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Clouded Vision

Chapter 8 (epilogue)

Things were going great.

Considering that Ed was just beginning to comprehend how hard it could be to have a lady-killer, male, superior officer as a lover. With all these factors involved, Ed had to worry about many things other than getting to know Roy better or to deepen their relationship: to avoid looking at him for too long or too obviously at the workplace, to remember to call him by his last name, rank or a choice of various insulting titles at the office, to only stay overnight on Saturdays, to make sure he scans the street on which Roy's house was located for any sign of military surveillance before he goes in (preferably through the back door). In this list of fastidious precautions he had to take, however, there was one thing he actually enjoyed: acting oblivious to, while secretly laughing at and belittling, the persistent, depthless pretty faces who threw themselves at Roy at a regular basis. Because he knew that Roy's mind was too occupied by him to leave any space for their fake demure, overpowering expensive perfume and shameless flirting (if he could be forgiven for his conceit). What's more, after especially tedious and provocative exchanges with those brainless beauties, Roy would always act apologetic and submissive to him. Ed couldn't help but use that to his advantage, even though he didn't really care in the first place.

On the first Saturday they spent together, Ed was slightly pissed: because his new-found lover had supposedly already made plans with Havoc to go shopping. However, when he found out that Roy was helping the Lieutenant pick an engagement ring, he couldn't stay mad for long. Upon Roy's return, he only managed to feign complete ignorance of his presence for five minutes before the man noticed the silly grin plastered onto his face.

"So was that why she's been holding him off?" Ed had said with a guffaw. "So there is a woman in there somewhere after all."

Roy had laughed, and pulled him down to join him on the rug before the fireplace. "Hawkeye would not be pleased if she heard that."

And so, the following week Havoc and Riza had returned to their usual routine display of one-sided affection and flirtation. This consisted of the blond man smiling himself silly at her from across the desk, following her everywhere like a needy puppy and trying to steal kisses or cop a feel when he thinks that nobody is looking. Riza would respond in her usual way: with half-hearted reprimands and the nozzle of her gun aimed between his eyes. Ed had asked him once, out of boredom, why he would bother to pester her when he knew she would always refuse him with the threat of violence: Havoc had replied in a straight-forward manner, "It's because when she scolds me or pretends to shoot me, it's quite a turn-on."

He didn't want to imagine what the two were like in bed.

Reclining on Roy's sofa with a book cradled in his hand, the stray thought made Ed issue a chuckle of disbelief. It was another precious Saturday night that he was spending with his lover, and he was waiting for Roy to finish his shower while his own hair was drying, wrapped in a small towel. The two had spent the day discussing the Xingese travel notes that have yet to be completely decoded, while sharing a mixture of light and heavy kisses, embraces and shy touches along the way. Roy was surprisingly chaste in the 'sex' department of their relationship: on the night they confessed to each other they had simply brought each other off with their hands. Not that it wasn't good, because the simple thought of it made Ed clear his throat self-consciously and wriggle on the sofa in attempt to get rid of the jolt of happy remembrance in his groin. The Brigadier General had made it clear to him that he didn't want them to rush things, because they had all the time in the world to explore each other bit by bit, to find the right time to join together in the most intimate of ways. Ed was eager for the experimental part to be turned up a notch, but he had to admit that the notion of sex with a guy was a little daunting. He had done it with a girl before ("In a totally irresponsible, drunken haze," his little brother liked to remind him), but he had the feeling that when it came to sex with Roy, he wouldn't be doing the penetrating. Hell, he'd rather jerk off in front of a holy statue before a congregation, because he knew he'd be reduced to a clumsy puddle of nervousness before he could get his dick anywhere near…

Ed blinked stupidly at the page before his eyes when he realised where his thoughts had taken him. Instead of studying a valuable book on rare forms of alchemy, he had gotten himself hard again. He swore that these days, his penis was developing a mind of its own –which was definitely Roy's fault.

"You're still reading, Ed? Go to bed, it's late. We can continue that tomorrow."

