The Beginning

Chapter One: Prologue

"Nightana! Come here my little princess."

"Daddy!" I ran over to my father and he swooped me up into his arms.

"How's my little girl who's finally turning 2?" I grinned.

"I'm happy daddy! I get to see you!"

"You get to see me everyday though."

"Well, today's special! I get to see you all day!" He laughed and turned to my mother.

"Are you ready to go, honey?" he asked her.

"Yes, I am. Let's go," she smiled. My mother's name was Ann Bella. She was five feet seven inches tall with raven black hair that reached down to the middle of her back in a low ponytail she always wore. She had her bangs parted on her forehead, most of it to the right than the left. Her face had a gentle look to it with warm brown eyes, and a gentle smile. She had natural eyes brows that were perfect with her perfect face.

My father's name was Eric Anderson. My family had inherited his last name. Eric was six feet four inches with dark blue wavy hair. His hair color was unnatural, but him, my mother, and I loved it. His face was always kind and had a smile no matter what, even if I "accidentally" broke something. His eyebrows were light blue and like my mother's.

I was the "weird" one of the family. I had my father's hair and his eyes… most of the time. A lot of the time, my eyes were red. With those eyes, I saw people's names above their heads and some numbers. If I asked the person their name, the same name would always be there and those numbers were always right too. As soon as those numbers hit just one, then that person would die. Always. I hadn't figured out those numbers yet, but I would.

"Yays! We're going to the carnival!" I exclaimed, running forward.

"Nightana, be careful," Ann warned as she caught up with me and she took my hand.

"Don't worry, mommy, I will be."
"All right," she answered. My father came to my other side and took my hand. Grinning widely, I began my adventure.



"Come on, Nightana, let's open your presents before you go on another ride."

"Okay, mommy!" I followed them and sat down on the bench with the help of my father. They had two things wrapped up, sitting on the table. "Oh, it's beautiful!" I said as I pulled the long necklace out from its case. The charm was shaped as a heart with a rose wrapped around the words "we love you" (yes, Nightana could read by the age 2). When I opened it up, I found a picture of my mother and father on the right side of the char. "Can I wear it right now?"

"Of course," Eric answered and slipped it over my pigtails. The other gift as a monkey (she's a huge fan of monkeys, though it is not mentioned in Do I Want Friendship or Do I Want Your Love) that had velvet stuff on his hands so she could put him around her neck.

"Can we go on that?" I asked, pointing at the big wheel going in slow circles. Ann paled; she was afraid of heights.

"Why don't you go with your father?" she suggested.

"Can we daddy?" I questioned, looking at him.

"Sure." I followed after my father and then got in after him once we were allowed on. At first, the ride went pleasant; as the ride rose up, I pointed things out to my father and he nodded and commented as well. Suddenly, there was a creaking just as our spot got up to the top and then there were screams below. "Nightana! Get back!" I had started falling forward, unaware of what was happening, and when my father grabbed me and put me back in place, he fell out, but managed to catch himself on the rail.


"Nightana, stay in your seat!" he grunted, trying to pull himself up.

"You're going to fall!" I leaned over the edge to help him and felt myself fall forward again when something grabbed hold of me. I turned my red vision to where I felt the thing and saw it. "What are you?"

"My name is Vincent." As he said that, I heard a scream.

"Daddy!" I cried and tried to pull free of the creature, but he wouldn't let go. There was a splat! and then the Ferris Wheel began it's fall. More people began screaming, but I didn't. I cried and hoped I would die with my father. I was wrong; Vincent took the impact that would have killed me and then he put me under a bunch of broken parts of the big wheel.

"Don't worry, Nightana, someone will find you." And then he disappeared. Someone found me hours later when I was still crying and they pulled me out to a darkened sky. No one tried to take away my necklace or my monkey the entire time I was in the hospital, or in the emergency room. After being there for a couple of days, I was finally released from the hospital to my mother and was taken home.

Two years later that exact same day, I was woken by my mother with a slap. It was my normal morning greetings nowadays. She had treated me like this since I had come home from the hospital after my father had died. At first, it had only been when she got drunk, then she'd be the nice mother again, but now it was whenever she felt like it.

I was sent to the dishes first and then I went to make breakfast for Ann. After that, I was sent to drink some water with her dog. "We're going out today," she said, addressing me. I looked up.

