Rosario+Vampire The Best Gift! Chapter 1

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A thin mist of grey dust hung in the pitch black cavern. A lone flicker of light, which temporarily broke the darkness shown from a single flashlight that was on its last battery life. A lone boy no more than fifteen reached up and wiped the sweat from his brow.

"Man I'm going to be famous! At least I hope that I am...Who knew all this was down here." Tsukune muttered to himself as he continued to wander in the dark cave. His so-called friends had dared him to go explore, despite the warnings of the teachers and police about the so-called unstable caverns that existed in the mountains.

Tsukune shown the dying light of his flashlight up against the stone walls that were covered by strange glyphs and other markings.

"AH!" Tsukune quickly swung his flashlight around in a quick arch as if the narrow beam of light could protect him from the sudden barrage of jet black bats the rushed at him from the ceiling above.

"Oh boy that was-" Tsukune stopped in his tracks. He found that he had emerged from the small narrow cavern into a vast chamber. His eyes darted around as he self gazed upon a majestic statue of a naked woman with horns, wings and a tail.

"What did I just find?" Tsukune muttered to himself as he found himself staring at the statues most prominent aspect.

"What a pair of breasts on her." He cooed.

The female statue had both of its hands outstretched. A small stone box with a large blue sapphire within it.

"I'm going to have to get something to prove that I was here and that this place existed..." The boy muttered.

Tsukune gazed upon the small box within the statues hands. He quickly got closer and slowly but carefully extracted the stone box from the statues fingers.

"Okay. Now all I have to do is-OUCH!" Tuskune screamed as he looked up to find a small pebble that made up the great stone ceiling had fallen upon his head, only to be followed by several larger chunks of rock.

"Okay time to get out of here." Tsukune screamed a he ran for the narrow tunnel that was his only way out!

"Oh man if I get out of this alive, I'll never skip gym class again!" Tsukune howled as he ran for his life as the cave began to collapse all around him!

Spying the narrow opening he had managed to squeeze his small body through Tsukune made a great running leap and dove though it just as the cave collapsed all upon itself.

"Okay, I'm never doing that again!" Tsukune gasped as he began to make his way down from the mountain with his small treasure in his pocket!

(Hello everyone! I know this is just the first chapter but it will get better! Have faith, in me.

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