Annie woke in a white room. She wasn't alone.

"Cassie?" She reached out to touch her sister but the mirage faded.

"I'm sorry to have to remind you, but Cassie sold her soul." Joshua frowned.

"Why am I still here?" She stood up and looked for a door. The bare room was all white with candles on the wall. "No, Dean told me about this place. I'm not supposed to be here."

"You needed time to heal." Michael appeared next to her. She looked at him. He was handsome, with caramel skin, green eyes and black hair. He couldn't hide his smile. He wore a tailored suit in white. "Do you like it? This is how I would look if I was human."

"Thank God for my superior genes. Why am I here? Please don't lie. Angels are a horrible liar. Oh, and the dress." She ran her hand up and down the white Grecian style dress. "Seriously never again."

"You should show us some respect woman." Rafael appeared next to him wearing the young college student he liked to possess.

"If I had nuts I'd tell you to suck them. Michael, what are you doing to him?" She demanded. He didn't say anything. "You used us. Rafael could have zapped you back."

"Yes." Michael shrugged nonchalantly.

"Why? Is this some kind of sick game for you? Why do you keep torturing him?" She shoved him. "Why only Dean? What about Sam?"

"Sam doesn't feel things the way Dean does. It would be a waste of time." Came the simple reply.

"Answer my question or I'll kick your bitch ass back into the womb, why Dean?" She screamed.

"He kept saying no." Zachariah appeared dressed in an identical white suit. "He kept Sam saying no."

"That's it? That's all?" They nodded. "I don't get to hold my baby because you're having a fucking tantrum?"

"Well when you put it like that it does seem petty." Zachariah snarked. "All we want to do is make sure your future Winchesters understand what rebellion will get them."

"Just so you know…all this white is a little passé. Just saying." She gave them her best Dean snark.

"Show so respect." Zach advanced on her.

"Or what? Let me make sure I have this straight. You are torturing my husband to make sure my kids say yes when the next angel induced apocalypse comes around?" They nodded. "Well here's the problem. Dean is the reasonable on in this marriage and if you think I'm going to let you bastards fuck with my kid's…"

"You'll what?" Annie closed her eyes silently amazed that her powers still worked. Sparks flew from her hands.

"You sat inside me eves dropping on my every conversation but there was one that even you couldn't hear." An invisible wind whipped at her hair. "Your father talked to me in my dreams. He said my powers weren't to protect me from demons. They were to protect me from you. Today, I get to be wrath."

Lightening shot from her hands into the three beings. She knew she couldn't kill them she just needed to displace them enough so that Joshua could send her back to her family. One by one their mortal bodies exploded. She turned to the last angel.

"Send me home."

"It has truly been a pleasure my dear." He touched a hand to her forehead.

Three days later

Dean and Sam sat at a table in the corner of the brightly lit diner. They hadn't left the small town since Annie disappeared. Sam was becoming afraid for his brother. He had nightmares. He saw her everywhere they went. His older brother was coming apart in front of him.

"We need to leave." He did not dare look at Dean.

"No." He scratched three days of beard growth.

"She's not coming back Dean."

"She is. I can feel it." He sipped his black coffee.

"She was sucked into a vortex man. By angels. You and I both know there aren't any deals you can make with any demon to get her back." He ran his hand through his hair. "She's gone."

"She asked me to believe in her that's what I'm going to do."


"I have a baby, Sam and my daughter needs her mother. Her mother. I'm not giving up. She's coming back." Sam looked at the tiny girl Dean held against his chest.

The hunter looked odd dressed in worn blue jeans and an old leather jacket holding the tiny pink bundle. Their dark-haired waitress seemed agree. She had come over several times to coo the pair. Dean snapped at her when she asked to hold her. No one held Jess except Dean. He fed her, bathed her, and dressed her in the tiny pink clothes Mary had bought.

Jo had become another problem. The girl wouldn't leave Dean alone. She called several times a day asking if there was anything she could do to help. He refused every time.

Dean even shut out Mary and John. Like Sam they could only look at Jess from a distance. Dean was adamant that the next person to hold his child would be her mother.

Sam had barely seen her face. Her thick black curls were all that peeked out from under the knit cap.

"She's coming back Sam. She promised and I believe her." He broke off when his cell phone rang. Sam picked it up from the table.


"Mr. Winchester? Dean Winchester?" A man's voice came over the other end.

"No, just a minute." He handed the phone to Dean.


"Mr. Winchester?"

"Who's asking?"

"This is Dr. Peterman. I run a clinic outside of Harrisburg. A young woman was found in a field this morning with a back pack. Your name was one some documents along with this phone number. Her I.D. reads Annalise Culloden but the wedding license has both your names on it so I…"

"I'm in Jamesport is that anywhere near Harrisburg?" Dean wrote down the directions.

