A/N: This is a companion piece to the drabble Invisible, except in Rikku's point of view.

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Rikku's POV


That was the number of days since I'd first seen him on the bus. I can't recall if he'd been there before then, but ever since last Monday, I couldn't help but see him.

He wasn't anyone special, just another man going home after a long day at work. The salt and pepper hair gave him the appearance of being older than I assumed he was. I don't know why I thought he was younger than he appeared, I guess it was just my imagination inventing everything for me. You see, I liked to study people, strangers mostly. They never really took notice of me and I found this made it easier to watch everyone as they went about their lives each day. What they did, how they interacted with others around them, just their body language in particular. It was easy for me to do, I just kept my hat pulled down over my eyes, my mp3 player blasting and people pretended that I was invisible. I can't say that I minded.

I never talked to any of them. I never felt compelled to get to know any of them. It was just a way to pass the time, a hobby you might say. The people on the bus gave way to the people in my apartment building once I got off at my stop. Just another group of people I observed. I went to my apartment, I ate, bathed, slept. And then, in the morning, I did it all over again.


Another day, another sighting of the same man. I made a mental check. Still there. Almost exactly the same seat, too. I smiled.

He smiled back.

Wait, what?

I could have face palmed. I had been caught looking at him. Great, he might speak to me. Though, I wondered if I would really mind.

There was...something, I don't know, just in the back of my mind. A spark of interest. Curiosity, maybe. I found that I wanted to know why he always looked so sad and alone when he rode that bus every evening. I wanted to know if I was right in my assumption of his age. I wanted to ask why he wore that daft looking red coat every day, even though it wasn't particularly cold during this time of year.

I wanted him to smile at me again.

I chanced another look up, through my lashes. His head was down, his eyes hidden behind sunglasses. As I continued to peer at him, he gave a small start, like he'd been shocked by something unseen.

His head tilted upwards.

He looked.

We saw each other. And we smiled.

Seven days. That's all it took before I decided that, maybe, I didn't want to be so invisible anymore.

Just a note: This one-shot takes place after Invisible, though the Monday she mentions is the same day Auron first saw her. :)