Oh my oh my, you guys are quick, what gave Nin007 away... The fact that I always write about these 2. I'll try to update as often as I can, don't expect a pattern ;) I'll warn you all right now, this story will have vaginal bleeding and many many references to sexual pleasure. If you all are okay with it, then read on. I'll let you know what chapters have what. This one is mild in comparison to what is to come. Enjoy ;)

Welcome to Sexy Satin, the most delicious sex slave and master forum on the web today. That was the line Sakura overlooked when she signed up for membership on the Sexy Satin website. Sex Slave for beginners was another line she missed, only reading beginners when she clicked on the link. It wasn't until she started reading the posts did she fully realize what she had gotten herself into; and by then, she was already hooked.

She never realized how horny she could become just by reading people's entries. The visual porn had done nothing to her, but these people's posts, made her imagination go wild with excitement. For 2 weeks she hadn't posted a thing. She knew she could never be a master, not with her quiet nature and virgin knowledge. So she slowly thought about it, and thought about it, and thought about it, and so on and so forth; until she got the nerve to actively look for someone to be her master.

"What the hell am I suppose to put? Hi I'm a virgin looking for someone to control my sexual experiences and desires… Yeah, I'd get every pedo on the site! Well, I doubt I'd come across someone like that. The site promises complete privacy if you so wish it. But really, what the heck am I suppose to write!"

Although it took Sakura 2 weeks to get the nerve to actually post something, it took her 4 days to think up what to write. In the end, her post went like this:

Subject: Looking for a patient master

I'm new to this sort of thing, but my curiosity has gotten the better of me and I am dying to try this out. I'll admit, I'm a virgin, but I still want to experience sexual pleasure. I'm looking for a patient master that wouldn't mind a slow, but eager slave.

Preferences: Someone young (The site was supposed to be restricted to 18+, Sakura had lied about her age)

Sakura's face was full on blush when she posted the entry. She didn't expect anything right away, or actually anything at all; so when 2 days later, she got a reply, she about fell out of her seat.

Nin007: A first timer and a virgin, not a combination I've seen a lot on here. Many masters won't be looking for someone like you. But if you are willing to take a little test, I'd be willing to help you out. Private message me if you are interested.

Petal257: Test? What kind of test are you thinking of?

Sakura had lost to her curiosity and had pmed him.

Nin007: A picture test. If you can take the pictures I ask for, then I'll know if you are the slave I'm looking for.

Sakura blushed when she read the message after coming back from school. It so happened that her parents had given her their "old" (Barely 6 months old) camera in replacement of a camcorder they had purchased when the twins had been born. Even though the camera was a few years old, it was still a very good camera. Until this moment, she hadn't used it much, but she was dying to see if she could past this man's test. She charged up the battery, downloaded Skype like he asked (For easier communication) and told him she'd try his test.

His first request sent Sakura flying from her chair.

'Picture of your boobs'

-Like a naked picture-

'Well one with clothing isn't really fun to look at'

Sakura had never ever, never ever ever taken a picture of her bare chest, let alone send it to a guy. Curious about whether she could bring up the courage to do it, she took off her pink striped shirt and white laced bra and went to the bathroom.

She had never really fondled her breasts before, what girl needs too; she thought. She turned to the left and looked at them and turned to the right and looked at them. She bent over to see them sway as she rotated her hips. She jumped up and down to see them jiggle and then she pulled on her nipple.


She stopped. She sort of liked that. She did it again.


After the second time, her nipple became a little perky.

"I guess since I don't" she paused, not being able to bring herself to say anything vulgar. "I guess since I don't touch them very often, they are highly sensitive. Well I guess if I make both nipples perky, that would make for a better picture."

So Sakura played with both nipples till they were perky and a nice deep pink color. She held the camera out in front of her and took several shots. Choosing the best one out of the group, she went back to her computer to send it to her 'hopefully' future master.

'Very nice! Did you play with them a little before taking the picture?'

Sakura blushed, and then realized he couldn't see her.

-Yes, was I not allowed too?-

'Oh no, by all means, whatever you need to do to take the picture. I'm just surprised you did it without me asking you too, very good Petal'

She had told him to call her Petal, after her screen name. He told her to call him Nin for the meantime, until of course, he became her official master, and then it would be strictly Master, and nothing else.

'Okay then, for the next picture. I want a picture of your legs, propped up against the wall'


Oh this one would be so much easier, until she realized she would have to take off her pants.

"Well, he didn't say to take off my underwear, so I think I can probably leave that on."

So after taking off her dark navy denim pants, she looked for the best place to take the picture. Lucky for her, her bed was pressed up against the wall.