"Where are we going?"

"I still need everyone to believe that you are well," Ann continued, ignoring my question.

"Can we go to the swings?"

"That's fine." She looked at me, her face filled with loathing momentarily, but she changed it. "Go get a shower and then get into some of your nicer clothes."

"All right." I got off the floor.

"Finish the dishes first." I nodded and pulled a stool out in front of the kitchen sink. Once that was done, I put everything away, went to the bathroom, and got in the shower. Ten minutes later, I came back out and got myself dressed in a black skirt and a white tang top, then went back to the bathroom. I got another stool, brushed out my hair, blow dried my hair, and then brushed it one more time. I pulled my hair back into two high pigtails, brushing my bangs out before I went downstairs to see if I was presentable.

"Mommy, should I wear my jacket?" I asked her.

"No, it's warm enough outside. You don't need it."

"Okay." I pulled on some nice, black dress shoes and then walked over to where Ann was.

"Are you ready?" she asked, I nodded, and she smiled. "Good, come on let's go." I hesitated to take her hand and then followed her out of the house.

Knowing what the consequences would be later, I spoke out. "Mommy, I'm hungry. Can we get something to eat?" She glared down at me before smiling and nodding as people went by.

"Sure, darling." We went to a grocery store and I followed behind her as she picked things out. I was very happy and excited when she let me pick out a type of cookies. Afterwards, we went to the park and I got to eat after so long. It was the most I had eaten in about two years. Mother threw away all the garbage and told me to run off and play. I happily did so, and got on the swings.

As the swing got higher, I began giggling and then turned to my red vision to Ann to speak to her. I hesitated and then saw the hatred pass through her face. My happy face died instantly, and I stopped my swing to look at the ground sadly. Hearing movement, I looked up to see the three people looking at me from the sidewalk. "Is something the matter?" mother asked, getting up from her seat. "Ni-"

"Their names are Lawliet Ryuzaki and Beyond Birthday," I stated, looking at the names above the two boys' heads. "And the old guy is-"

"That's enough of your problems," she growled, yanking me off the swing so fast that I fell "Get up!" The swing hit me in the back of my head as she pulled me up. I pulled my arm out of her hand, backing away from her and as she advanced towards me, I glanced around fearfully when I noticed the three were still watching. I looked one last time at my mother and then took off running.

"Ryuzaki!" the old man called out, but I hadn't heard him nor had I heard the footsteps coming after me. I fell behind a dumpster, sobbing.

"Are you all right?" I looked up at the voice and saw Lawliet in front of me.

"No, not really," I whispered, wrapping my arms around my legs and I started shaking.

"I'm L."

"No, you're Lawliet Ryuzaki." He blinked obviously confused.

"But please call me L. No one else can know my name."

"Well, I'm Nightana and I promise I won't tell anyone." We were silent for a few moments and I had to look away from his sharp gaze.

"Do you want to come with me so we can talk to Watari and he can take you to the Wammy House?"

"Is that okay?"

"Of course. Come on." He held out a gloved hand. I took his hand and began following him when I stumbled and fell to the ground as everything began spinning. "What's wrong?" I watched as a blurry figure of L kneeled beside me.

"I can't see straight. Everything's so blurry," I mumbled.

"Here, get on my back."

"I'll try." I managed to get on his back, though I had fallen against him. He began walking and I found he could walk quite easily with me on his back.

"Nightana," I heard my mother breah as L got me to the others. L stepped back as she walked forward to collect me. "Child, I need my daughter back."

"You're not taking her," he argued.

"What did you say?" Ann growled.

"Ryuzaki," Watari warned, "she is not one of ours-"

"That woman abuses her. I'm not going to send her back to that place."

"Nightana! I told you not to tell anyone such lies-!" Ann began, but Watari cut her off.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Anderson, but she'll be coming with us. We will inform you when the Custody hearing will happen. Good day." With that, Watari turned to L and I. "Let's go." L nodded nad we began following him and Beyond Birthday. Already, I could feel mother's satisfied smirk burning into my back.

~Author's Note~

I hope this is a good beginning. It took quite a few hours of writing out, then typing back up to get all of this. I was thinking about doing it Third Person Point of View, but in the end, I just did this.

Thanks for reading!