The man's voice made Ed start in his seat and turn around, looking as if he had been caught stealing cookies from the cake store. Steam curled around the raven's pale, lightly muscled form as he stepped out of the bathroom, a charcoal gray towel draped across strong, bare shoulders. The word "gorgeous" didn't cover it as he made his way into the living room, the fire light casting mysterious, alluring shadows beneath every dip of muscle and bone, making his impossibly dark hair glisten like spilled ink. Roy wore nothing but faintly chequered, dark blue boxer shorts that sat low and snug below jutting hipbones, exposing a lascivious trace of dark swirls just above the waistband. Long legs that seemed like a Michelangelo marble masterpiece come alive made their way towards Ed's awe-stilled form, bending low before endlessly deep sapphire eyes met wide, gold ones.

The ever-infuriating mouth curled into a gentle smile before finding his own, planting a lingering kiss there. A warm hand slipped beneath his neck to lift his head as he deepened it, a hot and slightly minty tongue intertwining with his own in a not-so-innocent dance of greeting. The other hand found the hem of Ed's tank, drawing slow circles on his bared stomach before running up to his chest, massaging lightly then tactfully tweaking a pert nipple. Ed moaned against Roy's questing mouth, arching into the man's touch only to have it slip away, moving to rest on the side of the couch and leaving him panting and bereft. Roy's brows were furrowed as he pulled back, his lips pink and swollen from passionate abuse.

"You still taste like dinner," he noted with a soft laugh.

Ed huffed his displeasure. "I forgot to after I showered, okay? You're like my mother!"

" You look more like my mother with that hairdo," Roy teased while prodding his fluffy cone-head. "It's kind of cute, though."

"It's the best way to dry it, dumbass," he argued, snatching the towel off his head and chucking it at his face. Roy caught it with one hand, and with the other resumed his exploration of Ed's chest.
"Go brush your teeth and go to bed. I'll make a final round then I'll join you, okay?" he said, rolling his finger around his nipple through his shirt.

The younger alchemist playfully slapped the teasing hand away, trying to hide his awakened arousal as he retreated to the bathroom. Roy smiled and slipped away to check the gas and the locks.

His mouth slightly smarting from the mint after his bathroom routine, Ed went into the bedroom, stripped down to his underwear and dived into the centre of the bed. Trying to talk his erection away in front of the mirror did no good at all –it was currently pressing into the mattress and blithely calling for attention. Ed rolled over to Roy's side of the bed, inhaling the familiar, comforting scent as he listened to the quiet pitter-patter of his footsteps come and go through the house. As if by instinct, his cock only grew harder at the mouth-watering, one-and-only perfume of the man that Ed sucked into his lungs like a hopeless addict.

What would it be like to masturbate in Roy's bed?

The blond swallowed down the lump of nervousness in his upper chest as the thought swam into his brain and refused to leave. He had wanted to do it once before, back when he was taking care of Roy due to his sudden blindness. That was Roy's spare bedroom, and this was Roy's actual bed where he had slept every night for years and years. The knowledge of that, along with the fact that Roy was outside and would come in any minute, only made it all the more tempting.

Curiosity got the better of him and he slipped his flesh hand down his stomach to cup the bulge between his legs, gasping as the heat pulsed beneath his fumbling digits. He had always been embarrassed about touching himself –it had constantly been more about relieving his anger and stress rather than the sensuality of self-exploration. When Roy had been subconsciously added to the equation at the peak of puberty, he hated it even more; each time he came by the imaginary hand of the black-haired man, his self-repulsion and guilt grew. Lately, that had changed: in his dorm room, on his bed or in the shower, he improvised the intimacy that would inevitably happen between them one day, and his body responded with a naturalness and honesty that made each stroke new and pleasurable.

Ed slipped his fingers beneath the waistband of his boxer shorts, wrapping them around his aching length in a timid hold. Roy's proximity, Roy's delicious, exotic smell, the risk of being found –all three made his flesh unusually responsive to the ministrations by a familiar hand: a gentle, experimental tug was enough to send him gasping in surprise against the lukewarm bedspread.

Who knew it could feel this fucking good?

His hand gradually slickening with pre-come, he stroked again and again while imagining the feeling of a strong, smooth and hot body sliding against, around, inside himself. The real and conjured duo of sensations left him thrusting unabashedly against his lover's side of the bed, left him stifling his moans of his lover's name by biting onto the corner of his pillow.

