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It's amazing how fast you are, Sasori no Danna.

One minute you're here with me, then the next, you're gone.

I know that when you leave me, you go and see HIM.

The first time I found out about it, I cried. I cried for hours in my empty room, knowing that it was HIM that you were with and not me.

When you came back to the house we share, I stayed silent. I didn't tell you that I knew.

I stayed silent for so long. After two months of silence, I felt numb to the pain. I told myself that I didn't care.

It didn't matter to me anymore that you were with HIM almost every night while I was alone. As long as you came back home to me when you were done with HIM, I was fine. I told myself that it didn't matter.

You didn't act any different from the way you did before I knew. You still stole kisses from me and you still told me that you love me. As long as nothing changed, I was fine.

I realized that I was in denial five months after I found out. What you were doing was wrong. You were hurting me. You were cheating on me. You didn't care.

I finally told my best friends about your visits to HIM when you started seeing HIM more then you did me. I cried as I told Hidan that you said HIS name last night. I sobbed as I told Konan that you go to see HIM every night now. Hot tears rolled down my face as I told Tobi everything.

Hidan was all up for killing HIM and you, Sasori. Konan was willing to help Hidan and came up with some rather painful ways to kill you and HIM. Tobi held me while I cried. I'm glad that I have such great friends.

Six months after I found out, I found you and HIM kissing each other wildly in OUR kitchen. I had dropped the bag of groceries. You had turned and looked at me with those brown eyes of yours. HE had done nothing but smirked at me. I turned and ran.

I had wondered around the city aimlessly for hours. I couldn't get the image of you kissing HIM out of my head. When was the last time you had kissed me with that much passion? When did you last hold me like that? Did you ever?

I finally came home in the early morning to find you sitting on the couch. You tried to explain what happened. You said that HE had forced HIMSELF on you. You said that you would never want to hurt me like that. Liar.

After I saw you with HIM, things got better. You started staying with me more and with HIM less. You kissed me and touched me more passionately then you had in a long time. You were there every night and every morning. It was like it used to be. I was happy again.

It didn't last. After a month, you were back to your old ways again, Sasori. It was even worse then before. The 'relationship' you had with HIM was getting stronger and bolder. You and HIM started seeing each other in public- something that took OUR relationship years to do. You weren't afraid to show your 'love' for HIM like you were with me.

People started talking. They whispered stuff about you cheating and about me not knowing. They were happy about the latest drama going on around town- they were entertained. My friends stayed by my side, but told me things I already knew. 'You need to leave him, Dei'. Easier said then done . . . especially since I still love you.

Sasori, do you enjoy hurting me? Do you and HIM get a sick pleasure out of my pain? When your with HIM, do you laugh together (something we use to do, but haven't in so long) when your done fucking each others brains out? Why? Why would you do something so cruel to me? All I do is love you, and yet, you don't care.

Am I not enough? Is there something about HIM that you love so much more? Why am I not enough for you anymore?

I love you so much, Sasori Danna. Do you still love me like you say you do? I don't know anymore.

I can't take it any longer, Sasori! It's been a year since I found out. I can't stand the thought of you touching HIM any longer. I can't stand knowing that you would rather be with HIM then with me.

Just this morning, you kissed my lips and said that you loved me. Liar.

You didn't see the empty look in my blue eyes, you were too busy planning what way you'll fuck HIM today. Cheater.

I said that I loved you too, but you were already gone. Unfaithful Two-Timer.

I placed the knife on the nightstand and watched as the red blood pored. My blood. I smiled. I would have preferred to go out with a bang, but I didn't care, as long as my life ended.

I lay down on OUR bed as the world started to go darker. I smiled to myself. No more pain. No more knowing. No more broken heart.

I heard the door to our bedroom open and turned my head to see you standing there, your face was pale and your eyes were wide. I smiled at you. You opened your mouth and started saying (or were you yelling?) words that I couldn't hear. I saw that you were saying my name over and over. I just smiled at you. Tears came to your eyes and rolled down your handsome face.

"I love you, Sasori no Danna," I whispered to you. The world went black.

It's amazing how fast you are, Sasori no Danna.

One minute you're here with me, then the next, you're gone.

But, two can play at that game, Sasori no Danna.

One minute I was there and so were you, but now, I'm gone.

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