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"Holy shit, holy shit, holy frickin' shit."

Shun paced around the waiting room with wide eyes, biting her nails nervously. Yuri tapped her foot impatiently on the floor, biting her lip and staring at the floor worriedly. Byakuya's eyes were closed, sitting down on one of the many chairs with a look of calm on his face. Rukia sat beside him with Hisana and Isshin sitting beside her, both staying quiet. Jiro watched as the woman paced. Shun wanted to know how he could look so serene during a moment like this. Obviously, it had been a while since the incident, and no one would say anything about it. Except those frickin' bastards at the eleventh division asking when she was going to get stronger again. Stupid assholes.

"How can you look so damn calm?" Shun asked, staring at the noble with an anxious look on her face. "I'm getting nervous and the birth hasn't even started yet."

"It did start." Yuri clarified, seeing the woman wave her hand towards her.

"Shut up. Anyway, as I was saying, how can you look like you do this every day?" Shun asked, holding her arms out towards the stoic man with wide eyes. "Rio's suffering right now!"


"I'm gonna hit you if you open your mouth again." Shun warned, pointing at the brunette with a scowl.

Yuri looked away and gave a cheeky grin. "Couldn't hurt me, anyway."

Jiro chuckled nervously when he saw the glare from the violent woman. Shun's reiatsu, along with Rio's, had been lowered severely. Fortunately, Yuri's hadn't. Which meant she was stronger than her two friends. And that just pissed Shun off every time she mentioned it. She scowled at the grinning woman, everyone in the waiting room jumping when they heard a scream. Byakuya's brow furrowed slightly, opening his eyes and turning his head to stare at the door. The violent woman's pacing started once more, her eyes wide and obviously sweating profusely. Yuri went back to biting her nails nervously.

Kenpachi snorted and rolled his eyes.

Didn't matter to him what was going on.

Hitsugaya glared straight ahead in his chair, his arms crossed over his chest. He was only there because he followed Yuri. That's why. He wasn't curious at all for the childbirth. Yeah, that's why.

"She's gonna die, I-I mean she's not going to die... not going to die," Shun murmured, reaching up and gripping her hair with large eyes. "S-She's going to push a little person out of her... a little person... a baby... a little baby. That's not creepy... not creepy at all... not creepy."

Yuri had to stare at her friend blankly. This might actually be the first time she's seen her so openly nervous. When she was nervous she'd try to hide it. Sure as hell wasn't trying to hide it now. She watched as the dark haired woman sat down before getting back up once more, pacing the room.

"I need a drink or something..." Shun murmured, pausing before shaking her head at the idea. "No, no... I need fresh air!" She was about to head for the door before shaking her head again.

Kenpachi was starting to get irritated with her.

He watched as she paced the room, muttering to herself and trying to make decisions. When she walked by him he grabbed the back of her robes and forced her to sit down, which made her yelp and turn to glare at him. He glared back. She scoffed and crossed her arms, leaning back into the chair and tapping her foot on the floor. He closed his eyes with irritation when her tapping soon turned into pounding. She was leaning forward now, biting her thumb and practically stomping the floor.

"Get back to pacing!" Kenpachi growled, pushing the woman off the seat.

Shun did just that.

Though she flipped him off first for pushing her off.

"I'm so nervous," Yuri murmured, turning to see the Captain staring at the door and nodding slowly. "Though it's not my kid, I'm still nervous."

"Yeah..." Hitsugaya continued to nod. "...I'm not oblivious to births, but..." He rubbed the back of his head and looked away.

The door slammed open, in running Ichigo with a panicked look on his face with Renji right behind him, both panting heavily. Everyone in the room blinked at the two.

"Did we miss it?" Ichigo asked, seeing the noble open his eyes and turn to glare at him.

"We are still waiting. Does it look like you missed it?" Byakuya snapped, making the two men grin nervously.

"Looks like Kuchiki is a little pissy." Kenpachi said, smirking in amusement.

Byakuya turned and sent him a glare before he closed his eyes and tried to steady his breathing along with his heart. He was probably the most nervous in the room. Rio's friend was obviously showing she was nervous, but it couldn't compare to him. His palms were sweating, his heart wouldn't stop hammering in his chest, and he was sure hit cheek was sore from biting it.

