Annie is Cassie's half sister. The Winchester brother's must figure out who is trying to kill her and why. Dean discovers more about himself through her than he ever wanted to know. Wanted to try a Dean story without Cassie.

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She looked like she was sleeping. Her honey skin shone bright on the dim light of the funeral parlor. She was so beautiful.

Dean looked down at his hands not sure of what else to do.

"Dean?" Dean turned and saw her mother stand near.


"Don't say you're sorry. I don't think I could take it." He nodded.

"Is there anything I can do?" He smiled slightly.

"Yes, Dean I think there is. Cassie wanted you to know someone." Audrey put her hand in the small of his back and steered him to a small room off of the hall. "Cassie always thought the two of you should meet but our Annie likes her privacy."

"Our Annie?" He was confused.

"Cassie's younger sister." She stopped and turned towards him. "Martin had an affair a few years after we had Cassie. Annie is the product."

"No anger?" Dean met her calm blue eyes.

"No, it's complicated." She waved her hand. "Annie is different."

"Different how?" The door opened to a young woman standing staring out of a large window. Six small balls juggled themselves behind her. "Son of a bitch."

The balls fell to the floor but the girl didn't turn around.

"Cassie called because she believes there are forces after Annie."

"What type of forces?" He asked stepping into the room.

"The type of forces that kill your relatives to make a point." Her voice was soft and severe.

"Annie, be polite." She turned towards Dean. She didn't look anything like Cassie. She was tall, well muscled, with straight dark hair.

Cassie was a delicate rose. This girl was the monster truck that ran over it.

"I know Cassie was a delicate flower and I'm Sasquatch."


"He was thinking it." She protested.

"Annie has been blessed with certain gifts."

"Blessed?" She yelled. The desk began to shake. "You call this blessed."

"Breathe." Aubrey touched her cheek. "Annie was born with this gift. That was why Cassie contacted you. Annie's powers are growing and she is having a hard time containing them."

"I never spoke to Cassie." Dean watched the girl suspiciously. "I just knew I had to come."

"What is happening? Who is stalking Annie? Who killed Cassie?" Aubrey started crying. Dean looked at Annie lifting an eye brow. She shrugged and turned back towards the window. Sighing he went to stand in front of the weeping woman.

"Tell me everything. Annie go get Sam, he's the really tall one."

"Go get him yourself." Dean stomped over to her and swung her around.

"Your sister is dead and your stepmother is a mess. At least pretend like you care."

"Cassie said you liked it rough." Dean closed his eyes and fought the urge to smack her.

"Forget it." He pushed her away from him. "What was the first thing you noticed?

"You're an ass."

"Annie! For Christ sake." Aubrey cried. "Tell him."

"I was at school and this girl, Carly, wigged out on me."

"Wigged out how?" Dean looked her up and down.

"She jumped from the second floor hall way on to my back and started beating the hell out of me." She smiled.

"The second floor? What other things?"

"Nearly getting run over, being followed, attacked, nightmares." She walked to a black backpack and took out a folder. "Here I wrote it all down."

Dean flipped through the book. It was very detailed. "Dates, times, even expressions. You're a regular Sherlock Holmes aren't you?"

"Annie was always detailed orientated." Aubrey said. "I'll go…"

"Dean?" Sam burst through the door. "I don't know what's coming but it's big."

"Bastards." Annie pushed past Sam and stepped out into the parlor

"Annie." Aubrey rushed after her.

Guest ran screaming out of the door. A teenage girl with black eyes stood in front of Annie. Her black hair flowed around her.

"Been missing you Annie. Sorry about your sister, but Daddy said it's time to come home." She looked at Dean. "Winchester. Missing hell?"

"Only if you're jocking my balls, bitch." He sneered.

"Nice." She flicked her wrist and sent Dean flying into Cassie's casket. Her body landed on top of him. "Time to go Annie."

"Time to die bitch." Sam watched as a blast of white energy shot out of her hand and the demon exploded.

"What the hell are you?" He gasped.


Don't judge Annie just yet there's so much more to our little vixen.