Okay, I would say before I started a new Futurama fic (Or a new fic period) I needed to get back on the others. Truth is, I dunno about the others. When I first started I just went with whatever popped into my head b/c I wanted a fic up. Any fic. I didn't really know what I was doing back then and my work was terribly sloppy. I more than have a gist of this now after two years, and I think I have improved some. I'll never say I'm perfect, I'm not. But it's not as bad.. lol. This was just a little 'for-whatever-reason' thing I came up with. I don't think it's particularly funny or whatever and I try to stay true to the characters the best I can, but I may drag them just a little OOC and it may be just a little AU. There is some spoilers for the new season, so if you haven't watched it yet, you may not get some of it. I think I'll set this before 'The Late Philip J. Fry' in the new season tho. Fry and Leela have been trying the going out thing, but Leela doesn't seem to think it's working and decides to use the Professor's new Time Machine to go into the future to see where they'd be at. What she finds out is shocking to say the least. Very little implied Fry/Leela. Bender/Fry. Zapp/Leela? (gasps) I've rated it 'T'. I don't think it'll get too bad at all. M/M SLASH! Some language (that may/may not get a little worse than the show..) adult situations, drinking, and cigar smoking on Bender's account, and mebe Leela-styled violence. Nothing worse than the show itself ;)Italics are flashback or character's thoughts.

This just for the hell of it. I own nothing. I came up with the concept of Bryan, is basically it. But I make NO profit. I don't own Futurama. If I did, you'd know it b/c Fry would be with Bender and not Leela :P

In The Future;
Chapter one/ 'On Impulse'
Rated; T/ (some language)

Leela wasn't sure how the decision had been made, she just knew she had made it all the same. So, standing near the Professor's latest (untested) Time Machine, the purple-haired cyclops didn't bother to flip a coin or think twice. She did what she never usually did and made the impulsive decision to step inside.

"Hey, Leela. Wanna go out tomorrow night?" Fry had asked, smiling coyly.

"Fry?" Leela sighed. "I like you all.. but this just isn't working out I don't think.."

Fry's confidence dropped. "But, Leela..? You're breaking up with me? What about us?"

"Fry, there was no 'us' to begin with. I dunno.. I'm confused, Fry. I just need some time is all." Leela excused. She knew the excuses were getting too old. But really she didn't know anymore. She thought she did. At one point. After everything. Now she was unsure.

"Oh, okay then. See ya around, Leela." Fry sighed, stuffing his hands down into his pockets and walking away.

Leela hated seeing the sadness across his face as he looked back. She loved Fry.. she really did. Leela just wasn't sure how she loved him. Like a friend? A brother? Or a lover? She wished there was some way she could find out... Someway to see into the future to know how it'd turn out with her and Fry.. If there could be a her and Fry.

Bender slapped an arm around Fry's shoulders. "What's wrong, buddy?"

"Nothing, Bender." Fry said sadly, fighting back his tears as they started to sting his eyes. He and Leela were so happy. At least he thought they were. Guess not. After all that time he finally had her... only to lose her once again.

"That's great. Hey, you wanna go catch a Saucy Puppet Show? I hear PinocchiHO is performing tonight. Gonna be a blast." Bender said jovially.

Fry shrugged. "I dunno, Bender. That's more your thing."

"Awe, c'mon, Fry. Please? Do it for your best friend, Bender. Please please please?" Bender begged, his hands cupped in front of him and his eyes slitted in a sad pitiful way as he bounced on his footcups.

"Oh, alright, Bender. I'll go." Fry sighed, caving.

"Yay!" Bender cheered, wrapping his arm around the downtrodden delivery boy and leading him off. "We're gonna have so much fun. It'll be great!"