Ichigo walked into the room and sat down, taking a deep breath and letting it out. Renji sat down beside him, glancing at the door momentarily before looking up and sighing.

"Well... we got time." Renji said, shrugging lightly.

He turned his head when Rio's friend walked by, murmuring to herself with wide eyes. He blinked before shrugging once more. She was nervous, that much was obvious. He observed everyone around him. Byakuya looked calm, but after being his lieutenant for a while he could at least tell that he wasn't. Rio's other friend was sitting next to Hitsugaya, looking very nervous. The Captain himself looked like he was trying to shit himself from looking so serious. Shun and Yuri's friend was breathing as calmly as he could.

He turned his head, staring at the Captain of the eleventh. He... well, he looked like he didn't care.

"So? What's happening? How far has it gone?" Ichigo asked, looking around the room.

"The birth started," Hitsugaya said, shrugging lightly. "Should almost be done now."

"Yeah," Shun said, chuckling nervously and pointing at the Captain of the sixth. "He was too scared to go in and hold her hand."

Byakuya opened his eyes and sent her a glare.

She shrugged lightly in response and continued to pace.

"Both Yuri and I aren't the father so..." Shun shrugged once more. "Though we'd need the male anatomy to do something like that, but then we would need to be nobles to have a higher chance of doing something like that or stronger reiatsu, but-"

"Shun, Shun," Ichigo said, standing up and grabbing the woman's shoulders, shaking her lightly. "Calm down. Just take a deep breath."

Shun nodded and took a deep breath, her eyes remaining wide.

"Sit down," Ichigo said, bringing her to one of the many chairs and sitting her down. "Just calm down." He repeated, turning to send an amused smirk at the redhead Captain.

Renji shrugged lightly.

They all turned their heads and stood up when the door opened, seeing Unohana smile at the group. Kenpachi paused and frowned in confusion when he also stood up before he sat back down like nothing happened. Byakuya stared intently at the other Captain, seeing her smile grow when she faced him.

"He's ready to see you now." Unohana said, seeing the group blink.

"He?" Byakuya asked, furrowing his brow slightly. "It's a boy?"

Unohana nodded with a kind smile on her face. Yuri smiled widely, looking excited while Shun took a deep breath and slumped in the chair. Ichigo grinned widely and slapped his hand on Byakuya's shoulder, who actually looked a little stunned. Renji held up a fist with a smirk. Jiro started chuckling from being so anxious.

"Who will be first?" Unohana asked.

"Fathers first," Shun said, holding her hand out towards the Captain. "Whoo!" She leaned back and rubbed her forehead.

Byakuya glanced at her and Rio's other friend, seeing her nod and motion him towards the door. He looked towards his fellow Captain and nodded. Unohana gave another smile and turned to lead him through the door, sensing that he was following. He walked through the hall, feeling the need to roll his eyes when he heard the cheering from Ichigo and Rio's friends. He stopped when Unohana stopped, seeing her motion towards the door.

He glanced at it and looked back at her, seeing her nod with a smile.

He stared at the door before he slid it open, peering into the room. He stepped inside, his attention going to the crib inside the room. He hesitated before he moved towards it.

He stared at the tiny bundle.

A son... He had a son. He felt pride when he stared at the child, reaching out and touching the baby's cheek lightly. He held his breath in case he started crying, relaxing when he remained sleeping. He turned his head, staring at the woman fast asleep on the bed. He walked over to it and sat on the chair next to the bed, grabbing Rio's hand and holding it in his own. He closed his eyes and held her hand tightly, feeling her hand twitch lightly.

Rio opened her eyes and blinked, staring at the ceiling before turning her head to see Byakuya staring at her.

She sent him a soft smile.

"I'm sore," Rio said, closing her eyes and frowning. "...Where is he?" She asked quietly, seeing the Captain turn his head.

She looked where his line of vision was, staring at the basket with furrowed eyebrows. She smiled again and rested on the bed, staring at the ceiling with a loud sigh leaving her mouth. She had to endure her stomach growing, her feet swelling, and the baby kicking her like she insulted him or something. She also had strange cravings. She turned her head and smiled at Byakuya, seeing him hesitate before he returned her smile.

"I am sorry for putting you through all this." Byakuya said, closing his eyes with a sigh.