Just a little more –

Blood was pounding a little too loudly in his ears to notice the muted footsteps that paced evenly across the hallway, towards the open bedroom door.

right fucking there, ahh, yes –

Eyes clenched tight against the faint moonlight, as if in attempt to prolong his pleasure, he didn't notice the shadow that came to an abrupt stop at the entrance.

oh goddamn, I'm going to co –


His eyes snapped open to take in the sight of the older man, paused halfway towards the foot of the bed, wearing an unchecked expression of complete shock –but it wasn't enough to starve off his impending orgasm, because he came right then, releasing all over the crisp bed linen, throwing a strangled cry into the air that reverberated around the walls in testimony to his act.

Ed tried to reshape his post-orgasm mush of a brain into something functional as he searched for an appropriate excuse: really, anything would be good; he was kind of desperate here. Unfortunately, he forgot to readjust his vocal cords, because the next words that came out of his mouth were little more than embarrassing, breathy moans.

"R-Roy, I –

"What," the man interrupted in a deathly calm voice, "are you doing in my bed?"

"I… I, uh…"

The blond gulped, propping himself up into a hazardous sitting position. He proceeded to regain some degree of modesty by tucking himself back into his pants and wiping the mess off his palm.

"Stay still."

Normally he would have snapped at the officious tone of Roy's voice, but his body instinctively obeyed the brusque order at the truly frightening look on the man's face –jaws clenched tight, lips a thin and precarious line, eyes narrowed to slits of gleaming, gun-powder black: an unearthly composition of opposing porcelain and black opal, awash with the blue-white glow of moonlight. He was like an idol of the night and cold, possessing the appearance of snow and ice and yet, paradoxically, concealing the power to unleash an inferno that could devastate all in its path if it so wished. It was this literal and figurative quality of Roy's that made Ed so hopelessly attracted, that at the moment made his cock twitch in anticipation even though he couldn't tell himself if Roy was about to have conniptions of rage or arousal, or both.

Shit, that cock of his really needed some disciplining.

The mattress dipped as Roy pressed one knee onto the foot of the bed, the sudden movement sending Ed off-balance and falling back onto his felt goose bumps raise on his flesh as Roy's smouldering dark eyes searched his flushed face, then trailed down his neck, collarbone, chest, stomach, like a fastidious inspector –the weight and heat of his obsessive gaze almost palpable. Ed fought back the urge to close his legs as Roy's eyes very obviously moved down to his groin and stayed there. The older alchemist was too far away from him for them to touch, to even be able to feel his body heat, but all the same, the visual attention was already enough to make his arousal reawaken like a snake to a tune.

Roy's voice was low, hoarse with the effort of holding back as he issued his next order: an order that positively made Ed shiver.

"Show me."

One of the last things that Roy expected to see upon returning to his bedroom was Edward half-sprawled and squirming on what was clearly his side of the bed. The blonde's inwardly curved limbs and spine were taut with tension, his hips thrashing against the bed as he stifled perplexing strings of curses, groans and other words around a mouthful of pillow.

Roy instinctively thought that Ed was having some kind of fit –perhaps an attack of his phantom pains –but when he called out his name in caution and stepped closer to the bed, he realised that his first guess had been so very wrong.

He saw Ed turn to look at him, his mouth open, uncomprehending, wide eyes only a narrow ring of copper-gold around aberrantly dilated pupils.

He saw Ed give a final thrust of his hips, his drawn knees hiding his orgasm from view apart from the milky jet that erupted over his stomach, deliciously soiling the virgin-white bed sheets beneath.

He saw Ed throw his head back with a heart-stopping expression of shocked bliss, tossing into the air an equally heart-stopping cry that remained as a blood-stirring, pertinacious buzz in his ears even many seconds after.

Roy could almost literally feel some neuron in his brain fry to a crisp as it finally caught up with the information that his senses were providing him.

Edward had been jerking off. In his bed. More specifically on his side of the bed. And he had just climaxed, right when he walked in.

And now he looks like he had been pole-axed, staring at him open-mouthed as if he had grown another head. And oh, he should probably be saying something right now.