Leela gazed around at all the buttons. She had been paying close enough attention when Farnsworth had been explaining to his crew to know how to go about working it. Professor had attempted to try it out himself, but instead cursed the contraption when it refused to work for him and went off muttering to himself, possibly headed to the Angry Dome or his Thinking Chamber bubble thing. What the old man failed to realize was, the Machine wasn't even plugged in. Something Leela had made sure to do prior to stepping inside.

Leela took a deep breath and started pressing the right buttons and moving the correct gears. She could fly a spaceship, she was sure she could work a Time Machine.

She had to do this. She had to know the answer to her question. It was eating at her and she could no longer take it. She had to know how life would be like for her and Fry in the future. Would they make it and be a couple?

Earlier Fry had asked her to go out, and Leela turned him down. Broke everything off for awhile. Leela was uncertain about everything. She hated seeing the crushed look of disappointment on his face this time. And Leela was sure the poor guy would never take a hint. It just wasn't working out.. Right? It felt forced. Didn't fit... Right?

Leela moved the large gear downward and the machine whirled to life and before Leela knew it, time was moving frantically about around her till she got to about ten years in the future.. of the future..

She cut off the machine and stepped outside. At least the Planet Express building was still intact.. and much to her shock, everything looked like it had never even changed.

Cautiously, Leela stepped out of the Time Machine and looked around, crying out in surprise and stumbling back as a small child ran past her, giggling.

"Sorry, Leela!" The rambunctious red-headed boy, who wore a white t-shirt under overalls, squealed.

Leela rubbed her eye and looked at the little boy, who couldn't have been more than 8 or 9, again. He had red hair just like Fry's, and where Leela expected there to be just one eye, there was! ...Only the one human eye was on the left side of the child's face. The normal flesh covered side. The other side of the child's face was metal and gray like a robot and his robotic eye was yellow.. like Bender's!

The child ran about a bit, making all kinds of zooming spaceship noises as Leela watched him. The kid waved his arms (the left human, and the right robotic like Bender's) in the air and spun in circles, making laser fire sounds and beeping noises before his little legs got twisted up and he crashed down to the floor on his butt. Leela winced and leaned forward.

"Are you okay, little one?" She asked concerned, and a mite curious about the little cyborg tike and where he had came from.. and who.. uh.. built him.

The child looked up at her with both eyes surprisingly full of wonder and giggled loudly before trying to get to his feet. "Course, silly, Leela. I'z fine." The child smiled warmly, rubbing its bottom gingerly. "Tooshie hurt though now."

"Um.. excuse me.. what's your name, little one?" Leela asked sheepishly, since the child knew who she was, but she didn't know him at all.

The cyborg child giggled again. "Silly, Leela, you knows my name is."

"Okay.. but do you know your own name?" Leela smiled. 'That's it, Turanga. Make it a joke and a game for him.'

The child nodded enthusiastically. "Y'huh, they call me Bryan." He beamed, before locking his hands behind his back and bouncing on the balls of his feet.

Leela tilted her head down and continued to smile. "See, I knew you knew your name. Uh.. now where's Fry at, Bryan? I need to speak with him please."

"Daddy's in the Lounge, wor..workin'.. He said he workin'.. but really he jus' watchin' TV." Bryan explained cutely.

Leela froze at the word Daddy for describing Fry. For some reason it made her uneasy. This brought up more questions than it dared answer. Could it be..? No.. That wasn't possible that her and Fry.. Right..? The child hadn't called her Mommy yet... and it looked nothing like her at all! It looked like a combination of Fry and Bender! Leela was starting to confuse herself terribly.

"Okay then. I'll go see him now, okay, Bryan?" Leela nodded.

The child nodded back. "Okay, Aunty Leela. I'z gotz get back to playin' now." Bryan then ran off, making more noises and screaming loudly before bursting into giggles.

Leela blinked and started to make her way to the Employee Lounge, glancing back at where the cyborg, Bryan, had been at not to long ago as if he was a mere figment of her imagination. He called her Aunty Leela. Not Mommy. Strange? Good? Bad? Leela didn't know yet. But definitely strange. Yup, indeed.


