It's JKR's world, I just play on it.

No spoilers here. Just Severus musing on the human condition, and his mom. Probably won't find it's way into UG proper.


Contrary to the popular notion, we are not all dying from the moment of our births, but forgetting. The amount of knowledge we have lost by five is appalling and worse still, by fifteen seems inconsequential. Do you ever bother to think this is the last arithmantic equation I will ever perform or notice when a word has slipped from your vocabulary, often permanently, to some land of mental rubble?

Memory has such grim power over us, and when flashes of some past intrude, we mistake them for having import, versus being a mere and temporary petulance of the brain, much as how in a moment of seizure a myopic's vision may suddenly and briefly be rendered perfect. That we ascribe our imperfections, emotions and crude impulses to slavery to magic is galling. That we pretend to be rigorous with a world we do not include ourselves in, laughable. The slightest science, as most of us perform it, is merely one more act of useless convenience.

My contempt, such that it is perceived, is merely for this constant obfuscating our species, such that it is, engages in. I am exhausted by melodramatics chosen over rigor, regrettably, my own included.

It occurs that my own intellectual certainty and acuity comes from my mother, that she must have known from early on about this mortal sin and necessity of forgetfulness, that perhaps her keen, relentless and even inspiring disinterest in me came from one simple and obvious source. I was her son, and yet did not know better than to forget the womb. Original sin has not to do with knowledge, but the loss of it.