"R-Roy, I –

The younger alchemist bet him to it, but all Roy could think about was how utterly sexy his name sounded in his post-orgasmic, roughened hush of a voice, and how he needed to shut up before that voice made his restraint snap in two.

"What," Roy broke in slowly, pronouncing each word with care because his tongue felt thick and clumsy and useless, "are you doing in my bed?"

As if he didn't know already, but that was all he could manage at the moment.

His young lover gave some flabbergasted, indecipherable reply, reaching down to pull up his boxers which had been hiked down to his thighs –

oh no you don't.

"Stay still," he ordered, his own voice sounding alien to his ears. It was low, rough, like the angry rumble of a thunder god about to punish a plebeian for sacrilege. The passion in his voice surprised him –it even scared him a little –to know that he was capable of expressing such emotion, that even after years of perfecting his mask it would take so little from the very person he trained himself to hide from to leave him undone and stumbling.

If he was surprised, that was nothing compared to the expression that Edward was wearing at the moment: no doubt about it, the younger man actually looked frightened. This was the great Fullmetal Alchemist, who dives head-first into battles as if they are harmless chess games: looking at him like a trapped mouse would look at an approaching feline. His eyes were still impossibly dilated, big and alert, a gorgeous flush staining his cheekbones and –

Gods, he wasn't even touching him but his nipples were already erect, retracting to hard and dark nubs on a well-toned chest.

Ed wasn't just frightened, he was thrilled –whatever impression of anger or shock that his face or body language was giving off, the boy was quite clearly liking it, and reacting to it. The way he held his gaze, keeping stone-still as Roy had instructed regardless of his impudent nature, it seemed that the blond wanted to be pinned down by his questing eyes, wanted to be stripped of any defence and obligingly submit to him like an entranced virginal sacrifice baring herself before a barbaric deity.

Roy had never seen a more erotic sight in his life.

Like a hunter with his eyes on his prey, he carefully mounted the mattress –breathing in sharply as Ed gasped and fell back, his legs open and inviting.

Ed's eyes were wide, desperate, body begging to be touched –every inch of his skin prickling with awareness as if they existed only to be kissed, caressed, licked, bitten by the one man before him. Roy was poised a good half-metre away, savouring the visual entrée –nonetheless he could feel the overwhelming force of attraction beckoning him closer.

The man persisted, anchoring himself at a distance as his eyes drank in the sight: flicking over the beautiful features of the expressive face, tracing the intermittently clenching jaw line, sliding down the tan neck that was yet to be blemished by passionate marks of covetous veneration. He watched the muscular chest heave with quickened breath, the image of the dull-russet nubs of aroused muscles sexy enough to be deemed illegal. The line of his sight shifted to the puckered scar where flesh joined metal: he admired the automail limb as he would admire the left, watching his blurred reflection warp on the shiny surface like a mirage, the way the fingers flexed under his gaze reminding him that it was very much alive and yearning to be touched as the rest of Ed.

After a downhill trail past his ribcage and stomach, he finally stopped at the shadowed area between his lover's open legs. From a nest of dark blond curls rose a flushed and proud manhood that made Roy swallow down an involuntary groan of appreciation. His hands itched to touch and stroke, his mouth wanted nothing more than to suck and taste –but before that…

He met his lover's eyes and said, "Show me."

Ed did nothing but looking stunned for a few seconds; and then his left hand returned to his lower stomach, tightening into a fist around the base of his quivering member. His subordinate's eyelids fluttered half-closed in pleasure as his slick hand slid slowly to the tip, his thumb flicking across the slit briefly before moving back down to where it started.

"That's good," Roy said in a near-growl, "I want you to look at me while you do it."

Ed barely nodded back in response, his chin tilted back in bliss as he gasped into the air that suddenly tasted too moist, too hot.

"Do you think of me when you touch yourself?" he asked heatedly, fisting the bed sheets to keep himself in place.

"Yes," hissed his subordinate as he stroked faster, his arousal already oozing pre-come. "Always… even –ah, during… work… i-in the bathr- ah!"