"It's okay," Rio said, pushing herself up with a groan. "We... got something out of it." She said, smiling at the basket.

Byakuya turned and stared at the basket, staying silent. "Did you name him?"

"No, not yet."

He turned his head and stared at her, seeing her blink before she closed her eyes and smiled at him. He had thought of a name if it was a boy. He tightened his hold on her hand, making her glance at him curiously and tilt her head. He wanted to tell her first before they named him to see if she would prefer it.

"I thought of a name." Byakuya said, seeing the woman blink.

"What is it?"

"I want to name him after my father." Byakuya said, seeing her widen her eyes slightly before her eyes misted over and a warm smile spread across her face.

When she nodded he stood up and wrapped his arms around her. Rio smiled, ignoring Kaen Hebi's comment. She blinked and paused, turning to see Ichigo, Renji, Rukia and her kids, Shun, Yuri, and Jiro peering into the room. She leaned back and gave them a tired smile, seeing her friends grin before they walked into the room. Byakuya sat back in the chair and closed his eyes, hearing everyone surround the basket.

"Congratulations, Nii-sama." Rukia said, seeing her brother nod when she smiled at him.

"...You pushed that thing out of you?" Shun asked, cringing and trying to imagine. "Must've hurt like hell!"

"It's not a thing, Shun," Rio said, crossing her arms and giving the woman a firm stare. "He is my son."

"Still, look how big he is," Shun said, holding her hands out and... measuring the baby, which gained her strange stares. She cringed. "I never want to have a baby."

"Ah, yeah, you say that now, but just wait." Ichigo said, standing up and sending the woman a smirk.

Shun turned and sent him a glare.

"You try to get pregnant, then," Shun growled, turning to glare down at the baby.

Ichigo rolled his eyes with a smirk.

"Are you okay, Rio?" Yuri asked, staring at her friend with furrowed eyebrows.

Rio nodded with a smile, turning away with tears running down her face comically. No, she wasn't. She hurt! She jumped when she heard a strained noise, turning her head to see Shun back away from the crib with wide eyes, up against the wall like she was scared. She furrowed her eyebrows while Ichigo and Renji grinned down into the basket and wiggled their fingers. Yuri jumped towards the crib and grinned, as well, which made Rio blink.

"He's up!" Renji said, turning to grin at the woman.

Rio blinked before smiling brightly. She turned her head when Byakuya stood, making her raise her eyebrows curiously when he made his way towards the basket. The other three immediately moved out of the way for the Captain, seeing him peer inside. Large green eyes stared back at him, making him blink and narrow his eyes slightly. He stared at the black hair and looked back down at the green orbs.

Yuri was practically shaking in excitement, grinning while looking between the two.

So cute!

Shun kept eying the basket uneasily.

Kenpachi and Hitsugaya stared into the basket, making everyone jump at the sudden appearance of the two Captains.

"How long did the labor take?" Hitsugaya asked, staring at the baby before glancing at the woman, seeing her blink.

She smiled tiredly. "Nineteen hours."

Shun and Yuri gawked at her, both their eyes wide.

"Nineteen hours to push that thing," She corrected herself when Rio shot her a poisonous look. "Him out?" Shun asked, shaking her head lightly and whistling, crossing her arms over her chest.

She jumped when the baby started crying.

"Okay!" Shun yelled, heading for the door with wide eyes, turning to salute towards her stunned friends. "Congratulations, Rio! Happy for you and Captain Kuchiki, but I have some very busy... stuff to do, so see ya!"

She ran out of the room when the crying went a tad louder. Kenpachi turned his head and stared after her, rolling his eyes with a scoff before he nodded to Byakuya and Rio and walked out of the room. Yuri panicked, turning to stare at Rio when the crying continued. Rio smiled and held her arms out, making the brunette blink before she nodded and carefully lifted the baby out of the basket, slowly walking towards her to avoid dropping him. She let out a relieved sigh when she put him in Rio's arm and stepped away to wipe her forehead.

"So, um... what's his name?" Yuri asked, peering down at the fussing baby curiously.

"Sojun." Rio said, sending her friend a bright smile.

Yuri blinked and raised her eyebrows at the name before she grinned widely.

"Great name."