Fry was found sitting on the couch as always, Slurm in one hand, TV remote in the other as he flipped through channels. Amy was occupying the table, painting her nails and basically taking up space as usual. Leela didn't see anyone else there. And Leela wasn't really thinking of running into her future-future self. She wasn't sure how she'd handle it.

Fry hadn't changed much in ten years that was for sure. Neither had Amy really, so Leela didn't expect them to be shocked to see her, especially since Bryan hadn't been.

"Uh.. Fry, can I talk to you for a second?" Leela asked.

Fry looked up at the cyclops puzzled. "Leela?" He squeaked, which he usually did when he was unsure or shocked about something. "Why are you hear?"

"Well, where was I supposed to be?" Leela asked dumbly.

"Attending a Doop banquet at the new new new headquarters since the last one was once again destroyed. Spluh." Amy snorted.

"And why am I at a Doop banquet again?" Leela asked.

"To support your boyfriend like a loving girlfriend should." Amy said like it was so damn obvious.

Leela nodded, questions swimming around in her head. Apparently she was dating a member of the Doop? So her and Fry must not of worked out.. Right? But what about Bryan..? And..? Doop? Zapp?

'Oh, no.. no, it can't be.. He's not the only Doop member there is.' The lovely mutant assure herself.

"Well, I had to come back.. shrimp didn't agree with me." Leela excused. "Uh, Bryan..?"

Fry looked up. "What about Bryan? Is he into something?" The delivery boy's eyes narrowed.

"Well.. no.. He's in the upstairs laboratory. He's fine.. Just.. What about him?" Leela asked, moving her wrist in a circular 'questioning' motion.

Fry shrugged. "What about him, what about him?"

"Uhh..?" Leela started to twist anxiously at the end of her shirt. She should of just told them the truth to start with.

"Sleesh, Leela, are you okay? You're not making any sense. Did you hit your head or something?" Amy asked.

"No. NO! I feel fine!" Leela exaggerated.

Fry blinked again. "Oh, okay then. So, hey, Leela, you wanna sit down with us and watch From Duck Till Prawn? It's about this nice duck family who gets hijacked by some prawns who are running from the law when they encounter a swarm of vampire sharks." The delivery boy explained.

"I thought it was about a nice prawn family who gets hijacked by renegade ducks and they encounter a swarm of vampire barracudas?" Amy inquired, pointing with her nail polish brush.

"Either way." Fry shrugged before stretching and yawning loudly. "Someone's sure to get eaten.. Uhm.. eaten.." He sighed lazily and wet his lips. "I'm hungry. Leela, you seen Bender? He was supposed to take me out to Elzar's tonight."

Leela bit on her lip. Bender..? Bryan looked an awful lot like both Fry and Bender..

Leela shook her head. "No. Haven't seen him."


A half hour had passed. Leela decided to sit down and watch the movie, which it turned out was about a nice guppy family who gets hijacked by a couple of renegade ducks and they encounter a swarm of vampire prawn. It wasn't bad.. but Leela would skip buying/renting it in the future.. uh, future.. erm.. past.. Ugh, this made her head hurt.

The cyclops was about to fall asleep when Bender's voice addled her.

"Hey, there's my little meatbag! Are you ready for tonight?"

Leela rolled her eye over to see Fry had stood up and was hugging Bender, the automaton's arms were also coiled around the human's waist. She would have thought nothing of it usually. Bender and Fry hugged all the time. They were always very close.

Leela wasn't, however, expecting to see what she saw next. Fry leaned forward and kissed Bender! On the mouth! Leela sat up quickly, gaping openly at the scene in front of her. The robot dipped the human back a bit, making his usual annoyingly gross moany-kissy sounds. Fry giggled as Bender nuzzled (well, the best a Bending Unit robot could nuzzle) his neck, murmuring something to him that made Fry blush.