"Dean?" Sam looked at him expectantly.

"Annie…she's alive. Come on baby, let's go meet your mommy." Dean put the baby in the infant carrier and raced to the Impala. Sam threw some cash on the table and followed him.


Dean ran into the small clinic. Its sterile white walls made him cringe. Annie hated hospitals. She said they were a death tape of germs and unprotected sex. He did not get it.

"I'm Dean Winchester. My wife is here." He told the older nurse at the front desk.

"Yes, Mr. Winchester. She's in room two. Stan will show you where it is." She gestured to the overweight security guard.

"Your wife caused quite a stir this morning." The guard said as he led him through the door.

"Yeah? How's that?"

"They didn't tell you? She was found naked in the middle of a very large crop circle." He scratched his balding head.

"The Doctor said she had a back pack."

"Oh, she did. It was found a few feet away from her. I went through it myself. It had some papers and a leather jacket in it."

Dean thanked the guard as he pushed the door open. She lay on the cot with her eyes closed. She wore green scrubs and hugged his leather jacket to her.

"Annie?" He whispered. Slowly she looked at him. Her eyes showed her confusion. "I'm Dean."

Tears fell down her face. His heart constricted.

"I remember you. I mean I don't but I do." She took his hand in hers. "I'm so scared."

"I told you I would protect you if you just trust me." She nodded.

"They said I had a baby, but they couldn't find one." Dean pulled a chair up to the cot. "Is it dead?"

"Her name is Jessica. She's so beautiful. She has your hair and my eyes." Dean touched her face.

"Can I see her?" His touch was so familiar.

"She's with her uncle Sam, my brother." Dean slowly pulled her into his arms. "I just want to sit with you for a minute…I missed you baby."

He cried.

"What happened?" She asked. "I try to remember but it's like something's blocking me."

"I don't know." He looked at her. "God you're so beautiful. I prayed all the time. I never stopped believing you would come back to us."

He wanted to touch her everywhere. He needed to know she was real.

"Don't ever leave me again baby." He kissed her. Annie shivered. He felt right. His kiss felt right like they belonged together.

"Dean, bring me my baby. I need to see her." He flipped open the cell phone and told Sam to bring him the baby. Dean had threatened to castrate him if he held her.

Dean took the carrier from his brother when he knocked on the door. "This is Jessica."

Annie watched him hold the child. "She's so tiny."

"She's three days old." He sat next to her. Annie looked at her daughter's tiny face. Her pale skin seemed to glow. "Hold her neck and back. She's a good baby. I thought she would scream and throw fits but she doesn't. She likes to smile, but she sleeps most of the time."

Annie took her cap off. She gave a little laugh when she saw all the black hair.

"Most of the websites say she'll lose it." Dean said nervously.

"No she won't I saw her." Annie closed her eyes and in haled the babies' fresh scent. "I didn't need to carry Michael. The bastards were trying to teach you a lesson on good behavior. You'd think they had never met you."

"You remember?" He asked hopefully.

"I think so. The demons attacked. Missouri died. Joshua took me away. Michael looked really hot thanks to our DNA. Rafael and Zachariah were there. They wanted to make sure our future children understood the pain they could cause if they rebelled." She stroked the babies' cheek.

"Future children?" He rubbed his neck. "Did he say how many?"

"Until I say stop." She smiled over his shoulder. "Can we leave now?"

"Let's get out of here." He put Jess back into the carrier before he opened the door. "Put her in the car, I'll carry Annie."

"I can walk." She protested. "I'm not helpless."

"Thank God for that." Annie wanted to go to Bobby's and rest.

Several miles out, they stopped so she could feed and changed the baby. A Sherriff's car pulled in front of them. A gangly man stepped from it.

"Can I see some identification sir?" He looked from Dean to Sam, who sat next to Annie while she fed the baby in the back seat. "Ma'am, can you cover up please?"

"No." She stared at him. A second police car stopped behind his.

"Can you step out please?" The junior deputy asked.

"Annie, please." Dean pleaded.

"Whatever. I get kidnapped by angels and Barney Fife wants to chat." She grumbled.

"Angels." The Deputy asked.

"She just had a baby three days ago. She's a little angry."

"Two babies!" She yelled.

"Where's the other one?"

"In heaven." She rolled her eyes.

Dean put an arm around her. "She's broken up."

"My condolences." The second taller man walked up to them. He remover his hat and glasses. "Lost a little one myself. Clyde you want to wrap this up?"

The Deputy nodded. "Ma'am, who is this man to you?"

"He feeds me in exchange for sexual favors." Annie said with a straight face.

"And the baby?"

She rolled her eyes. "Our love child we're building a harem for our God."