The man inched closer, blood thumping in his ears at the salacious confession –well, that was a little more than what he wanted to hear, but it was fine too. He was finding himself torn between watching Ed's lascivious expression or the hand that was shamelessly pleasuring himself; by the way that his cock ached in his pants he could tell that this game couldn't last for long.

"Do you –(Roy stopped to groan as Ed suddenly thrust his hips to meet a particularly vigorous pump) call out my name when you come?"

Ed's eyes rolled down to meet his, his breath coming out in short, irregular puffs.

"N-no… I scream it."

The Flame Alchemist all but threw himself on top of him before he could fully process his sentence, pinning him to the bed with both arms above him and his legs trapped between spread knees.

Nose to nose, they listened to each other's pulses joining together into a mismatched rhythm, bouncing between them like an unseen subwoofer. Roy angled his head to meet Ed's eager mouth: it only took a minute flick of the tongue between parted lips before the kiss turned into a frenzied wrestle of passion. He traced a hot trail up the blonde's jaw line, lingering at the pulse point beneath his ear to whisper sweet obscenities there between licks and gentle nips.

Then Roy shifted his attention to the imprisoned left arm: caressing with his tongue, scraping with his teeth, up the tender underside of the tan forearm. Past the dip at the centre of the wrist bone he went, to finally arrive upon the supine, hot palm. He watched Ed carefully out the corner of his eyes as he slowly lapped at the mess there, tracking the creases below the calloused pads, mercilessly teasing the fingers before he sucked them, one by one, into his mouth. His senses assaulted him all at once: the taste, the scent, the trembling digit against his tongue, the noises Ed made, the unchecked expression he wore –they made his stomach churn with anticipation, petulantly spurning him on.

His mouth met Ed's again, and the blond eagerly let him in, the two flavours of his lover mingling deliciously on his questing tongue. The man broke away to replenish his lungs with much-needed air, then he moved down to savour the two hard, pink nipples that had previously been calling for attention for quite some time. Ed cried out, the sensation leaving him bucking against the man –his exposed erection crashed against Roy's stomach, the feeling enough to make his occupied mouth issue a low groan of empathetic acknowledgement. Wishing that he could have ravished the blonde's nipples at the same time he navigated down his stomach, with Ed's high, needy noises and automail hand in his hair prompting him to hurry up and cut to the chase.

But that was fine: he would play it slow in another fashion, if it meant that he could reduce the younger alchemist to a (almost) mute blob of aroused, desperate and beautiful flesh.

One hand encircled the left thigh, placed above the metal knee so that his fingers could rub delicate lines on the sensitive, scarred flesh where the prosthetic limb was joined. The other located itself at the point between hip and thigh bone, where his thumb played tiny ovals on the baby-soft flesh, tantalisingly close to the base of his testis. He drew the tip of his nose down the dull blond curls, breathing in the scent of faint soap, Ed and semen. His member nudged at the side of his face, hot, hard, pulsing its need –he responded with a soft sigh, barely touching the flushing flesh as his lips feathered along its length.

Ed was by no means quiet whilst voicing his objections: stringed curses were hissed, between unabashed moans, through gritted teeth, while he threw the flesh leg around Roy's frame to dig his heel into the small of his back.

"By gods, would you hurry up?" he growled as the raven grinned, maliciously blowing a puff of warm air onto the engorged head. He slammed the back of his head against the pillow in half frustration, half pleasure when a velvety tongue delved into the weeping tip, his once-chaste left hand simultaneously grasping his balls in a lewd massage.

"I will if you promise to tell me next time you decide to jerk off in the office," he hushed.

"Ugh, you pervert-

"Who's the pervert?"

Ed's mouth dropped open in horrified offense as Roy made a move to stop touching him altogether.

"Okay, okay, whatever you want! Just don't stop doing whatever you've been doing –ahhh…"

Roy's nod of pleased approval was swiftly followed by a fluid, all-in-one breath engulfing of his cock, effectively rendering Ed speechless. He cried a song of adoration to the four walls as Roy sucked, licked, stroked and squeezed, showing him how adept his mouth was at things other than negotiating, teasing and small-talk.