Then Sakura realized her dilemma; no matter what angle she tried, she couldn't get a good picture of her legs. She didn't want to give up, that might make him decide she wasn't worth being a master to. Then she realized the timer on the camera.


She pulled over the TV stand she had at the side of her desk and set her camera on there. Sure enough, with only a few tries, she got a great picture; it even had her breasts in it.

'Oh, a double whammy! You sure mean to please don't you?'

-Does it please you, Nin?-

'Oh yes, pleases me very much.'

-Does this mean you will be my master now?-

'Just a few more, then yes, I will be. That is, if you can do it.'

-I'll try!-

'Next, I want a picture of your pussy'


Clonk - definition – Sakura's head hitting the desk at high speed, knocking her keyboard to the floor.

"HE WANTS WHAT!" She screamed, because she knew she could.

Sakura was doing paces around her room, with only her pink and white panda bear panties on. Ding. She looked over to her computer screen.

'And make sure you spread it wide. I want to see all of it'

"THAT SON OF A BITCH, IF HE THINKS" She stormed over to the screen and began to type out.

-No way in hell ass…-

She stopped and erased her message. This is the internet, was the thought that came through Sakura's mind. If she never showed him her face, he would never know who she was. And even if he did see her face, he probably doesn't even live in the same state as me! (Note – Skype shows you were a person lives)

All these thoughts went through Sakura's head as she took off her final piece of clothing and put her back on the bed. Spreading apart her vagina with one hand, she held her camera over her opened thighs and snapped a few shots.

"Wow, it looks like that?"

Sakura, utterly bewildered by the sight of her own vagina, almost forgot what she was suppose to be doing, until she heard another ding from her computer.

'Can't do it?'

Sakura could almost hear Nin's sarcastic tone in the message. She quickly picked the one she thought was best, uploaded it and sent it to him. For what felt like hours to Sakura (only a span of 5 minutes) ticked by.

'Very very nice. Such a cute color, just like your nipples.'

-Thank you Nin- Was all she could bring herself to say.

'So I'm going to assume you are now completely naked?'

Sakura looked down, she hadn't even realized she never put back on her clothes; she was sitting her in desk chair completely nude.

-Yes Nin, I am-

"No point in lying, if he wants a full body shot, I'd just have to take the clothes back off"

In fact, that's exactly what Nin wanted.

'I want to see your naked body. I want to know what I'll be controlling'

-Full… Like head to foot…-

'Lol. If you don't want to show your face I understand, neck down is fine for me. Do this, and I will be your master'

Sakura was actually starting to get giddy with excitement. She set up her camera with a timer again and took a picture of a sexy position she saw in one of the fail porn she had seen before. She sent it and waited for his response.

'Mmm, so lovely. No more Nin for you, my dirty slave.'

Sakura squealed!

-Yes Master-

'Now the first thing I want you to do, go out and buy yourself a sex toy'

*Clonk* (refer to definition above)

Sakura tried to change his mind, gently, not wanting to anger her new master. But he wouldn't budge on the order.

'I'm sure you can find one' He had said, before logging off for the night.

Sakura didn't even know where to look for Adult toys. She assumed her town probably had a few shops catering to that type of business, but where in the world was she suppose to look.

"Ooo, Google! Adult Toy Stores, XXXXX (Zip code, make one up)"

She actually wasn't that surprised to find so many in her area when the list and map came up. But no matter how close or far away from her they were, she just couldn't bring herself to go to one. How exactly was she suppose to get there anyway?

"Can't really walk up to Mom and say, Hey, can you take me to an adult toy store! Yeah, that would go over well."

Then she stopped looking through the addresses and went back to Google. If I can't get to one, why can't I have it sent to me; was her thought as she looked up sex toy websites. After looking at various choices, she picked one she thought had the biggest selection. Her master had left it up to her on what to buy and she thought a small dildo would be the best.

"I doubt I could take one of these monsters now."

Another reason she chose the site, her parents would never know. The packaging, the billing, all of it was private. She could claim she ordered more chemistry dishes or new strings for her cello. She could always count on her parents to not ask questions.

"Thank you little brothers" She sung as she confirmed her order and sat back in her chair, arms folded behind her head. And then the blush hit.

She, Sakura Haruno, Straight A, Honor Roll student, had just ordered a sex toy online.

It only took 3 days for the toy to arrive. She was thankful her parents had dropped the twins at a sitters (she claimed she had another test coming up and couldn't watch them) and had gone out for a date night. She put the small dildo on her desk, looked at it, then looked up at her screen when she heard a ding.

'Did you get it?'

-Yes Master, what do you want me to do now?-

'Strip, and then we'll start.'