"Okay, so after they have the baby... then they're gonna get married," Shun murmured, nodding slowly, and sitting on the steps to the eleventh division. "Huh... it's... weird." She said, shrugging lightly.

Kenpachi slowly rolled his eyes and looked to the side, which Shun had noticed. She pointed at him threateningly, making him glance at her from the side of his eye.

"Don't roll your eyes at me, mister!" Shun growled, biting her lip before she grinned widely.

He snorted. "As if you can hurt me now," Kenpachi said, which made the woman frown. "Your reiatsu's squat."

"I can beat you with my thumb!" Shun said, holding up her thumb with a scowl. "...If you're asleep and I choke you to death."

She grinned widely while Kenpachi sent her a flat stare, a stare that said, "Really?" She shrugged lightly in response and leaned against the pillar, letting out a loud content sigh. The Captain stared at her with a frown. He didn't get it. She was strong seven months before, got mad and depressed when she lost all her reiatsu, and now... she looked like she was going to fall asleep. It's like she didn't care she was weak anymore. He frowned and leaned back, crossing his arms behind his head and laying down. He scowled when Shun rested her feet on his abdomen, turning to send her a dark glare.

Shun looked away with a wide smirk on her face, acting like she didn't see him.

She seemed happier, too.

Okay, that's it.

He pushed himself and threw her feet off of him, making her blink and raise her eyebrows. She looked at him curiously and held her hands up.

"Okay, didn't want my feet on your stomach?" Shun asked, letting out a snort. "Didn't have to get mad."

"Why the hell're you like this?" Kenpachi asked, seeing the woman blink.


"You're all happy 'n shit. Seven months ago you were raving mad about losing your reiatsu," Kenpachi said, holding his arm out towards the woman, seeing her cock her head to the side and quirk a brow. "What? You don't care anymore?"

Shun frowned and send him a blank stare. "Of course I care. I just have a new purpose in life." She said, hitting her chest with a smirk.

"And what's that? Caring for your friend's kid?" Kenpachi asked sarcastically, rolling his eyes with a scoff.

"Hell no! I'm scared of kids!" Shun yelled, waving her hands and shaking her head. At the stunned look she stuttered. "T-They cry too much- I mean, my new purpose is..." She gave a wide, feral grin and held up a fist. "Is to try and get stronger again."

Kenpachi blinked and made a face.

"I was strong before and never got the chance to have... challenges," Shun said, shrugging lightly and scratching the back of her head before pausing and pointing at the Captain. "Except when I went against you. You're crazy strong." She said, shuddering for a moment. "But this gives me a chance to get stronger and have fights worthwhile!"

Shun squawked when the Captain ruffled her hair, making her widen her eyes and hold her head, staring at the man strangely. What the hell...? He was mad one second and all calm-like the next. She sent him a questioning stare, seeing him give a wide smirk before he laid back once more. She continued to frown, giving the man a suspicious stare. Why isn't he answering?

"At least I know you ain't giving up." Kenpachi said, closing his eyes with a small grin.

Shun blinked. "Giving up? Screw that! Giving up isn't all eleventh division!" She yelled, holding up her arms to show off her muscles. "...You're on my foot. Scoot over."

They went quiet once more, after Kenpachi moved and Shun rubbed her foot with a look of relief on her face, both looking upwards at the sky. Shun quirked a brow and looked around the area, thinking about Rio's situation with her Captain. So, they're gonna get married next week. Wow. They weren't kidding when they said they were going to get married right after Rio had her kid. It'd be even crazier if they had it right after the birth. The kid pops out and they have the wedding right in the delivery room... Her lips twitched at the thought. That'd be funny and strange.

"What if we got married?" Shun blurted out, sending the Captain a look.

He sent her a stunned stare. "Then you'd have to give me foot massages for the rest of your life."

"Then you'd have to cook for me," Shun said, giving a snort. "Like hell I'm gonna give you foot massages."

"Fine then, you'd have to give me back massages."

They stayed silent.

"We should change the subject."


Next Week

Rio stood in one room, her hands on her cheeks and her eyes wide from being anxious. Oh, god. It came faster than she expected. Being a mother one minute and now almost being a wife. She was starting to feel a little dizzy. She let out a breath and walked over to the chair, sitting down and taking a deep breath. She jumped and let out a surprised gasp when the door slid open, both Shun and Yuri grinning at her. She let out a relieved smile and returned their grins.

