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Sam entered the motel room, it having been his turn to do laundry. Dean had been leaning against the headboard when he came in and his eyes immediately fell to a box that was in his brother's hand, "What's that, Sammy?" he asked curiously. Sam looked down, "Um, pie." he said shrugging and setting it down on the small table that was in the room. "I, uh..." Sam turned around and nearly knocked into Dean. He was up and standing beside him in record time. Dean peered down at the box "Did you say pie?" he asked his voice excited and he coughed lightly to try and mask it. He looked down at the box more closely, it wasn't just a pie but a freshly baked apple pie.

"I got it for you." Sam said handing him the box. "Where'd you get it?" "From a diner a few blocks down." Dean eyed him suspiciously, "Uh huh and why'd you get it?" Sam swallowed nervously, "I already told you, Dean. For you." "Mmhm, what'd you do?" He asked still looking at his brother, his eyebrow arched. "What, nothing!" Sam said defensively, "Can't I do something nice for you without it automatically meaning I did something?" Dean eyed his brother for a few more minutes and Sam shifted uncomfortably. He sighed and looked down, "You're right, Sammy. I'm sorry." Sam just nodded his head and moved over to the duffel that was on his bed.

Dean rubbed his hands together, "Mm, love me some pie." Sam laughed and shook his head. "You want some?" Dean asked as he picked up a small fork and knife and waved them slightly. "No, uh, I'm gonna go take a shower." "Alright, more for me then." he said as he sat down and cut himself a slice. Sam walked over to the bathroom door and opened it as he looked down. "Dean?" he said nervously. "Mm?" Dean asked as he bit into a piece of pie and moaned at the taste. "I scratched the Impala." he said as he hurried to shut the door behind himself, making sure to lock it... just in case. Dean choked on the pie in his mouth, "YOU WHAT?"

Author's note: I decided to upload this because... it's my birthday! I am offically 17 today!

The idea randomly popped into my head and well, I decided to write it down. Not sure how I feel about it yet but eh, it's not like I'm trying to win an award or anything. ;)

I know it's short but it's all that popped into my head... Well other than a highschool J2 AU but since that's "real person slash" I can't upload it here...

Anyway, thank you for reading. :)