The hand on the slim hip held fast as Ed thrust, wanting more of that delicious heat though he couldn't possibly go any deeper –wanting more not because Roy wasn't doing his job properly, but because it was so damn good that it was nearly enough to make him lose his self-consciousness, leaving only the traversing waves of overwhelming pleasure.

Ed rode those fluorescent waves like a mad surfer, the adrenaline and suspense beating its rhythm in every part of his being. The energy licked around his limbs in ripples of heat and momentary asphyxiation, testing his balance as the wave began to heighten into a thin and precarious line.

By now neither of them could decipher the sounds that were coming out of Ed's mouth –the man knew only that he had to keep going, as much as he wanted to stop and find out what his lover's face would be like in the throes of passion. He imagined a halo of hair that were made of threads of light itself and burning, golden eyes. He imagined versicoloured beads of sweat adorning sun-kissed skin like otherworldly jewels.

The blond was on the brink of his second orgasm –and Roy doubled his efforts, pulling back to lovingly abuse the sensitive head while his fingers quickly gathered some of the slickness on his length. He then swallowed him whole once again, sucking with no mercy while kneading the tightening balls with his hand; then his lubricated fingers slipped surreptitiously to the puckered hole directly below, circling and pressing and –

Ed's world exploded into a phenomenological non-dimension of pure, powerful, intrinsic pleasure.

He was aware of nothing else for quite a while, before he became dimly aware of himself, or of where he was again. The feeling still tingled in a faint echo on his skin as he turned to see Roy lying beside him: picture perfect albeit appearing a little confused, seemingly unknowing of the fact that he had just been the cause of one of the most amazing experiences of Ed's life.

Ed actually laughed when Roy frowned a little, asking him, "so, how was it?"

He rolled atop the older alchemist, grinning broadly as the man gasped in response to his thigh that pressed into his very hard erection.

"Let's leave that for later. It's my turn."

"You know," said a breathless Roy half an hour later, "unexpectedly, you are quite skilled in dirty talking."

Interrupted from his admiration of his lover basking in the afterglow of his 'handiwork', Ed met Roy's half-closed eyes with a disbelieving scoff.

"If I recall correctly, you were the one who started it," he elucidated, brushing the wet, dark bangs off Roy's forehead.

"If I recall correctly," Roy smirked, "you were the one who was caught jerking off in my bed."

The younger alchemist scowled and flushed.

"It's because you decided to take your grand time inspecting every nook and cranny of your ginormous house instead of hurrying up and getting your stupid ass into the bedroom," he complained.

Roy wrapped an arm around the lithe waist, drawing him closer. "Well, I'm sorry I made you wait –but it was well worth it, at least for me."

"I guess… I can't really argue with that," Ed allowed, chuckling.

"You know…" said Roy slowly, reverently, "a few Saturday nights ago I had to make do with thinking about how it would be like to sleep next to you like this."

Ed looked up, the words making his skin prickle with the awareness that this man, this apparently untouchable, cool beauty, was so close to him body and heart at this moment. He felt like he had been given everything that he had ever wanted, and the revelation still left his heart thumping, his stomach churning with the sickening thought that there must be some kind of catch that he had missed. The tabula rasa of his childhood had been soiled with the constant reminder that he lived in a volatile and cruel world, and sometimes, it crept up on him and left him hesitating one foot away from his goals. But this wasn't a case where he was the one chasing the goal: unbeknownst to him, the goal had been concurrently chasing him, with the same passion, the same uncertainties.

Now its realisation took the form of a strong, warm arm holding him close and secure, of gentle deep eyes and heartbreakingly honest words.

"So did reality meet your expectations?" asked Ed gently, before planting a soft, lingering kiss on the hollow of his throat.

"Trust me, it exceeded it," Roy replied, smiling as he reciprocated the gesture. "How about you?"

"Same here… in more ways than one," the blond agreed mischievously with an inelegant snigger.

Roy combed his fingers through his tangled hair. "You know what else?"

"Hmm?" said Ed languidly.

"Expectedly, you are also quite skilled at ruining the moment."

The younger man rolled his eyes and thumped him gently on the chest.

"You are such a jerk," he mumbled.

"But you can't help loving me?" added Roy, hopeful.

He breathed a sated sigh against warm, pale skin and hid his smile.

"You know I can't."


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