The dark haired woman quirked an eyebrow at her face.

"What's wrong with you? Looks like you have to... I don't know, throw up," Shun said, shrugging lightly.

"I'm nervous," Rio said, furrowing her eyebrows and looking down. "What if I can't do it?"

Shun sent her a blank stare while Yuri walked towards her and held her hands with an encouraging smile on her face.

"Rio, I didn't put on this kimono for nothing," Shun said, holding her arms out with a scowl. "I expect you to go out there, get married, and consummate the marriage. And if your kid spits up on me again I'm gonna kick your ass." She warned, pointing at her friend threateningly.

Rio's face grew red when she heard the word, "consummate."

"...It was kind of funny when he threw up on yo-"

"Shut up!" Shun growled, pointing at the brunette next with a scowl.

"Shun, your way of trying to cheer my up is strange," Rio said, sending the woman a blank stare. "You're... You're a complete natural at this." She said sarcastically, soon smiling in amusement.

"Hey, I try," Shun said, shrugging lightly with a smirk. She gave a wide, toothy grin. "Get ready." She said, turning around and heading out the door.

Yuri smiled after her before pausing and glancing at her nervous friend. Rio bit her lip and looked down, blinking when she felt Yuri rest her hand on her shoulder and looking up to stare curiously at her friend. She sent her a questioning stare, receiving a smile in return. Yuri reached up and placed her other hand on Rio's opposite shoulder.

"Rio... I'm... stronger than you and Shun now," Yuri raised her eyes and stared at the ceiling, letting out a breath. "Wow, it feels weird saying that," Rio smiled at this and nodded. "But, uh... I just want to let you know, I'm always gonna be there for you!" She said, giving a wide grin.

Rio smiled brightly and nodded.

"So you better do this." Yuri said, holding up a fist with a wide smile on her face.

"Yes," Rio said, closing her eyes and giving a nod. "I... can do this!"

"Do it for your son, too," Yuri said, said, giving a wide grin and snickering. "You should try to let Shun hold him more."

They both started snickering when they remembered Shun had panicked when Sojun puked on her a little, giving her to anyone close and running away while yelling, "I'm never holding your brat again!" They both started laughing before Yuri congratulated Rio once more and left the room. Rio stared after her before a wide smile crossed her face, turning her head to look at the garden.

"I can do this."

"Congratulations!" Ichigo yelled, clapping the noble's shoulder with a wide grin on his face. "Can't believe you did it!"

Renji grinned widely at his former Captain, his arms crossed over his chest while he watched as everyone surrounded the stoic man and congratulated him. Women surrounded Rio, all congratulating her while the green eyed woman blushed profusely at the attention. Shun sat in one of the chairs, her arms crossed over her chest and a wide grin stretched across her face. Well, one of the three of them got married. Who'd have thought? She smirked widely before turning her head sharply to the right when Kenpachi sat down beside her.

She narrowed her eyes slightly.

Would she marry him?

She paused before shaking her head. Nah.

Kenpachi looked at her with a smirk. "It's been a while since you said you love me."

Shun froze and widened her eyes before she stood up and quickly jogged away, which made the Captain narrow his eyes and smirk before he stood up and calmly walked after her. He was glad that she slowed down considerably since her reiatsu was squat now. She looked behind before she began bolting, making the Captain give a wide smirk before he quickened his pace.

Hitsugaya let out a sigh with a smirk before he walked over to his designated table and sat down, seeing Yuri holding Rio's baby with a bright smile on her face. Sojun stared up at the brunette with large, curious eyes, which made Hitsugaya smirk lightly in amusement. He suddenly shuddered at the idea of having a baby, which made his eyes grow wide and his face lose color. He was still young. He didn't want that.

Yuri stared at him with a quirked brow before shrugging and going back to smiling at Sojun.

"So?" Hitsugaya said, turning to stare at the brunette with a smile. "How does it feel to be stronger than your two friends?"

"It... still feels weird saying it," Yuri murmured, looking away with a small smile on her face. "They were both stronger than me in all the years I've known them." She murmured, letting out a small sigh.

