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Another letter from Severus. Not sure if it will make the story or where in the timeline it falls. No spoilers.


Dearest Allosia —

There are times, dearest, when I have to engage in the smallest most methodical actions available to me merely to calm my nerves and rage, which, I suspect, will always be far too self-directed. It is perhaps one of the facts of myself that drew me into this life. In many ways my gods are limited to simple, graceful and repeated motion; I negate myself in quiet creation and it shames me as a man who was once a child that dreamed far too often of being any sort of star at all.

That after all these years I still cannot bring myself to choose a mortal life is more than absurd, it is cruel and it is humiliating. More importantly it is unfair to anyone who has ever attempted to love me, namely your stubborn and delightfully unwise self.

I beg that you do not take offense that you have opened me to possibility and reminded me of hunger.

In contemplation of my jealousy and covetousness,

Your Severus.