says it is, since it caused you and Cody to break up, Marcus to meet an imposter of him, Mr. Moseby to get beaten up by the whole city, and me and Woody to get kidnapped."

Bailey scoffed, tilting her head a bit.

"Yeah, I know. Paris is not one of my favorite places anymore. I hate—Wait! You and Woody got kidnapped? When? How? Who kidnapped you?"

Zack waved it off.

"That's not important right important right now. What is important is what happened between you and my baby brother."

Zack just keeps on surprising Bailey. Zack would rather talk about her problems then his own.

"Look I understand both of your point of views. You thought you saw Cody cheating on you and your heart broke. You were so vulnerable that you would have run to anybody for comfort, which in this case you ran to a complete stranger. It wasn't your fault, that asshole was taking advantage of you. And, Cody, well … he was nothing, but good to you. After he met you, he wanted no one, but you. He would never ever cheat on you. He's not that kind of guy; he's a one woman type of guy. He's also crazy about you … he would never do anything to mess that up. Ever since he first met you he's been tripping over himself and bending over backwards for you. So, you should have had more faith in him than that."

Ok, now Bailey was shocked speechless. All these surprises Zack was throwing at her all at once were getting to be too much.

Maybe, Zack was smarter than he let on.

Where was this Zack all the time? Why did he keep this part of himself hid away? And most of all why was he showing her this part of him, out of all people?

"Hey," He said softly, grabbing the side of her face, making her meet his eyes.

"Give it time, Bailey. If you and Cody are meant to be together, you'll be together, but until that time comes you need to suck it up and move on with your life. And I want you to know that if you ever need a friend, I'm always here for you."

Bailey backed up into the railing, truly touched by Zack's words, but she was disbelieving to.

Who was this and what did he do to Zack Martin, the mischievous, cocky, ladies man, selfish jerk? Was she in some kind of alternate universe?

When Bailey could finally find her voice, she said ever so softly,

"Zack, it's not that I don't appreciate this, because I do, I really do … but why are you being so kind to me? I thought you hated me."

Zack's eyes widened, he looked honestly shocked by her words.

"Hate you? I don't hate you. What made you think that?"

She looked at him like he was the stupidest person in the world.

"How couldn't I think that? You were nice to me at first, but then you became such a big jerk to me. You make fun of me almost as much as London does. I wouldn't be surprised if you guys got together some nights to discuss new insults about me."

Something changed in Zack's eyes that made Bailey wish she would have kept her mouth shut.

His eyes were filled with emptiness, pain, and deep longing.

Bailey brought her hand up to her mouth. Her already broken heart twisted in pain at seeing Zack like this.

The happy go lucky, goofy, full of himself boy actually looked depressed

"I have to go." He mumbled out suddenly, turning his back to her.

"No, Zack, wait!" She cried out in panic, reaching a hand out to him, but he ignored it and went back inside.

Tears started falling again as she stared at the door Zack had left through. She hurt him and all he wanted to do was help her. It was the second person she had hurt in less than twenty-four hours, that has to be a new record for her.

She had to make it right.