She looked up and gave a wide grin when she saw Rio walking towards her, seeing her hold out her arms with a smile on her face. She carefully placed Sojun in Rio's arms, seeing her smile softly down at her son. Wow... it still felt weird that she had a kid. Yuri continued to smile, even when Rio walked away and towards her new husband.


It felt weird just knowing Rio had a child and a husband.

Yuri ran a hand through her hair with a wide grin, her eyes slightly wide. She turned and sent a smile at the Captain, seeing him blink before he returned her smile. All of this didn't seem real. They barely knew the Captains when they graduated, now she had a relationship with Captain Hitsugaya, which was professional when they were working, Rio married hers, and Shun even confessed to her Captain!

Though she still denied that she did.

Who would have known they would do all of this.

She looked up, seeing Shun running away from her Captain and turning around to yell at him to stop following her. He ignored her warning and continued to advance towards her, which made her yelp and run towards Rio and Byakuya, hiding behind them with wide eyes. The Captain of the sixth turned and sent her an annoyed glare before he directed it to Kenpachi. The tall man ignored it and lunged for the woman, making her scream out in alarm. Sojun, in Rio's arms, stared at the two in curiosity.

Yuri started snickering when Shun continued to struggle against the man's hold, reaching out for anyone close by.

Ikkaku laughed at her while Yumichika shook his head. Yachiru was at the table filled with food, stuffing herself to her heart's content.

Byakuya blinked when Rio faced him, handing him Sojun, which made him widen his eyes slightly before he held his hands out. They were careful when passing the baby along to the other, which made most of the women smile brightly at the two. Rukia grinned widely from her table, scowling when Hisana and Isshin tried getting away. She snapped at Ichigo to help, who scowled before he mumbled a, "Yes, dear," before he scooped the two up with a grin that made them start laughing. Rukia smiled at the three of them.

Yuri jumped in surprise when she felt Shun collapse on her, turning to see her let out a sigh with a fierce blush on her face and muttering that she was never letting Kenpachi near her again. She turned her head when she heard someone sit beside her, seeing Rio giving her a smile. Hitsugaya raised his elbow onto the table and rested his cheek on his palm, sending the woman an amused smirk.

"So? Now what?" Hitsugaya asked, giving the woman a soft smile.

Yuri blinked before she gave a wide grin.

"Now I get to protect Rio and Shun!"

The two women blinked, the violent woman quickly scowling and the calm one smiling softly at her. Yuri yelped when Shun jumped at her, jumping away and turning to run with wide eyes. Rio widened her eyes and gasped, standing up and running after Shun while yelling at her not to hurt Yuri.

"What the hell do you mean you're gonna protect me! You're saying I'm weak? HUH?"

"AAAAAAHH! I'm sorry, Shun! I'm sorry!"

"SHUN! Stop chasing Yuri!"

All the Captains watched as the three women ran, some rolling their eyes and some smiling, all watching when Shun jumped the small brunette and gave a wide grin before she was jumped by Rio.

Byakuya sighed and closed his eyes, lightly shaking his head with a smile while holding Sojun, who had been starting to fall asleep before being woken by the loud noise. Those friends of Rio's were loud and wild, always causing a ruckus.

Hitsugaya stared at the scene with a blank look on his face before he chuckled lightly and crossed his arms, used to this behaviour that was always started by Yuri's friend. He watched as Shun snarled at Rio to stop hitting her while covering her head.

Kenpachi sat at one of the many tables, raising his cup to his mouth and taking a sip, ignoring the scene with a roll of his eyes. He smirked to himself and closed his eyes. At least he managed to get her to confess she loved him when he grabbed her before.

Ah, fun times.

"OW! Rio! That hurts!"

"Get off of Yuri, then!"

"Hell no! She called me weak!"

"I said I was sorry!"

Yuri gave a wide grin while covering her head. She was happy. She turned and hugged Shun by surprise, making her squawk and try to push her away with a scowl, asking where the hell the hug came from. She turned and sent Rio a bright smile, making her blink and raise her eyebrows before she sent her a smile in return. It was true what she said. Both Shun and Rio were weak, and she was the strongest out of the three of them now, after how many years of being the weakest. She was going to protect them!

She smiled brightly.

She was so happy they were together~!

The End


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