"Bender!" The red-head scolded and pushed the robot away.

"You know you love it." Bender purred arrogantly, reaching forward to wiggle his metal fingers under Fry's chin, like he was petting a puppy.

Leela shook her head and stood up, the babbling started without her consent. "You.. you two.. are dating?" She blurted out, damned with the them thinking she was crazy or finding out she, out of all the unimpulsive people in this galaxy and several others, would dare travel forward in time to put an end to her silly notions.

"Oh, no." Fry simply stated. "We're married." The deja vu feeling of that same answer he had just gave (the same one he heard Alternate Fry give this universe's Fry and Leela about Alternate Fry and Leela's relationship that one time) going unregistered or cared about. And Bender simply lifted Fry's hand and showed Leela the ring he had stolen for Fry prior to the engagement. He liked showing off the goods anyway.

"But.. but.. gay.. Robosexual.. marriage.. illegal?" Leela continued to babble in astonishment.

"Jeez, Leela. Where the hell have you been? It was legalized sometime shortly after hetero-Robosexual marriage was." Bender informed, crossing his arms.

"But.. but.. when..? You two.. Fry..?" She looked at Fry helplessly for answers.

Bender looked over at Amy and pointed at Leela. "She okay?"

Amy just shrugged.

"Don't you remember, Leela? You were at our wedding. You and Zapp hooked up at our wedding." Fry informed.

"Zapp?" Leela gaped. Her mind going a bit blank. A worst nightmare of hers was coming true. Leela swallowed thickly and tried to focus. The room was suddenly very fuzzy and her head was spinning a bit. An uneasy feeling washed over her. She felt nauseous and light-headed. Not good. Not good at all.

"Yeah. You two have been dating now for awhile." Amy stated.

"And you were supposed to be with him at his big Doop banquet or whatever instead of here asking stupid questions and bothering us. You two had a nice hotel, lots of champagne, romance.." Bender stopped as Leela fainted. Her body hitting the floor limply with a loud thud.

Okay.. I usually have a habit of doing Fry and Bender's relationship thru Leela's eye. This was originally supposed to be a one shot.. but, what the hell? It ran away with me a bit so I'll let there be a little more, I guess. Least a couple more chaps. Bryan is the child of Bender and Fry. How's he made, you ask? Pffft.. I really don't know yet myself, lol. I dunno why I settled on Bryan as a name either. I thought Bender and Fry is called Fender and back then they were called also called Bry some. (shrugs) I'm okay with it. Pinocchiho, I think is some song by someone (I looked it up) But my PinocchiHO is just a slutty little puppet/type-of-robot-maybe or whatever that performs in the Saucy Puppet Show. I made it about deviance, didn't I? (winkwink) 'From Duck Till Prawn' was a stupid thing that popped into my head after I made a typo on 'From Dusk Till Dawn.' I typed duck instead of dusk and came up w/ something lame as usual, lol.

'Proposition Infinity' made me scream at my TV. Dammut, Futurama! XD! Finally we get a Robosexuality angle and it's Bender/Amy? And het? Ugh, you're soo doing it wrong, guys! Lol! & I happen to like Amy with Kif. It's one of the few het pairs in anything that I do like. I love Fry and Leela on the show, I do. But not together. To me it just seems so forced. I don't think they fit, but that's just me. As for Zapp; I love/hate his character at times. I didn't think of him and Leela actually being a pair.. But 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela' made me think.. 'well, maybe..?' Lol. I still don't know. Poor Leela. About the other fics; I am working on re-editing/revising 'Don't Fry Wolf!' I'm not changing it much, just fixing it up all pretty :P I do hope to one day update & finish it. I'm still lost on 'Of Metal & Flesh' and 'Suspicions' right now.

Be gentle with me, I'm kindly used to writing in the 'wrestling' fandom, haha. Also, cursed long-ass A/Ns! Bah! I ramble too much! XD!