"Annie." Dean warned.

"The truth is the world is going to end bloody and my husband and I will need to repopulate it. So if we can go we need to get to it."

The thin Sherriff smiled. "No need to get smart Miss. The Deputy is just doing his job."

"Did he want us to drive while I was feeding my baby?" She shifted the child to the other breast. "I mean really has he ever seen a naked woman?"

"Annie." Dean tried to keep the grin from his face.

"I wonder that myself sometimes." He slapped the man as he stared at her bare breast. "Have a safe journey."

"Can you not do that?" Dean asked opening the car door.

"Why if I didn't you would have."

Sam smiled. "She has a point."

"Shut up." The drive to Bobby's was quick.

Sam hurried to the house. Bobby was not there. All of his books and research were gone of his books were gone. "It looks like he just left."

They searched the house while Annie lay on the sofa.

"He's gone. Even the poster of the beach chick is gone." Dean knelt next to her. "How are you feeling?"

"Pissed off, those bastards took me away from you for three whole days."

"There are a few that aren't douches." He stroked her cheek.

"Is that one of them?" Dean turned to see Joshua standing behind them.

"Don't tell me, you want Annie to give birth to God." He said drily.

She smacked his arm. "Good one."

"Yeah, you inspire me." He stroked her hand.

"I've always liked you Dean. I hoped you would get your happily ever after." He touched the younger man's shoulder.

"With Annie? I'm lucky if she doesn't set my pretty butt on fire." He took her hand.

"There is one more task I have for you." Dean rubbed his hand over his face. He was trying to control his temper.

"What this time?' The angel opened the door and stood back as Sam stepped through.

"It will require a huge sacrifice to you but I can guarantee your family and your brother will be happy for the next several generations." He looked at Annie who smiled.

"I thought it was a dream." She whispered.

"I sent a friend ahead to prepare." He looked at the two men. "It has been a pleasure to know the both of you."

Before they could ask what was happening a bright light flashed. They were on a beach. White sands and crystal clear waters surrounded them.

"It's about time you boys showed up." Bobby stepped out from a thicket of palm trees carrying a beer. "I've been here for weeks."

"Bobby I saw you just a few days ago." Sam stuttered.

"Really?" He smiled at the boys. "Is that my girl?"

Annie pulled the blanket back so he could see the child's face.

"You did good work." He kissed the young woman's cheek.

"I helped." Dean grinned.

"Oh yes, all the grunting and sweat. Baby you need a vacation." The group laughed.

"So what is this?" Sam asked looking around. "Heaven?"

"Different time, different channel Sammy." Annie snarked. "This is it. This is my dream."

Sam and Dean looked at each other. "Would you mind sharing honey?"

"I kept having this dream that we were safe. Nothing could touch us. Sam had a wife and kids of his own. Bobby was getting a little somethin', somethin' in the form of a red head. You could sleep without worrying who was going to attack."

"What about Mom and Dad and Ellen?" Sam asked. "They can't fight this fight alone."

"When have you ever fought alone? There are other hunter's out there. The deal is we deserve this. Happiness." She rocked the sleeping baby. "You didn't stop the apocalypse you just put it off. Our line is going to need to defend this planet. Our lineage is going to need to say no to Michael and Lucifer. You will train the first generation. They need to be mentally strong, smart, and quick. And I need a break. I want to wear a bikini and walk through the sand with my husband. I want to make more babies without looking over my shoulder for the next angel who wants to teach us a lesson or the next demon who would love nothing more than to flay the skin from our bodies. I deserve this even if you don't think you do."

"Bobby," A beautiful, petite dark haired girl came down the path. "Mom wants you at the house. Now. I'm going to check the traps."

Sam and Dean watched the red fabric of her tiny two-piece sway with her behind. "Luna, I think she may need some help."

Sam smiled as he jogged down the beach after the girl. Dean looked at Annie's frowning face. He shifted from on foot to the next. "I bet she couldn't give birth to a fat headed angel without drugs."

"Bite me." She pushed past him and walked in the opposite direction.

"She's a troll. Too short…Did you see her breasts there barely there?" He jogged after her. "Come on baby I only have eyes for you."

A small jolt of electricity shot from her fingers. "Really? Annie? Can't we talk about this?"

That's it. Annie and Dean snarked their way through the next forty years. Matthew, Edward, James, Hope and Destiny joined Jessica. Sam married Luna and had three of their own. Bobby never settled down, but his bed was never cold. Without hunting, he wrote twelve volumes of "The Hunter's Guide to Defeating Evil". All of his knowledge on Angels was put into a book he called "Those Asses" The Winchesters had a happy life, but happily ever after…I don't think so.

I really struggled with the ending. I didn't want angst or bitterness. Hope you liked it.