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Clouded Vision

Chapter 1

A suffocating blanket of infinite blackness. Blurred flashes of white flying past his vision, all the more frightening as he couldn't discern whether they were hallucinations conjured from too-alert senses or something tactile and sinister. Then those white ribbons had grabbed hold of him, wrapped their slimy tentacles around his limbs, squeezing, choking, a soulless beast intending to consume every last morsel of his physical and spiritual being. Two crept up his cheeks as he struggled for breath, sliming their way over his eyes and prying over his desperately closed lids. They pried and sucked, oblivious to, or relishing in, his muffled cries of pain at the steadily rising, searing pressure on his eyeballs-

Roy awoke with a stuttering gasp that echoed through the empty living room. The book on his lap had fallen to the ground with a dull thump as he started out of his interrupted sleep. Breathing raggedly, the black haired man rubbed the back of his hand across his eyes, lifting his feet off the coffee table and slowly sitting upright in his sofa.

He willed his heart rate and breathing to return to normal, relying on the comforting sound and warmth of the crackling flames in the fireplace to still his shaking frame. Before he could ponder upon how many times he has had this recurring nightmare, he noticed that something was not quite right.

The Flame alchemist stopped rubbing his eyes and blinked twice slowly. There was no happily burning fireplace appearing before his field of vision. Perhaps his ears and his sense of touch were deceiving him? He got to his feet cautiously, fumbling across the length of the coffee table before finding the switch of the reading lamp that he liked to keep there.

A definite click, but there was no soft, yellow light. A power shortage, perhaps?

Roy started once more as he heard a loud knock at his front door. Who was looking for him at such an hour?

"I'm coming!" he called out, barely managing to hide the panic of his still-raw nerves from his voice as he stumbled his way around the labyrinth of his furniture across to the main entrance. The man blinked furiously, feeling his way across the hallway and knocking vases and pictures to the ground that he never knew existed in his house. Something was not right-

Then the sharp corner of some unknown object smashed into his hip and his shin, the sudden impact causing him to yelp and lose his balance-

Ed's body tensed as he heard a loud thump resonating through the Mustang residence following the muted clatter of ceramics breaking on carpeted floor.

"Oi! Mustang! You in there?" he called, knocking on the door a little louder this time. There was no response. The blonde's apprehension was pulsing through his veins now, and he pressed the side of his head close against the cold, wooden door, alert to any whisper of movement.

Silence, and then a low, muffled groan.

Shit. What was going on in there?

A million scenarios ran through the young alchemists' mind, mostly revolving around an assassination attempt on the pompous bastard, whose remains he will somehow try to beat the hell out of if he found out that the great Flame alchemist was so idiotic to throw away all concepts of self defence just because he was in his own house.

Trying to keep his transmutation as inaudible and muted in brightness as possible, he all but destroyed the twin locks and burst into the house, posed ready to fight.

His heart jumped to his throat at the sight of Roy Mustang sprawled on his front in the hallway amongst a mess of broken (and probably expensive) ceramics, but a quick scan of the environment told him that there was no intruder present, and that Roy was not a still-warm corpse on the floor.

That didn't mean the blond wasn't worried and slightly freaked out though, as he knelt down beside the man to timidly press fingertips to the pulse at his neck.

Roy flinched back from the contact and sat up clumsily, fingers posed to snap despite the absence of his white gloves.

"Chill, you idiot!" Ed growled, grabbing his superior's wrists, "It's me. What the fuck were you doing?"

"F-fullmetal?" the man stuttered, blinking widely at him as though he was some sort of alien, "what are you doing here? I..."

"You said that I could come to your place to access your mini library for my research," he replied, letting go of his hands, "or are you too drunk to remember anything? And can you not look like someone's gonna jump you at any second? You're making me nervous."

The Flame alchemist mumbled a soft apology but made no attempt to disguise his jumpy appearance. Ed was genuinely concerned at the sorry excuse of the calm, manipulative, confident, unreadable, self-proclaimed roué and powerful alchemist that was now standing (more correctly, pacing stationary) before him. It would be a more plausible explanation to say that someone had kidnapped the bastard and replaced him with a very bad impostor.

"Are you okay, Mustang?" Ed said cautiously, peering up at the man's anxious face and searching for some speckle of familiarity. "You look kinda weird. Hello?"

"W-what?" he gasped, his black eyes darting left and right as if the blond was invisible.

"Stand still and look at the front," he ordered, clasping his right hand on a tense shoulder.

Roy complied in confusion, and Ed slowly waved his hand across his field of vision. No response. Then he pretended to throw a punch that stopped a few centimetres from his face. The man didn't even so much as blink.

"Wait," Ed said, dumbfounded, "you can't see me, can you?"

"No, I..." Roy began, but closed his mouth again at a loss for words.

"No. I can't see a thing."


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